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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Hard Rock



The best kept secret in music


"Outbreak breaks out"

When the band Outbreak plays during the Fourth of July festivities in Clintonville, Thursday, July 3, those in attendance will notice it has a local flavor to it.

Outbreak consists of five local kids, including Emily Krueger, 16, of Clintonville, on rhythm guitar.

Other band members include: Jordan Conradt, 17, of Shiocton (lead guitar); Brett Forbes, 17, of Kimberly, (drums); Justice Payne, 18, of Appleton (vocals); and Ian Zimmers-Kraft, 16, of Appleton (bass).

The five members of Outbreak have been in different bands previously. Through friends and ads, the five members came together as one band.

Without hesitation Conradt said the date Outbreak was born was April 23 of this year.

Playing together for only a short period of time didn’t stop the band from finishing second overall in a statewide competition called Launchpad.

Launchpad is a music competition for high school students who are in bands formed outside of school. The bands competed in a regional concert.

The top three finalists from each region then competed in Madison for the top prize of free studio recording time in Madison, a Summerfest appearance and the Les Paul Launchpad Award.

Payne said more than 500 band competed in the competition.

“None of us really understood what was going on,” Payne said once the band found out they finish second.

Krueger said she was happy and started crying.

Conradt said his first thought was wondering who won the competition.

The performance at Launchpad also secured a spot for Outbreak to play at Summerfest in Milwaukee. The band is scheduled to play on July 4 and 6 prior to Cheap Trick taking the stage.

When asked what it feels like to open for Cheap Trick, Krueger described it as, “awesome.”

“I don’t know if there are any words to describe it,” Payne said.
Conradt had a more relaxed feeling. “It feels like we’re going to play another show, just like we did today.”

The rest of the band members quickly chimed in that Conradt just likes to play music, it doesn’t matter where.

“We’re all very excited,” Payne added. “We’re very honored and humbled to be able to play on that stage, especially for such a well known act like that. It’s all just a big dream and a ride right now.”

Prior to leaving for Summerfest, Outbreak will play in Clintonville, Thursday, July 3 for the Fourth of July celebration prior to the fireworks.

This performance will be special for Krueger.

“I’m pretty excited because all my friends are there. They are a fun crowd. Most of them have seen me play before but it’s fun when you have all your friends that haven’t seen you play before and they are shocked,” Krueger said.

Members of Outbreak said they usually practice three days a week, between four and five hours each day. Practices can last longer, as they described a recent practice lasting nine hours.

Outbreak plays mostly cover songs, but it is starting to write its own songs. It currently has one original song — Unending.

Payne said the song came from one night of practice, during 30 minutes of goofing around with guitars.

“The song just kind of came out of nowhere. Everybody was doing things they didn’t realize they could do. That’s probably the greatest part about Unending,” Payne said.

Outbreak is looking into putting its original songs on iTunes. In order to be on iTunes, though, there must be at least two songs. Releasing a CD is also a goal for Outbreak.

With these lofty goals, members of Outbreak reiterated that they want to stay together as a band. Payne even changed his post-high school education to accommodate the band.

His original plan was to attend Marquette University to be an Air Force officer and obtain a law degree.

“When I met these guys I decided to give that all up and go to college here so that I can stay here with them,” Payne said.

Payne is now going to school for theater and computer science.

Forbes said he started drumming when he was three years old and has always wanted to be in a band.

Krueger said she started playing drums at age 11. She joined a band shortly after that, which cemented her interest to be in a band. She eventually switched to rhythm guitar.

All members of Outbreak agreed they give each other a hard time, but they have fun doing it. Krueger isn’t left out because she is the only female in the band.

“A lot of people give her chops because she is the only female in an all male band,” Payne said.

Payne admitted that the goal of the band members is to be a professional recording band.

“We’re looking to just play music and have people enjoy music we play,” Payne said. - Bert Lehman


Still working on that hot first release.



An infectious band first spotted in Appleton, WI. This group that took 2nd place in WSMA's Launchpad Battle of the Bands Competition showcases a hard-rock theme to their music and performance. From wild stick flips to synchronized head-banging, this group will entertain you all night long. The members of this group come from various backgrounds and upbringings and have chosen to be willing tributes to the Rock N Roll Pandemic that is sweeping across the globe. 

Now to introduce the Band:

Brett Forbes: A drummer like no other, known to some as the "Daredevil" due to his many stage tricks and flips that will leave you on the edge of your seats wanting more. A bit of a daredevil, this man has no fear to take his tricks to higher and higher levels and as the crowd roars for more he lights up the stage with his deadly combo of pure skill and sick tricks. Be careful, although he may appear harmless, his body oozes with the Rock N Roll Pandemic that has taken to his very being and latched on to his every action. 

Emily Krueger: Rock N Roll is no joke to this girl! Don't be deceived by her beautiful looks, this girl will kick butt like no other. Being the only girl in a band can be hard, well unless you are Emily. This kick butt girl leave you captivated as she is known to some as the "Siren" due to her ability to catch your attention as you fall deeper and deeper into her spell. Guided with the infectious Rock N Roll Virus, Emily enjoys her ability to captivate and infect you with her sweet melodic rhythms as she plays guitar on the stage.

Ian Zimmers-Kraft: As you fall deeper and deeper into the infection you start to feel a thumping in your chest. You question where it comes from, knowing only too well that your heart could never make your bones shake so... well so infectiously. Breaking news, you're feeling Ian laying down the mad bass beats. This man is often referred to as the "Quake" as his audience's body shakes in a frighteningly pleasant way from the booming sound of his bass. You find yourself drawn closer and closer to the subs to feel the exhilarating feeling in your chest as you become addicted to the feeling and sound of Rock N Roll. 

Jordan Conradt: Shredding up the stage on his guitar, Jordan's complex lead riffs will leave you speechless. As the "Breath Snatcher," Jordan captivates his audience with his insane guitar licks. Without your realization you find Jordan claiming you as another willing tribute to the Pandemic that is sweeping across the globe. Watch and be mesmerized as Jordan shreds in ways that most guitarist could only dream of.

Justice Payne: As the frontman of the group, Justice is know as the "Virus" due to his virus-like habits as he grasps his audience's attention with his presence and vocal power. As an explosive character, watch as Justice moves across the stage in order to catch your eye and infect you with his words. His sole objective is to entertain his audiences into joining the Infected. 

Contact: requesttoinfect@theoutbreakband.com

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