The music of OurAfter can be summed up as intelligent Alternative/Rock with an electronic twist. With influences such as Incubus, 311, and Chevelle, OurAfter gives it's listeners a melodic and sonic approach, yet keeps it marketable with their music.


With a menagerie of acknowledgements from the likes of Weekender Magazine, Electric City/Diamond City Magazine, The Fly, The Scranton Times, Shinbone, LPMVoice, GarageBand.com, and XND Radio, OurAfter has stolen the hearts of moody rock lovers from Tampa to Chicago. Their single, "Karma" was hand-picked for the soundtrack of the independent film, Bloodlines, released int he summer of 2006 through THINKFilm, and now the buzz has built to the point that they find themselves bringing a new album to their loyal fans in the fall of 2008 titled "Tabula Rasa". The addition of "Breaking Benjamin" drummer Chad Szeliga in April of 2009 has only fueled the buzz about OurAfter which has been growing throughout the Northeast Seaboard.

OurAfter not only have their fingers on the pulse of what their fans desire, but also on the pulse of modern rock and where it’s going. This quintet from Pennsylvania feels they know where the trends of music are heading and have created an album that reflects their sensibilities and passion for the genre. Their songs draw from the influential music movements of the 80's, such as post-punk and ambient, yet they make it their own by incorporating the accessibility of today's mainstream rock.

As Alan K. Stout of The Weekender says, OurAfter “Isn't afraid to be romantic and vulnerable… with a touch of bravado."

Taubla Rasa opens with “Push The Pilll” and will keep you fatefully connected through “Seasons Of Grey,” “Envious Eyes,” and on to “Echo.” Go to www.myspace.com/ourafter to check out information on OurAfter.

Since it's inception in May of 2006, OurAfter has already opened for such national acts as Flyleaf, 10 Years, Red, MAE, Yellowcard, Saving Abel, Rev Theory, Smile Empty Soul, The Exies, Everclear, Boy Hits Car, Johnny Lives, Eve to Adam, The Ataris, and Cage 9.

Festivals and Conferences that OurAfter have performed at on main stages include The Millenium Music Conference (Harrisburg PA, 2008 and 2009) and The Steamtown Original Music Showcase (Scranton PA, 2007 and 2008).

"Candles is the best song I have heard in the year of 2006."-Joshua Morgan-XND Radio

The memorable melodies found on the group's debut are still there, yet the hooks are bigger and the songs stronger. There is an added, invigorating modern-rock element, yet the group has, rather brilliantly, maintained its artistic pop side.-Alan K. Stout of Weekender Magazine

'Push The Pill' is easily one of the best songs I've heard from a local artist since we started featuring local artists, and that was over five years ago. Honestly, it could be ... no, it should be the song that elevates OurAfter to the next level."-Dave Stewart of 102.3 the Mountain-Program Director

"It's (Karma) got the perfect amount of energy, and the perfect amount of dance to make you tap your feet."-Pulse Weekly Magazine



Written By: John Phillips

I keep falling through the sidewalks cause the cracks are just too deep
Forgetting all you had to offer
There’s nothing I can keep
You can’t turn to me for solace cause I live to be a creep
So stop chasing me for answers
Your just running in your sleep

There’s no time to put this altogether
There’s not time to search for all the answers

You’ve got me running from the things that make me feel
I’ll keep on hanging from the thread that makes me real
No matter what follows I have nothing left to lose
So I’ll keep on waiting, and I’ll just leave it up to you

You keep wanting my attention while I am staring at the walls
Afraid to walk along this thin ice
And too afraid to fall
It’s now or never and it’s come back to never once again
It’s now or never and it’s come back to never once again

Push the Pill

Written By: John Phillips

Time to take cover
Time to take shelter
Time to take the bullet again
Run on these speeches
Write all these feelings
Where is my shelter again?

Pull a little harder
Make me a martyr
Bloody little fly on the wall
Go a little deeper
Make it all sweeter
You just want it all.

Push a little harder
Push a little harder
Push the pill down again
Time to keep secrets
Time to keep secrets
From my only friend
We all have to suffer
We all have to suffer
It goes away in the end
Push a little harder
Push a little farther
Push the pill down again

Time to keep secrets
Break me to pieces
Falling all over my head
One last decision
Close the incision
Saving my only breath

Push a little harder
Make me a martyr
The writing is all over the walls
Crimson and cursive
Black and abusive
You can just have it all

Knee Deep

Written By: John Phillips

A little time for you and me
So hard to hear when you’re on your knees
It’s got me so vindictive to throw you outside
I may be sick, but I know I’m clean
Just another antibody of your disease
Hold just a minute so I can breath…

I’m in too deep, I’m in too deep
Everything just seems so out of reach
Please pull me up I’m in too deep
I’m in too deep, I’m in too deep
Just leave me something that I can keep
So far from love, so out of reach
I’m in too deep

It’s all for show, it’s all for pain
I might be crazy but your insane
No matter how you cut it these veins are tapped
And mine are not for sale
Another mask, another face
Another lie you can’t replace
Just give me time so I can breath

A picture says a thousand words but yours don’t even speak
I’m afraid to be alone in a world that feels so cheap
So innocent, what punishment a betrayal of myself
Pulled under far too long, far too deep


Albums: Perfect Day (2006), Tabula Rasa (2008).

Single Releases include The Broken Compass (2009) and Far From Gone (2009)

Singles played on Internet Radio stations:
Karma, Shallow, This Town, Rain, Candles, Circles, Push the Pill

Radio stations that OurAfter's music has been or is played in rotation include 97.9X (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre), 98.5 KRZ (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre), 102.3 The Mountain (Scranton/Wilkes-Barre), 105.7 The X (Harrisburg), 95.1 WZZO (Allentown), 93.3 (WMMR) and 98 Rock (Baltimore, MD).

OurAfter's "Perfect Day" disc was added to over 100 college stations across the U.S and is currently in rotation. Promotion was handled by Organic Radio Promotion. Tracks selected from the CD were:

This Town
Perfect Day

Set List

Push the Pill
Seasons of Gray
Perfect Day
Far From Gone
This Town
Envious Eyes
Knee Deep
The Broken Compass