Otway Ross

Otway Ross


Melodic, rhythmic songs from a tall Australian baritone with a sense of wonder and light-hearted self awareness. Music for feet and minds.

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the flower

Written By: Otway Ross

i can look at myself from a distance
i can watch me walk right by
somewhere warm is a heart that's beating
but the rest of me has long since died

and i imagine us from a distance
with two hellos and one goodbye
somewhere deep the potential is building
but the rest of us has already cried

and i have hope that a flower is growing
in a quiet place on a mountainside
but her fragile beauty will never be noticed
'cause the rest of the world has long turned blind

thoughts under a desert sky

Written By: Otway Ross

are you carrying my secrets
around with you like a ring of pretty keys
well let me tell you friend the locks have changed
i left that castle long ago

but you can find me if you try
a long long way from this town
beneath the tree where i was born
beneath a starry desert sky

i see no need to sell it all
i feel no need to tread the mill
but yes it's true i miss your smile their laughter and their tears
these can wake me in the night

but you can visit if you try
a journey some way from the crowd
beneath the tree where i will die
beneath a quiet desert sky


LP - All Having Reasons - 2010