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Silenze :: Born 11/09/1985 SILENZE aka Silent Killa (Seth Killea) was born into the city of Indianapolis, IN; where he would be raised in the west side area known as, Haughville. At the time SILENZE would not know until later that, the things he seen and heard would influence his music in the future. At the age of 14 SILENZE started off into a whole new world unknown to him. "The music industry." In 2004 he paired up with another aspiring artist known as ShockSumOne and formed a group called UndaGround Killaz. UndaGround Killaz released two CD's in their career: "Forgotten Realms" & "Pumpkin Patch." SILENZE then decided to start on his first solo release, the murder rap release, "Garden Of Death," at this time known as Silent Killa, he landed a distribution deal with Long Range Distribution, in 2006. With the first album taking off, he decided it was time to change up his style. Now known as SILENZE he has a Club / Hip Hop / Rap style that is incomparable to anyone else.

ShockSumOne :: The name says it all. ShockSumOne. The next great lyricist in Hip-Hop history. He's earned his name over the years with his unique, controversial and outstanding one of a kind style.

Shock started out the way most of us do by singing along with his favorite songs. At the age of 13 he began writing his own music. And as luck would have it the one and only day he rode the bus to school he met Mr. OushaBoo himself, Silenze. Not long after their friendship began ShockSumOne signed as the first solo artist on OushaBoo Records. Shock and Silenze teamed up in 2004 as Undaground Killaz and released O.B.R.'s first album, "Forgotten Realms". Both artists dabbled in the non-mainstream atmosphere before finding and developing their own unique sounds.

In July of 2005 Shock released his debut album "Swing Low" with no success, but nonetheless it was a start, and ShockSumOne was born. Later that year Shock and Silenze attempted a second strike upon the underground scene with the release of U.G.K.'s second album "Pumpkin Patch", which did in fact start a bit of a buzz. The duo then decided to go in different directions musically so as to expand label structure.

ShockSumOne hit the street with two albums in one year, "Spaced Out" and "The After Shock PT. 1 - The Chair", but unfortunately both c.d. flopped due to low consumer demand. In an interview form those early years Shock was quoted, saying, "I guess I'm just experimental...I don't want to be an artist with an expected sound... I want to keep my fans guessing."

Well no one could have guessed that the young MC would have come out with three solo albums, a mix tape collaboration, and two group albums, all by the age of seventeen.

OushaBoo Records delivered the 500 Mix Tape in May of 2006. During the piecing together of the mix tape Shock began to transform into the kind of artist he had only dreamt of being. Though even his earliest work had had a complex word structure, he had no idea that he was about to become Indiana's fastest rapper, and quite possibly one of the fastest in the nation.

After the arrival of Posted @ The Bricks Vol. 2 in 2007, Shock, having reinvented his style, brought out his free self-titled album in October of that year. The album featured the newest addition to the label, Holocaust.

That winter Shock started writing and recording his next album, "The After Shock PT.2 - The Storm" which was set to drop after "Posted @ The Brick Vol.3", the mix tape that seemed to have grabbed the entire city's attention. The Storm was released in September of 2008 and sold very well with great review. This was a bit unexpected for Shock; he considered his latest album a huge experiment.

Over the years Shock has established his place in music, having done over forty shows in Indiana and across the Midwest, and always leaving every crowd chanting OushaBoo.

Shock has been featured on many album, such as: "Garden of Death'' by Silent Killa, Silenze "The E.P.'', and Holocaust's "Tyrant" and "Genocide"

2009 has brought us the release of the forth 500-mix tape, and the response has been great.

Not even twenty-one, ShockSumOne, has released his sixth album "Infiniti" which has amazed the masses. With his versatile style and his unbelievably, energetic stage presence he will never cease to keep his fans and audiences in shock and awe.