Our Film Star

Our Film Star


We are a young up-and-coming pop punk band from the Detroit Area, In Michigan! We have released one e.p. and plan on releasing more this summer. We love playing music, and when i say love.. i mean LOVE!


We are Our Film Star! We are out of metro-Detroit, Michigan!! We play Pop Punk!

We love our fans so much. They are our pride and joy. Especially the ones that come to EVERY show. that makes us feel amazing! We also love bands that we meet on the road. There is nothing like showing up to a venue konwing no one there, and leaving being friends with everyone there. Its amazing! We love the experience of meeting people and playing our music for them! We promise if you see us live, you will want to see us again!


The Vaccine E.P. (2007)

Set List

We Play about a 20 Minture set.

Driving With the Lights Off
The Things I Said
Consider Yourself Lucky
Close to Home
Three Blocks Away