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Real, pure, TRUE hip-hop! Though it might not be the image or style that you're used to, Ouija is sure to perk your ears without popping, snapping, or cranking anything! And he quite possibly taught your girlfriend that thing you like...


With a dynamic voice, powerful lyrics, and the heart of a lion, Ouija is making serious noise. "I'm not out to start a revolution or anything, I just...well...maybe."

In a genre generally devoid of lyrical prowess, Ouija wraps it all up in a package that's intelligent, without being boring or preachy. Think of it as the "happy medium" between Indie and Mainstream Hip-Hop. "There is such a gap in the music right now, that every record is hit or miss with half of the potential audience. Mainstream artists don't care about fans of Indie rap because they're the minority and Indie artists don't care about fans of mainstream rap because, honestly, they don't know who the f--- they are anyway." Ouija is changing the landscape.

With a library of solo tracks, mixtape appearances, and his work as half of the duo "Ghost n Ouija," he is ready, willing, and able to fire the first shot in his own, personal war on monotony in hip-hop.


"Generation Hopeless LP" - Q1 2009 (full length album featuring the smash singles "Keep Ridin' Through" and "Generation Hopeless")

"Generation Hopeless EP" - 2007

"Ain't Gon' Holla Back Girl" - 2005 (Parody single. Spins on well over 100 stations worldwide)

"The Brainstorm EP" - Ghost & Ouija-2005

Set List

Welcome to My Mind
The Birth of Ouija
Game, Set, Match
Generation Hopeless
I Need an Angel
Sexy Boy
Rise Up
Straight Fire Anthem
Ain't Gon Hollaback Girl
Keep Ridin Through
2 Rock 4 Hip Hop
It's Just Life