Our Time In Space

Our Time In Space


Harnessing influences, from the beat of the third world to the complexities of free jazz, the scream of the new age and the flow of the most intelligent Mc's.


Forming an absolute equation of rythmic melody & scientific harmony between technology and creation. Bound together by cosmic fiber and the infinite triangle. A formula that has reverborated thru time since the setting of the albion. 3 humans taking position at each point in the triangulation harnessing influences, from the beat of the third world to the complexities of free jazz, the scream of the new age and the flow of the smartest Mc's. Their musical pallet allows them to bend space and time, create sound within sound, visual textures take shape within the air you breathe. There is only one entity that defies gravity, space, and time.
This is... Our Time In Space



Written By: O.T.I.S.

The feell of stilts mind wraps itself around the tension we built fault lines align your eyes to find the waiting for the breaking of your plight ripped apart the vessels in heart ripped apart the vessels in your...the movements of overtures the motions that never were. Ripped apart the vessels in your heart. Pierced thru the signs speaking in tongues it spreads it's wings bite in spit out.

Santos Dumont

Written By: O.T.I.S.

Take a step over the edge don't be scared it's just a little closer move the arms up and down don't you look down Feathered from the wings scream from the sting wings to my back high in the sky the anchor weighs me down inside my mind cut the ties give into flight the wind will break across my face gravity will disintegrate. Feathers pinned into the arms reflex coiled and tightening infinite blue in never knew the sky above hides from you Discovering the faculty migrating and conjuring. This magic of the air that breathes the glide now takes a hold of me. Rips a hole through the night melting over the coming light. Writhing hurling and spiraling through the clouds and out to sea piercing through the atmosphere higher as wings disappear. Headlong into the dark from afar you'll see the arc. wake of matter and vapor.

Suenos Malos

Written By: O.T.I.S.

Scream in unison Two become one. Scream in unison Two become one. Foretold destiny in an unconscious narrative. Foliage of green set in jungle scenes the epitomy (of peace). Up to my neck in blood in come the crimson tide. Shore so far from sight predators have come to claim their prize. Scream in unison two become one. I've climed the mountain top, I've come to take your hand. Fist on pillow once again. I've closed my eyes so tight wished for eternal night it's so hard to pretend to pretend to the death.


This Is... =EP self release

Hot head sessions = produced and recorded by Alex Newport

Set List

No covers all original
we usually do 8 songs or about a 45 minute set
we can do shorter sets if need be.

The Future(1987)
The Big Picture
Santos Dumont
Sirens Calling
Simple Architect
Meant to be
Suenos Malos