Our Name In Lights

Our Name In Lights


We have an emo rock sound with energy and songs that make the fans want more.


Our Name in Lights (formally known as Never the Better) was born in 2003 and has done a deal of changes over the years most reciently with lead singer Adam Wagner not being able to continue. SO long time guitar player and vocalist Craig Meister took the spot. All of the band members have been playing their instruments since young ages and make music a top part of their lives. Our influences include everything and everyone we come in contact with inside and outside of music, which are the bases of many songs. Our musical influences have a broad range that covers the band as a whole. While Nick Lamping can prefer Hardcore and Jonathan prefering a more emo style, this can be combined with Craig's love for classical music and Nick Dwengers roots in punk. This produces a type of rock that is both catchy, flowing, and energetic. Our Name in Lights as a whole is set apart from the rest of those bands out there in the amount of work we are willing to put into our music and our getting out and playing shows. All the band members are bent on promoting the band with long hours of searching and writing for places to play shows while keeping the focus on the music. This is evident when in the summer of 2005 Our Name in Lights (then Never the Better) was asked to play at the Indianapolis Van's Warped Tour. Since then we have continued writing and recording and have started another touring session thoughout the Midwest


Never the Better's singles Just for you and Summer Night's released in December 2003, The Never the Better EP released in Winter 2004 and featured on the Van's Warped Tour

Set List

Our currents set list is all origionals and is as follows; Settling the Score, Media Heartbreak, Excellence Equals, Unconditional Lovers, More than I asked for, Waiting but no hoping: this typically last around 25 minutes