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The best kept secret in music


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1. Our Friend the Atom - Our Friend the Atom (full length record)
2. Our Friend the Atom - Pictures EP (3 song EP)
3. Our Friend the Atom - A FURY IN YOUR WORDS (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Atomic energy has very little, if anything, to do with the musical endeavor of Our Friend the Atom. Yes, it’s a clever name, coined after the book and short film from the 1950’s, and yes, there are some politics that come to the surface. But, the literal is seldom the intention for the artist, and such is the story with Our Friend the Atom.

The band of four was essentially spawned in the recording studio in early 2003, after four friends from Boston entered a Los Angeles recording studio to try out some songs. Everyone involved had previously met in Boston, while some were attending the Berklee School of Music, and one by one the friends all eventually made the pilgrimage West to the music city of Los Angeles. While their current projects mutated and transformed, a window of opportunity arose for the mates to get together and see how their chemistry as friends worked in the musical realm. The process went rather well, and from the initial spark the guys churned on and completed their debut album. It was sort of the cart before the horse approach, but it provided an element of inspiration and spontaneous creativity that was continuously fresh.

Classification and categories have become commonplace among humans in order to establish a level of comfort and justification for all things familiar. In an effort to satisfy this need, one could call Our Friend the Atom a rock band, but there are certainly more influences at work. Critics have expressed comparisons to bands like the Verve, Crowded House, and Ben Harper. I guess it is no coincidence that Our Friend the Atom’s record was mixed by Todd Burke, who also recorded and mixed the latest Ben Harper record, as well as Jack Johnson’s debut album, and the recently famous Mike Andrews/Gary Jules cover of “Mad World” which has been exploding in the U.K.

Matters of the heart are always a good barometer for the depth and sincerity of an artist. Digging into the redundant themes of scorned love, and the struggle therein is a fine line to walk with the plethora of material out there in the sea of mediocrity. Well of course our band of four goes there, but there is a level of honesty and integrity upheld with respect to music as an art form. There is a relevancy within the lyric, melody, and mood taking the listener along on the writer’s emotive voyage, perhaps finding common ground in one’s own experiences. Music is an opportunity for an individual to digress from the daily grind, and kick back and travel somewhere with the voice and pulse of the sounds radiating out from the speakers. The palate of color and tone on Our Friend the Atom’s self-titled debut provides the atmosphere for this experience.

The band continues to expand its vision, and it does so with a strong arsenal of musicianship and songwriting. A visit to a live show is not a re-hash note-for-note of the record. Paying homage to the artists who have mattered over the years, the band uses these influences to inspire passionate performances. The live arena becomes a vehicle for the artist to emerge and engage the songs with a spontaneous zeal. Whether on stage or left to their own devices, the members of Our Friend the Atom come together to create inspired music. Inspired music that has every intention of withstanding the test of time.