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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The New Delphi - Hull"

".... The songs come thick and fast oozing class, talent and enough attitude to shake a tambourine at. scream baby scream........."

- thisisull

"Dayle Crutchlowe"

"....Ottogono are raw, emotive, loud and yet at the same time somehow beautiful....."

The Limit
- Coventry Evening Telegraph


debut single Smile will be released in the summer of 2007, followed by Spanish Eye in september/october.



“Dappa” is the first thing you’ll notice about the appearance of these lads as they take to the stage. They have an air of arrogance about them, but an approachable air. A come up and have a drink and the craic with us after the show air. There is a definite
‘Cov’ swagger to their stride and they are proud of their Irish/English/Covite roots.

Their music is made more for the live performance. Studio recordings struggle to capture the attitude and powerful energy of their brilliant songs that grab the audience by the ears, the eyes, the mind and soul.

Despite their “Dappaness” they carry no airs and graces. They are all working lads, grafting for ‘the man’ but come the evenings they retreat to their secret lair in the basement of a Tile Hill social club where they escape from the mundane world of reality T.V and soul sapping soaps endured by many of their co-workers. There they create and craft music, firstly for themselves and their own pleasure – but with an ultimate aim for the whole world to enjoy.

They don’t have a universal favourite band. In fact they don’t particularly like each other’s influences, more out of stubborn resistance than anything else but their diversity in taste more helps than hinders the creative process as they all add their own individual touch to each and every song. Now and again they will write a song that draws nothing from their influences, subconsciously using sounds from artists they’ve heard but never really ‘listened’ too. The Cream/Clapton sway in ‘Spanish Eye’ a prime example.

But that’s the beauty of their music. It comes from everywhere, yet nowhere!!

They keep it simple in the line up. Drums, Guitar, Bass and Vocals leaving the clever stuff for the studio.

Their ambitions are to be ‘massively successful, remembered as legends, minted as ya like’ and to influence up and coming bands of the future. Oh ye, “…. and to have a great big ‘feck off’ statue of us wracked up right in the middle of Broadgate next to Lady Godiva…”

The members of this Dappa, Arrogant yet very approachable in a buy me a pint kinda way are:

Darren ‘Ferris’ Ferris – Vocals/Tambourine Extraordinaire/King of the winking!
Andrew ‘Fez’ Ferris – Guitar/Lead/ Mr UK toothy smile champion 04,05,06,07!
Fran ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan – Bass/Backing vocal/currently has the honour of the bands worst fart stench – insects have known to have died on account of the unnaturally long 3 week linger.
Kirk ‘Thor’ Savage – Drums/Backing Vocals/friend of the people, scourge of the ‘noise police’!

Over the last 3 years they have gigged all over the country, discovering and perfecting their sound and they are now ready to take the next step and take this industry by storm and make the powers that be see what THEY see and feel what THEY feel!!

Coventry is not just their hometown. It’s their country and Tile Hill is its capital city. There’s a buzz about their country at the minute and these lads aint looking to jump on the bandwagon. They wanna hijack that wagon and crash it through the hearts and minds of the world and do their country proud.