Our Glass

Our Glass


As a dominant seed in DeKalb Illinois' music scene, "Our Glass" rocked local bangers with twisted, bending, turning, weaving guitar parts, rolling bass lines, and complex pocket drumming. Our Glass has been experimenting with music by melting the sounds of Blues, Rock, Grunge, Psych, Folk and many others. Inventing a conscious musical machine. During the bands early years, Our Glass would be heard pouring out the windows, through the streets with booze oozing down into the gutters. Today, Our Gl


Our Glass, was conceived deep within the valley of DeKalb, IL (a.k.a. "the center of the universe and the land of the corn") as a studio project in 2007. The band is composed of NIU jazz studies graduate Chris Goranson (guitar/vocals); David Click (guitar/vocals) a self-proclaimed DeKalb townie and founder of local music festival, Stompkee; Matthew Judson (drums/vocals) NIU jazz-percussion graduate; Mark Walters (bass/vocals); and Lydia Palazzolo (Vocals) has been recently added in affiliation with Hostel Earphoria, Chicago's premier 'music hostel.' Additionally, violinist Danielle Giulini is featured on the band's debut album, "As Above So Below".

Combining influences from the ‘90s, their sound also taps into the psychedelic era of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. As if this juxtaposition wasn't intense enough, 4-part vocal harmonies soar above the bedrock. Each member brings a unique element of song-writing, while the beat is kept by Judson, aka Mot Juste, world music avant-garde.

Their debut album, As Above So Below, will be available in September 2013.


Bakery Taste Sessions - 2009
As Above So Below - 2013