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Outer Limit Lotus

Oslo, Norway | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Oslo, Norway | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Go 'Cruising' Through Dark Post-Punk With Outer Limit Lotus Read More: Go 'Cruising' Through Dark Post-Punk With Outer Limit Lotus | http://clrvynt.com/outer-limit-lotus-cruising/?trackback=tsmclip Visit Us at Go 'Cruising' Through Dark Post-Punk With O"

Norway is rewriting the book once again. You've probably heard of bands like Kvelertak, Okkultokrati and Haust not only pushing the limits of genre within heavy music, but rewriting the book to include their own chapters. Now, the members of Haust can be found moving further into the darkness with Outer Limit Lotus, a trio that explores dark post-punk, goth, deathrock, psychedelia and more to great effect. Think of the post-punk soundtrack to your drug-induced seppuku and you may get the picture.

Outer Limit Lotus are readying a new LP in the form of Cruising the Old World on October 28 via Sheep Chase Records. The focus of the band's video, "Cruising," is not too far off from the Al Pacino vehicle of the same name — an exercise in nihilism, self-loathing and touching the void. The track alone is enough to make you shudder, especially during the dark chorus and the falsetto that sounds like a cry from beyond the grave. Grab a coat — it's getting cold in here. Order yours via Sheep Chase.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUvDRY2mqfM - Clrvynt


2016: Mirror Flash digital single
2016: Cruising the Old World 12" 



Outer Limit Lotus is a Oslo/Copenhagen-based rock group with roots in the cold scandinavian rural underground, delivering a glacial take on classic american desert rock, heavily infused with psychedelic deathrock. Inspired by contemporary art and the ancestors of punk, the fragile yet fierce sounding outburst of Outer Limit Lotus is a strange one indeed. After years of exploring hard, noisy darkness in bands such as Haust, Blood Suckers and Urbanoia, they wanted to cross over, into the Twilight Zone, trading in the hard with the weird. Outer Limit Lotus are three freaks, re-enchanting the raw power of past decades anti-future cults, in the ruins of a new world.

The band made their debut live performance opening for Philly's Sheer Mag in a packed basement-club in Oslo, and has since made waves in the Scandinavian undercurrents. Following the first single "Mirror flash", the debut-12inch "Cruising the Old World" is set for the fall of 2016 on Sheep Chase records.


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