Our name is Legion

Our name is Legion


The songs written by Our name is Legion are not limited to one genre or form. Typically there are post-rock and post-punk undertones over an indie rock foundation.


Our name is Legion was started in 2003 by Blake Armstrong and John Paul von Schlichten in Orlando, FL. After a move to Jacksonville, Miguel Simmons Valenzuela was added to the mix in fall of 2005 and Andrew Nowak in spring of 2006. 2007 proved to be the year Our name is Legion took a big step forward writing more new and fresh material than all the proceeding years combined. 2008 and the future are sure to hold good things.


Our name is Legion
"untitled EP" (recorded at Goldentone Studios with Rob McGregor)
1.Yellow Caution Tape
2.The 80's were 20 years ago
4.Trophy Wife
6.How the Dream Ends

Set List

Our 30 minute set usually runs through the album with a couple song changes to rotate in new material.