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"The Becoming 001"

First of all - it's really unbelievable a band like Otto`s Daughter isn't signed by a label as of yet. They've all a band should have for seducing everybody's ears - highly infectious melodies, powerful as well as sensible songs, varied sound ideas and fantastic female vocals.

Already with their previous self released albums ("Void Of Course", 1999 and "Renew", 2002) this band from California managed to serve exciting adventures of massive rock riffs, industrial elements, goth flavor and earwig melodies, colored with Jacqueline van Bierk’s diversified vocals.
Now the long awaited new EP is finally ready.
Produced by Bryan Carlstrom (Rob Zombie, Filter, Alice in Chains, The Dreaming), Chris Hall (The Dreaming, Stabbing Westward) and Otto's Daughter, it starts with the energy driven "Mars" which offers a really great interaction between deep and indie guitar riffs. The chorus is very dithyrambic, and the partly involved keyboard spots add a nice gothy flair to the mix.
"Angels" starts off very exotic with some Far Eastern splinters and a trippy'n'groovy rhythm before vibrant guitars in the chorus carry you away. Jacqueline's vocals are remarkably pending between powerful and mysterious. This is a song to listen to in the desert, when the sunset has begun and things seem arcane but beautiful.
The highly catchy "Losing You" already got my attention when the band put it up to their myspace section. It's a melancholic mid-tempo piece with a thoughtful, slower paced verse and a succulent chorus. The spooky but sentimental keyboard accents remind of the goth esprit you had in the 80's and support the atmosphere of the song perfectly.
Via "Don't Care" the band created a fiery track with strong riffs and a pulsating attitude whilst the concluding "All I Ever Wanted" is a triphop like, calm pearl with a piano line and Jacqueline's vocals done in an intense, 'not of this world' way.
I highly recommend this EP as well as the other records of this band to everybody into dark twinkling rock music with an industrial edge.

- Virus Magazine

"...The possibility of Otto's Daughter being shelved on the same stand as Evanescence is believable, but Amy Lee is prudish compared to the mature white heat sensibility of van Bierk. She's both serious and sly; her voice licks the moment of sensuality.
The two previously released albums, Renew and Void Of Course, are both seductive in nature and convincingly brutal. Where many industrial/metal crossover bands fail by stoking the negative energy fire, Otto's Daughter boasts vibrancy without sounding like a teenage melodrama."
"The tracks create a trilogy of guitar sequences of the edgiest kind. Van Bierk portrays the saint of seduction with her provocative and bold proverbs on the track "Mars" and on the Middle Eastern-hinted tease of "Angels". The influence working with Chris Hall bleeds through the guitar arrangements - clean, heavy, and satisfying."

- Music Matters Magazine

" Otto's Daughter has strong production values and a gift for powerful choruses."
"...led by Jacqueline van Bierk, who is a strong presence on lead vocals."

- Music Connection - various


Otto's Daughter is an interesting mix of goth, rock, industrial, and ambient music whose17 track latest release offers a lot more than you'd expect. While the obvious influences spring to mind when thinking about a female fronted group with such pretenses, the superb production level and multi layered arrangements dissipate the comparisons a bit and allow this band to breathe a bit of different air. Otto's Daughter injects sense, sexuality, and soul into it's machinery, making it cool enough for those on the cusp and comprehensible enough for those out on the fringe to get. While the similarities to Siouxsies, Garbage and Dead Can Dance are appearent, there are even hints of White Zombie and harder edged industrial here to make those who shun a female fronted band a lot more comfortable. Otto's Daughter is versatile enough to crossover the mainstream without alienating those who are extremly particular abouit the music they love. -Mike SOS - Scratch Magazine


"Otto's Daughter are gonna be huge." -Heidi [ Frosy, Heidi, and Frank / 97.1 FM ]

"They're good. What label are they on?"

-They're not signed.

"They will be. Watch."
-Kerry King [talking to OD's soundman at the House Of Blues after seeing OD open for Type O Negative]

The new 3 song demo
"Otto’s Daughter is an aggressive rock band, which combines chunky guitar backings underneath the emotive female vocals of one that goes only by the letters JVB. This is a short, three-song demo, which still packs a powerful punch for such a brief outing. The band’s sound is powered by a full-bodied low end that will appeal to fans of metal; especially hard rock fans that may be put off by so much of metal's lyrical dopiness. Each of these songs also feature memorable melodies, and sound nearly radio-ready already" - Dan MacIntosh, Indie

"I did find myself spellbound, the pipes of Jacqueline van Bierk, a sultry temptress whose delicious voice reminds me of Siouxsie. Most of the numbers here would sound just fine coming out of the radio" -Bill Ribas

"The crunch and grind of a hardcore metal band , the dark, moody feel of NIN and the sultry emotive vocals of Veruca Salt. A great disk with huge potential" David Goff/Indiego Music

"If this band were a stock I would put a lot of money into it because they are going to take off" -Jason Smith, Fan

"Renew" has enough pop hooks, instrumental flair and sinister underpinnings to seduce any unsuspecting modern rock listener” -Kevin M Mathews/ Power of Pop

“Otto's Daughter provides listeners with music that is mysterious and slightly dangerous. Dark in nature without giving in to the gloom and doom feel."

