Ousman Danedjo

Ousman Danedjo


Ousman Danedjo sings in Wolof, Bambara or Fula. A songwriter and performer, he also plays the kora, the ngoni and percussion. He discovered Africa when he was 17. This encounter changed his life...


Ousman’s atypical career and the ease with which he moves in the different cultures and languages of western Africa have only enriched his talent as a musician, but must not make us lose sight of his unique vocal talents and musical creativity. He is no mere virtuoso. His tense vocal style with its dazzling timbre is at the service of lyrics paying homage to what Africa has brought him: a profound breath of
Today Ousman evokes his inner and geographical journey, taking us by the hand like a guide and
showing us into his universe.
Ousman Danedjo grew up with music all around him: with the music of his father, a jazzman; with the instruments that came to hand, such as the piano; with pop songs and Brazilian music... Hearing an album and concerts by Touré Kunda was a moment of revelation for him. Ousman immediately realised the force of this music, which opened a window on to Africa for him.
When he was 17, Ousman made his first trip to Senegal, spending a week off the beaten track, in search of African life. He was attracted by the country on his arrival, but when he left he was conquered: the reality surpassed his expectations. Back in France, an encounter with Siré Camara, at the time a storyteller, was to decide his musical destiny. The two men took to each other. Ousman spent three years with Siré’s group “Camara” on keyboards and backing vocals. Later he began to compose his own songs, mixing in his pop and jazz influences.
Ousman studied Arabic and Bambara at university. Little by little his dream took shape. He found himself playing alongside the people he had once admired. In 1997, he took part in the Africolor Festival with Doudou Ndiaye Rose and the Soninké Taaré Taaré troupe, and also in a concert in support of the sans papiers (undocumented immigrants) alongside Mory Kanté, Lokua Kanza and Cheik Tidiane Seck. In 2000, he played with Sixu Touré, the singer of the group Touré Kunda, who helped bring out all his African sensibility!
"ENELMEDIO" is his first album with guests as Moriba Koita, Ali Wagué, Michel Alibo, Diogal, Jean-Philippe Rikyel...


"ENELMEDIO" (O+ Music / Harmonia Mundi) - 2008

Set List

1 Neneh Africa
2 Dounya (Ne Y’a Ye)
3 N’teri Ké
4 Sabou Nyumaya
5 En el Medio
6 Borom Tangana
7 Peul Fouta
8 Mwassi Yé
9 A Yé Sabari
10 Saana
11 Daïba