Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Energetic, lively, extremely friendly trio! We love to meet new people just as much as we love to play music. We'll play anywhere, for anyone!


Ouderkirk is a three piece, indie rock band hailing from Surrey, BC. Their roots originally came from the punk rock beginnings of the now ska-punk Adherents. The band first started out as a brother-sister duo, with Nicolas Launay on drums, and Stefanie on lead vocals/guitar. But soon added longtime friend, Raph Bedard on bass guitar. Currently, Ouderkirk is actively looking for more shows, and are willing to play just about anywhere, for anyone. All three members attended the same small high school, and made their musical beginnings there. The original Adherents trio, with Nicolas on guitar, Raph on bass and Stef on drums, lasted for a year and a half before the demise of the punk group. After several years, and many different musical approaches, it was only natural for the three musicians to come together again and share their love for music.


Currently working on releasing some demos.