Out Alive

Out Alive


Out Alive is a sound made of energy and solid rock... music that really grabs your guts and makes you wanna sing.


Out Alive started with a couple of friends playing after class in highschool. Adding Members along the way...we now have the perfect mix. With a variety of influences ranging from bands like Chevelle, Tool, Incubus, Zepplin, Floyd, Alice In Chains, Audioslave, PearlJam, Disturbed, Staind, Finger11, Coheed and Cambria etc. etc. etc., this band brings hard rock and musical fluidity together in their songs. After 2 album releases and taking a year off to grow individually...the band is back and stronger than ever.


Tin Man - 10 song album. 100 Years Of Rain - 10 song album. Burning Bridges - Single. www.myspace.com/outalive - 4 streaming songs off both albums.

Set List

A mix of songs off both albums...usually about 10 songs as well as any covers we decide to play to fill the set time.