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Our Devices

Reno, Nevada, United States | SELF

Reno, Nevada, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Plan of Attack"

Sometimes the ringing in your ears is welcome. It signifies the experience of a good hardcore show. The kind you used to frequent in high school, taking you back to the days of chugging tall cans in the parking lot before running in to catch your friend’s band and maybe joining the mosh pit.

In the case of Our Devices’ assault on the eardrums, the ringing infliction is caused by a progressive hardcore sound—furious, fast-paced instrumentals underlying catchy vocals and digestible lyrics—think Finch meets Anberlin. It’s a formula the local quintet didn’t stumble upon accidentally.

“We really want to reach a broad audience,” singer Kraig Morgan explains. “That’s why a lot of the songs are more structural and almost radio-friendly. We want to find this happy middle ground where we’re still doing what we love, but at the same time playing what people want to hear.”

Despite having just played its first show and only being together as Our Devices for three short months, its members themselves aren’t newbies to the ways of the music world. All five musicians have previously played in other local bands—Morgan formerly in Ashton, and drummer Nick York, guitarist Jessie Gonzales and bassist Alex York were all members of The Airplane Game, and guitarist Joe Foley still currently plays in Wolf City.

Past experiences taught them to run their current show a bit differently this time around. Instead of traditionally playing live before making it into the studio, Our Devices digitally released its debut, self-titled EP earlier this month before ever taking the songs to the stage.

“From previous projects, we’ve all been in a position where we’re doing things kind of unprofessionally, so we all agreed that we wanted to do something that was completed before we presented it in front of people,” says Morgan. “We wanted to make sure that we had a record that sounded decent.” The album got its professional sound courtesy of Fat Cat studios in Sacramento, where acts such as This Calendar Year have recorded.

While some bands tend to pick their names based off the current popular forest animal, or just something that rolls fluidly off the tongue, Our Devices branding was carefully chosen.

“The name of the band comes from the term, ‘when left to your own devices,’” Gonzales, who coined the moniker, explains. “It sums up the whole band because when it’s just left up to us, that’s all we have, our sound.”

A sound that’s a mix of all five members’ talents and musical tastes. Each member contributed to at least one song on the EP, though Morgan is responsible for all the lyrics. Each member brought inspiration from their various favorite genres to the table.

“It’s kind of an eclectic mix of what these guys listen to, which is harder stuff, and what I listen to, softer, more straightforward rock like Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab for Cutie,” Morgan says of the EP’s five songs.

Our Devices is also not a band without a long-term plan. Having all grownup in the Reno music scene, they’ve got a bigger goal other than just bringing the music they love to the masses—and, they’re quick to point out, aside from world domination, of course.

“Basically, I want to rejuvenate the scene,” says Morgan. “Back to the way it was when I was in high school and kids didn’t care what they looked like when they rocked out in the crowd. I really want that Reno scene back again.”

With the help of their musical devices, maybe it will return.

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Our Devices: 5 song ep

The Manor Sessions: 3 song ep
(TBA 2011)



Our Devices is a five piece progressive rock band from Reno, Nevada. Formed by ex-members of Ashton, Wolf City, and TheAirplaneGame; they are already coming in strong in their local city supporting national touring acts such as A Skylit Drive, Lions Lions, Icarus the Owl, Mozart Season, and LetLive. They have recieved positive reviews by peers, promoters, venues, and local publications already. Their 5 song self titled ep is available digitally on itunes, amazon, and most major retailers.


Adam Tillett: age 24 yrs Vocals.
Adizzle, actively picked up the guitar at 19 yrs, he began pursuing vocals at 21 yrs. Involved in previous acts such as, pop rock band Apollo:Sent from 2006-2008 on guitar he ventured out from "Apollo" to perform vocal duties with post hardcore outfit, She Has A Fashion Vice in mid 2009 although it was a small stint he caught attention of then drummer of TheAirplaneGame Nick York. After leaving SHAFV he began Hi-Tech Repair Plan a pop electro outfit performing duties on guitar and vocals; leaving the project due to personal differences. Contacted by Brandon Johnson a long time friend he was recently brought into Our Devices in late December 2010. He sights Thrice, Led Zeppelin, The Recieving End of Sirens, Queen, and Michael Jackson as his musical influences.

Jessie Gonzales: age 21 yrs Guitar/Vocals.
Jessie G, plays rhythm/lead guitar in Our Devices while doing backing vocal melodies. He has been playing guitar in various projects for the past five years caring on bass duties in various other Reno local bands such as With Mirth in Funeral, Flydiver, Spell to Scare a Monster, and Man Fights Megatron. He has most notably carried guitar duties in Gabrielle Gray, TheAirplaneGame, and his current project Our Devices known for his groovy tap delay lead riffs. He sights GlassJaw, Hall and Oats, Copeland, Thursday, and GlassJaw as his biggest influences.

Joe Foley: 19 yrs Guitar.
Papa Foley, also performs duties on rhythm/lead guitar. He has been playing guitar for four years in various local projects and also temporarily lending his talent on drums to such bands as Crime Time and xAFBx. At the tender age of 18 Joe began his first European tour playing drums for xAFBx and guitar for Wolf City, upon returning stateside he continued his role as guitarist in Wolf City performing in 4 west coast tours. He has since left that band to focus exclusively on Our Devices. Joe sights Madball, Earth Crisis, Saosin, Pantera, and H2O as his writing influences.

Alex York: 19 yrs. Bass Guitar.
Young Yorkshire, is the man child on bass for Our Devices don't get caught off guard by his young age he has an old soul and an immense amount of musical knowledge. While he is new to live performance with street bands he was percussion in jazz band through high school giving him firm lessons in the structure of music and a knowledge of the rhythm section. He lends this knowledge to the band in the writing and composing along with laying down the funky bass lines. He sights World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy "symphony of the night", Contra, and Call of Duty as his musical influences.

Nick York: 21 yrs. Drums.
Nick is the man in the back busting out the drums anything from a simple punk break down beat to complicated metal riffs. He has been drumming for 9 years in different musical acts around reno starting in 8th grade with local punk music and quickly moving onto metal and post hardcore. Recently he has been performing double duty in Our Devices as well as infamous 90's hardcore band Unconquered. He sights Bon Jovi, Metallica, Rush, Motley Crue, Saosin, Iron Maiden, and Forgive Durden as his main musical influences.