Our Time In Space
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Our Time In Space

Band Alternative Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Save the King Crimson Comparisons"

Save the King Crimson comparisons: Our Time In Space stem from a less epic branch of the prog-rock family tree. This Is is five tracks of cosmic math jams appealing to the inner geek in all of us. While some of the chord structures are a bit tired (i.e. the simple hook on Suenos Malos), extended segues into layered echo-effect are downright hypnotic. Angular guitars and soothing falsetto help mix things up, peppering shoe-gazer melodies that might otherwise drag down an EP well worth your while. - Sl Weekly

"Slugmag Localized Showcase"

Back in November OTIS sent a demo of their songs to famed producer Alex Newport. You might know him from playing in bands like Fudge Tunnel and Theory Of Ruin. He’s also recorded At The Drive-In, Mars Volta and Me First And The Gimme Gimmes. Alex invited OTIS to Los Angeles to cut some tracks. You know that there aren’t many bands coming out of SLC who are willing to throw down that kind of cash for a recording, but OTIS saw the price tag as an investment for the band. “At first we wanted to do eight songs, and [Alex] said ‘You know, that’s going to take a while,’ because he thought the songs were so good that it would be pointless to bash through them.” Alex took them into the studio and stripped the music down a little to make all four of the tracks solid as fuck from start to finish. Now they have a really awesome beginning to what could end up as a major label release.
- Slugmag

"It's Like Rush only less Canadian"

When you envision a mere three people playing instruments onstage, you tend to imagine muted, minimal amount of sound. Salt Lake City alt-rock trio Our Time in Space never cease to amaze with their full-dimensional, explosive waterfall of sonics, using the same vocals, drums and guitars available to every other carbon-based rock & roll band in the known universe. We can't quite identify the hidden component that makes their music so captivating, but we've been thoroughly hypnotized.
- Sl Weekly

"This Is... Ep"

This Is... Ep


O.T.I.S.=Sparta Mandarin mucho delay

Salt Lake is not known for it's cerebral music, many bands work hard to create a carefree party atmosphere or to make an enviroment to release the various tensions of life. O.T.I.S. does not fit into either of these categories because of their take on sound creation. They spend their time creating delicate and near mathmatical soundscapes that are more about introspection and less about exhibitionism. The songs slowly build in a near post-rock fashion while being accompanied by the siren-esque vocals of Ryan Nielsen. By the end of the EP I found myself almost in a dream-like state pondering the universe. -Andrew Glassett
- Slugmag


This Is... =EP self release

Hot head sessions = produced and recorded by Alex Newport


Feeling a bit camera shy


Forming an absolute equation of rythmic melody & scientific harmony between technology and creation. Bound together by cosmic fiber and the infinite triangle. A formula that has reverborated thru time since the setting of the albion. 3 humans taking position at each point in the triangulation harnessing influences, from the beat of the third world to the complexities of free jazz, the scream of the new age and the flow of the smartest Mc's. Their musical pallet allows them to bend space and time, create sound within sound, visual textures take shape within the air you breathe. There is only one entity that defies gravity, space, and time.
This is... Our Time In Space