Our Hospitality

Our Hospitality

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Rock 'n' roll trio, Our Hospitality, artfully marries sonic sugar and spice by combining rich male/female vocal harmonies and sweet lyrical narratives with dirty guitar tones and hard hitting, grunge rhythms.


Rumored to be extinct, high energy rock 'n' roll makes a roaring return in the form of Our Hospitality. Hailing from Hollywood, the trio forgoes gimmicks and in-ear monitors for chops and sweat-drenched performances that leave audiences begging for more. In a genre that has become stale and saturated with tired personalities and dull music, Our Hospitality stands out as a welcome reprieve for the rock connoisseur.

Composed of Dash Hawkins (Fender crunch), Libby Wells (four-string chainsaw) and Phil Hanson (skins-pounder), Our Hospitality has crafted a unique sound defined by hummable hooks and sweet vocal harmonies. Dash's brash attack juxtaposed with Libby's angelic serenading combine to form a sound unlike any other band. But their sound doesn't fit neatly into a box, ranging from laid-back acoustic musings to spacey sonic-scapes, and all the way to aggressive fist pumping. Fans of all rock genres from classic to indie, from grunge to folk will find something to love in Our Hospitality.

Having built a loyal fan base from their intense shows and freshman EP (1923), Our Hospitality is poised to break out with their first full-length album, Hatfield McCoy. More than a group of individuals, Our Hospitality is a family. Thus, for the new record the band decided to capture that synergy by recording all together in one room. This faithful recreation of their live sound is available on vinyl and digitally.

Beyond the music and outside of the studio, all three members continue dynamic, art-filled lifestyles. Dash is a film & TV writer/producer, Libby is a film director and visual artist, while Phil is a multifaceted craftsman best known for brewing the band's "Gummy Berry Juice" - Phil's very own homemade mead. This honey-wine mastery has led to the band's tradition of sharing a glass (or two) before shows, which undoubtedly fuels Our Hospitality's on-stage fire and energy.

With love and passion for art and one another, Our Hospitality attacks every moment in the studio and on stage with one goal in mind: to rock your world.


Hatfield McCoy: 10 track LP - released October 4, 2011.

1923: 5 Track EP - released June 7, 2010.

Set List

The Hunt
Tight Sweater
The Read Through
Running Off
You're So Right