Oui Bandits

Oui Bandits


Art-pop with intricate harmonies.


Oui Bandits first happened in the summer of 2006. Robert and Patrick had been playing together in bands since they first met in the fall of 2000. Agreeing that the world was a better place without said bands, Robert left Nebraska and Patrick went to college. After a year and a half in San Francisco, Robert moved back to Omaha with new songs and a new haircut. Patrick loved the haircut and tolerated the songs.... Oui Bandits was born! The two practiced in the attic of Patrick's mid-town apartment, and played their first show in January, 2007. As a 2-piece, they released an EP of demos and b-sides on I’m Drinkin’ This Records entitled “It was like that when I got here”. Then in the summer of 2008, two new members joined the band. The first was Aaron, whom Robert and Patrick had known for nigh on a decade, and the second was another old friend, Jeff Koster, who was one of the founding members of Saddle Creek Records band Son Ambulance. They spent the rest of ’08 in the studio finishing their debut full-length “Mattress in the Afternoon”, released in December ’08 on I’m Drinkin’ This Records. They plan to spend most of 2009 on the road, while using down-time to work on their next album. On the side, they enjoy killing for fun and gardening.


it was like that when i got here - tape ep, released December, 2007
Mattress in the Afternoon - LP, release date: December, 2008

Set List

ghost is dead
the last thing I remember
future substation site
it was easy
twittering machine
it's so bright
divine wind
first thing I remember