"A righteous slab of cyber erotic pop-metal" -Ken McIntyre/The Sleezegrinder

"Strong vocals and punchy tunes with strong rock attitude" - Pat Hawkes-Reed/Legendsmagazine

“A superb promising young act”

“Try this music on and you'll find rhythmic industrial stitches holding together throbbing bass gothic sleeves, colorful art rock pockets and collars, and numerous techno colors throughout the rest, particularly reflected from the singer's black leather pants.” - David Lilly for Nefariousmagazine

Void of Course Reviews
“Otto's Daughter is reminiscent of a macabre Pat Benatar or a gothic Stevie Nicks. Definitely a disc to change the perception of female artists, Otto's Daughter is a band that you can both dance and rock out to ("Insane"), no small feat in today's segregated musical market. If you like your music hard and danceable and your female vocals gritty and seductive, this is the band to check out.” -Mike SOS/

“A blend of Industrial-Goth and Techno-Rock that can at one moment gently stroke your being with sweet caresses and then turn around and body slam you to the floor.” -DJ Razorblade

” Jacqueline is more likely to belt out a song than to serenade...though her vocals are still smooth and even sensual all the same. Standout tracks like "Einz-Zwei-Drei" which harkens back to old western movies, and "Hush" which is the real killer track, and has gotten more play in my play list than most songs, and features that aforementioned hook-laden with edge type music and vocals you can't help but sing along to.”

“They say you can’t please all the people all the time, but this record comes close to managing it : it is industrial, punky, poppy and rock all at the same time, without any of these overwhelming the other. This band have the potential to be massive.” -PeppermintUK e-zine

“Void of Course is pure rock and roll and is everything that rock and roll should be - honest, angry, energetic, with pure interest in communication about the soul suckers of the world - and van Bierk tells the story well. She sings to you - at you - spinning a musical spell of sexuality and violence - dark and heartfelt. A completely original female metal/rock/Euro/techno sound that gets to you, slaps you, and the musically frightening tapestry wraps around you like the tentacles of the squid that adorn the liner notes - intoxicating. Fulfilling.”

"...Jacqueline van Bierk stands at the edge of the stage riding the sonic OD the edge of something beautiful."
-Doug Diamond - Executive Mgr. Guitar Center / Platinum Sales - various


Void of Course (full length)
Renew (full length)
The Becoming 001 (5 song EP)
Self-Made-Stripped-Down (Acoustic CD)
A New Kind Of Heroine (full length)

"Mars"; "Angels" ; "Losing You"; "All I Ever Wanted", "Everything" and "The Truth" have been in regular DAILY rotation on Guitar Center Radio [ played nationwide throughout ALL Guitar Centers ]

"Everything" was picked by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to be on Guitar Center's 2nd Compilation CD "Fresh Cuts Vol.2" featuring the Smashing Pumpkins

ANKOH (the new album) is hitting college & national radio nationwide.



Otto's Daughter is the brainchild of European transplant Jacqueline van Bierk. The band began circulating in the NYC goth/ industrial scene, playing mostly goth clubs and fetish events. OD was known for JVB's mesmerizing stage persona, broken baby dolls, stage blood and tons of glitter. In 2002, Guitarist Jim Robbins joined OD. Jim's guitar style was something JVB had been looking for, as his heavy sound added a whole new dimension to OD's music. OD's sound evolved from their raw goth/industrial origin, to a tantalizing, erotic, dance rock maelstrom.

In 2003, the core band members relocated to Los Angeles to further their career and expand their fanbase.

The band started playing clubs on the Sunset Strip, gaining new fans and great reviews in LA's local music zines Music Connection, LA Weekly & Rock City News, winning an award their first year in LA for "Best Female Vocalist" from the latter.

In early 2005; JVB and Jim released their 5 song EP "The Becoming 001". A new chapter of OD began.

The new line up has since done several small DIY tours, playing big stages the likes of: The Warped Tour; Nickstock Festival; as well as several opening dates for Type O Negative / Celtic Frost during their 2007 West Coast tour. They have been featured on air with Frosty, Heidi and Frank on 97.1 FM in LA. Their music has been placed in several indie films, and a documentary on vampires featured on The Discovery Channel.

Otto's Daughter has won several more awards at LA's Rock City Awards Show for "Best Hollywood Band", "Best Female Performer" and "Best Female Fronted Band". The 5 song EP has gotten great reviews in many well established magazines including Music Connection and Virus.

Otto's Daughter released their new full length album "A New Kind Of Heroine" in November 2007.

Five OD songs have been in regular rotation on Guitar Center Radio nationwide; the song "Everything" was picked by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to be on Guitar Center's 2nd Compilation CD entitled "Fresh Cuts Vol. 2"; also featuring the Smashing Pumpkins. The video for the song 'Everything' is currently featured on MTV2 under Local L.A. On Demand. The song "This Girl [ She Is Breaking ]" is featured on MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn.

In January 2008 OD signed with Corkscrew Records. The label folded in July 2008. Undaunted; OD embarked on a 2 month U.S. tour starting late August; and gained many new fans/friends as well as Management/Booking and endorsements.

OD are preparing to release a new single titled "Monsters"; and have played their first European shows this past December.

OD are currently booking another national tour kicking off in June 2009.

Endorsements include:

-Bogner Amplification
-Daisy Rock Guitars
-Schecter Guitars
-Ernie Ball Musicman Basses
-Colossal Cables
-Alenver Underwear