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"Tasty, Tasty, Music"

Based on the assortment of sounds on Oh No... Yes! Yes!, it's definite that Ouija wants to make sure you're not bored. They power their way through an extensive range of sound and influences, from surf to punk to new wave to cabaret, with even a liberal amount of thick sludgy psychedelic rock dropped in for good measure. It's lush and tasty, and the vocals of Ouija Radio frontwoman Christy Hunt are the sweet icing on this bit of cake.
Hunt Runs The Show, No Matter What The Show Is

Much of the album relies heavily on Hunt. She brings the keys as well as the pipes. She plays keyboards in a solid garage-punk sort of way, rather than a synth-pop way, and belts her vocals without restraint. Like the music, she's constantly reinvents her voice as well. Sometimes she's a new wave diva, and sometimes she's a rock queen. She alternately plays the part of the folk troubadour, the sultry blues mistress and even the cabaret singer, deftly nailing each role.

If you're looking for punk rock, it's here. "Red Eye Fly" is a dirty hook-heavy screamer of a song with driving beats, and "Devil and the Witch" boasts a guitar line that's chunky enough to chew on and Hunt doing her best Siouxsie Sioux voice. Dirty surf punk shows up for a bit too, as the instrumental "Spirit Of The Ox" revs up its engine and takes you for a spin around the album.

Straight-up rock comes out to play when "Secret Garden" slaps you about the head and neck with its raw energy and gratuitous guitar work, and on the folksy side of the tracks, "Tomorrow Is Our Last Today" is fun and upbeat and "Lantern Light" is soothing and ethereal.
We're Not Done Yet, There's Still More To Hear

"Spinning Cyclone Death Machine" finds the band exploring yet another sound and another persona. This gloomy, heavily-layered texture is a dark masterpiece with majestic guitars and an evil cabaret sound. For this song, it seems that Hunt has transformed herself into the female alter-ego of Nick Cave, and I like what I hear.

The one cover on the album, a heavy take on T-Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday", is thick and bluesy, and Hunt delivers her vocals in such a sweet raunchy way, you'd swear that for those 2 minutes and 59 you were taking in a band at some backwater blues bar, rather than listening to one of the best bands to come out of Minneapolis since the Replacements.

If you're a fan of music, I mean simply a fan of music, whether it be punk, rock, folk or a bit of it all, then get this one. These three define their sound and then defy it. It's lush, layered and well-orchestrated, yet easy to simply enjoy. That makes it perfectly punk. An indie band going for this sound would only end up making something that took too much work to appreciate. - NY Times


Ouija Radio's Oh No...Yes! Yes! is the most genuine musically eclectic random mix I have ever heard. If it was a movie, it'd be an action packed, dramatic comedic horror flick. Christy Hunt performs strung out vocals, story telling guitars, and electro-star shower of keyboards, occasional tambourine, and additional percussion. Matt Belz performs a solid bass line and backing vocals, while drum set, vibraphone, bass drum, and percussion by Charles Gehr. You won't be sure whether to cry, laugh, be scared, or dance along. But it is surely and album you won't soon forget. - Crime Wave Magazine


Ouija Radio "Oh No...Yes! Yes!"(Crustacean, POB 829, Madison, WI 53701). With a vocalist who shouts, shrieks, and screeches like the evil and naughty younger sister of Poly Styrene, Siouxsie Sioux, Exene Cervenka, and Dinah Cancer, Ouija Radio traverse a musical landscape that's riddled with frightfully blaring rhythmic ferocity and sensual, yet beastly, melodic infectiousness. Oh No...Yes! Yes! is a whirling madhouse carnival of maniacal whims, sinful urges, and lustful depravity crammed into a towering wall of amplifiers and bursting with frenetically loud joy. It's a melodiously vibrant conglomeration of Post Punk, New Wave, Goth, Psychedelia, Industrial, demonic Pop, and Rock N' Roll. Without a doubt, Ouija Radio have unleashed the ultimate audio temptation! (CD)-Moser - Under the Volcano

"Something About This Just Makes Me Miss the Dirty, Dirty Streets of Tokyo"


...And then I need a drink. Strange and wonderful things happen when you use an electronic device to fuck about with the occult. Ouija Radio indeed. Twenty minutes into it and there's already dead folks dancing all up the walls and swinging to and fro on the light fixtures. Ghosts are somewhat hard to identify when they're going nutzo like that, but I could have sworn I saw Siouxsie over in the corner there (hope she's OK).
But enough about the dead and dancing. I'm giving this disk Five full stars. Why? Cuz that's all I've got to give! No, 'Why?' ...well, cuz this band has it all, and they're smart about dishing it out. I feel rocked but not battered, sexed but not abused, and nostalgic without "deja vu". Ain't a drug in the world that can do all that, baby.
I'm never one to subscribe to the concept of "favorite bands", but my ghosts are advocating an exception... at least for the next few days. - Chain Whipped Magazine


"OH NO...YES! YES!" LP 2006
"The Devil and the Witch" 7inch ep 2005
"Journey to the Center of the Mind" 7inch ep 2005
"Last Night on Earth" LP 2004
"Washed Out America" LP 2000

InRadio Compilation 2007
Twin Cities in a Nutshell 2006
Cool Kinks Covers 2006
State of the Scene Compilation 2005
Voltage Fashion Amplified Compilation 2005
Twin Town High Comp 2002
Blue Worm Records Comp 2002




A powerful, female fronted rock trio from Minneapolis, MN -- OUIJA RADIO is a bubbling cauldron of musical styles! "2 heaping spoonfulls of Siouxsie and The Banshees, a huge dollop of The Who, eye of Depeche Mode, hair of Frank Zappa, toe of Leonard Cohen ...and the contents of an unlabeled bottle of their own concoction" � Ouija Radio�s new album, "OH NO...YES! YES!" boils and bubbles!

"OH NO...YES! YES!" [Crustacean Records] was written and performed by Ouija Radio with engineering and production by Jacques Wait. Although performed by Ouija Radio as a trio � almost all of the songs on the album were written and arranged by Christy Hunt � who wrote for all instruments, performed vocals, guitars (electric & acoustic), keyboards, (synthesizers, pump organ, baby grand piano & Rhodes) as well as tambourine and additional percussion. Matt Belz performed the bass and sang backing vocals while drum set, vibraphone, bass drum and percussion were performed by Charles Gehr.