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"Stoner-metal Newcomers on Rise"

There is an up-and-coming stoner-metal band from Toronto called Our Father. Both it's live show and its self-titled six-song EP can fill a room with a thick and lazy haze of smoke.

Our Fahter is a relatively young band consisting of Dave O'Connor, 20, Easton Lannaman, 19, Andrus Meret, 19, and Casey Wolfman, 18.

The members have been playing together for about two years as Our Father. They were previously called Pterodactly with pretty much the same line-up aside from a different bass player. One song that was written as Pterodactyl's made the transition to the library of Our Father. All the other songs that the band has crafted are "exclusive to Our Father" said singer/guitarist Dave O'Connor.

Although Our Father is not a hardcore or metal-core band, a lot of the shows the band has played have been for a crowd that probably came out to see your standard "fast part, breakdown, and fast part, breakdown" forumla of metal and hardcore. Our Fahter is still as heavy as a bag of pianos but is refreshingly distinguishable from other aggressive bands.

O'Connor describes the sound as "a fury of driving metal riffs, skull-crushing licks, in a haze of droned-out robots." O'Conner says that the members are influences by bands such as Hot Snakes, early Black Sabbath, Melvins, Part Chimp, and High on Fire but don't find it necessary to model their sound of image around the bands that they listen to.

Many hardcore genre bands have a difficult time undersanding the concept of trying new things besides wearing a shirt of the band they are touring with, or having a singer that can't come up with his own style, and thus can only borrow everything they like about their favourite bands.

The focal point of Our Father's live show is the same as most other bands, the front man. O'Connor, who has also played in other bands such as Windchimes, Get Loose and Like You, is as energetic as the Energizer Bunny on Crack.

After their set at the End Concert Lounge in Welland, on October 27, O' Connor said "I nearly busted my guitar off the ceiling a couple of times."

Listening to the band is how music fans usually form an opinion about it, while watching how a band performs live is another way to build an opinion. Listening to Our Father's EP should certainly be followed up by checking the band out the next time it rolls into a town near you.

"We plan on having a full-length album completed sometime in the spring, since we are going to start recording in the early winter months" said O'Connor. "The songwriting process for us comes easily and is readily available since we all moved into the same house in September. Instead of sitting around watching TV as a household, we write songs."

Listen to the band's songs by checking out http://www.myspace.com/ourfatherband. - Niagra Press


2005- Frost Giant EP
Coming October 2007- EP on High Anxiety 416



Emerging from the crumbling ruins of one of Toronto’s poorest regions, Our Father understands the façade put on by city leaders and the upper class, portraying their home as the ideal urban setting. But what they know to be true is that their city is not as it seems. It will chew you up, spit you out, bury you in dust and garbage, and set you ablaze. From the ashes rises Our Father, as powerful as a Viking horde bursting through a peasant village.

You can hear the dirt, pollution, and squalor of the city coating their music in the thick, heavy layers they have embraced to create their sound. Vocals are choked with grime, but fire and fury still manages to break through. With songs influenced from record collections that would make any true metal fan drool, and lyrics touching on big city life and the culture shock it has on rural youth, it is obvious that Our Father has fulfilled their goal of writing dirty, heavy, massive, and pissed off rock and roll.

Our Father formed in 2004 in a slightly different incarnation. They began as the doom metal band Pterodactyl, not as newcomers to the metal scene, but as veterans with ties to late and currently active bands Get Loose, Morose, Like You and The Young Guns. The same year, they solidified their sound with the “Light Pollution” demo. The band morphed into the monster it is today in 2005, after a lineup and name change, followed by their first demo, the “Frost Giant EP”. In September of 2006, the band decided to move into a house together to focus on their sound, and writing a full-length. They have shared the stage with bands such as Lords, Fever Out!, Bear Proof Suit, Hoosier Poet, and Terminal State.

With a full-length in the works for 2007, Our Father is determined to continue resisting the disposable nature of urban life and give the world something real.