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Their sound is the bionic “Future” of Hip Hop, a sweet and deadly science perfected in the shadows of bombed-out cities. A vessel for cataclysmic emotions first heard in hallway ciphers. The impressions left by spacecraft on project blacktop.


1998 is the year and a collective called Outerlimitz independently drops 'Wrong Actions for the Right Reasons'. Now, seven years later after rocking in the high school lunchroom, winning talent shows, free styling on the radio, a myriad of press, lots of recognition from a vast fan base and a new line-up later, founding members Qwa and H.E. llsent with the insightful inclusion of beat-maestro Silence return with 'Suicide Prevention' on Chicago's innovating independent label Galapagos4. Outerlimitz is more powerful and equipped than ever having independently traveled the country on Countless tours, rocking shows, alluring fans, selling merchandise and performing locally and regionally on a frequent basis. OL has performed with some of music’s top artists and “legends” like Ghostface from Wu Tang Clan, Black Sheep and up and comers Rhymefest, Typical Cats, J-Live and Slum Village.


Packaged In Plastic

Written By: M.Brown , J.Watkins, E. Mcguire

Packaged In Plastic


Lately you been having dreams of living like a thug aint cha
in the mirror with ya face on looking gangsta
cop the new 50 joint so now you mumble when you speak
as if a speach impediment is evidence you street
go rilla youz a killa by yourself youz a sheep
them lies sound weaker than the company you keep
lift a 9 milli not enough strength in ya
let alone peel a trigger so that river taste sweet
sweet enough to not drink
tell me you do not think
rocking hot pink minks'll make you a star
short stop from a free base if he keep pace
everyone'll greet fate regardless who they are
or who they try to erase
them traits you try to replace
them secrets that you keep safe'll stay in your heart
flock following hollering last in a rats race
laugh while them cats chase to rip you apart


i hear alot of rappers spitting how they living this life
man please, i know shorties living this life
you dont fit it
we don't even claim to be hard
but every time we speak you hear the density in our heart
we richer than ya'll
we don't gotta diamond or a chain
we got platinum in the skull and gold flowing thru the vein
going insane
living in the ghetto its hard
even when the sun is shining they got prisons for ours
i sacrifice all i have for this vision in awe
and can't find a blunt to smoke when life seem to damn hard
the other day this guy i know got murked
his little daughters tears fell on a blood stained shirt
now another little child has no father it hurts
but thats the way it is in the ghetto
guns do burst
i run to church
and ask the pastor what had happened
he looked at me and started laughing, i kept running
my neighborhood is like a casket
everybody dressed nice but they dead inside from being blunted
all i ever wanted was to see my people living right
some rappers think the struggle over cause they living nice
its like the devil and you helping em out
but don't forget about the kids we be help'em out
from 47th to wild 100's every child living blind
with 9's gunning
i know im only 25 but i feel like 900
if you seen what i saw you probably die from it....


2005 "Suicide Prevention" ( Outerlimitz )

2005 "Lost Prevention " ( Outerlimitz )

2005 "Packaged In Plastic" 12"inch Single ( Outerlimitz)

1998-99 "Wrong Actions for Right Reasons" ( Outerlimitz )

2001 "Walk Thru Walls" ( Qwazaar )

2001 "Desert Eagle" 12 inch ( Qwazaar )

2000 "Father Universe" 12 inch (Silence under Alias Chauncie Gardener )

Set List

45-50 Min

High Energy Set

6-8 Songs from the Album "Suicide Prevention"