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The best kept secret in music


"Iron Horse Show Review"

Once again the Iron Horse had some fine music on tap for western mass music lovers. The entertainment lined up for this particular evening; Friday the 29th of April, was Cold Duck Complex and Outernational. In this first installation of my two part series on the night's happenings, I will first reflect on Outernational. Part two will consist of a brief Cold Duck Complex review with photos.

Outernational consists of vocalist Miles Solay, "multi-instrumentalist" Sonny Suchdev, guitarist Leo Mintek, bassist Jesse Williams and drummer Alex Garcia. This NYC quintet had my attention instantly. They seem to have found the perfect recipe for something I can't quite label, but consists of a bit of rock, a dash of reggae, and plenty of hip hop. All this is smoothly blended together whilst skillfullly jumping from smooth brassy jazz, to catchy dancehall, to rhythmic Indian beats, and back again. Suchdev's energy and talent was impressive, although I suspect I only saw a taste of it, in his horn, bongo and multi lingual chanting. The rhythm section held down by Garcia and Williams is thumping and powerful, power that's matched well with their passionate, synical lyrics ("let's interrupt this lesson with a message we're not patriotic/ hate this hypnotic twenty first century robotic" from "What You Say".) Which, by the way, was stellar live!.

Bottom line, it was a strong performance. Outernational has a strong following around NYC, and have gained another fan in myself. If you have a second in your day (I bet you do) get a hold of a CD; they have a self titled EP and a single, both available on their website. Give it a serious listen, especially “What You Say ”. You won't regret it, their website also has other sample tracks as well. This weekend is the group's first time playing in Massachusetts, and is part of only a handfull of times they have played outside the tri-state area, and so far so good. I look forward to the next time they take on the Iron Horse. - For Those Who Know (www.4twk.com)

"Tom Morello"

Outernational's music is as righteous as their politics. They have a rare combination of talent, purpose, and a great sweat drenched live show, uplifting and raw. - Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine

"DJ Shoghi"

Trust me. When you see them live you will think, "hey these guys just got together?" They are going places!! I just saw them for the first time last Saturday for a Joe Strummer book release party and, while I picked my jaw off from from the floor and stopped dancing like a wildman, I asked myself, "Was it like this when The Clash got together in '76?" - cultureless.blogspot.com

"Toxic Scott"

I don't know how else to say it - these guys are the real deal. I think back to the bands that inspired me over the years because they had righteous lyrics and music to match, like The Clash, or Ozomatli, or the Minutemen, and I gotta put Outernational right there with them. People are still talking about them here in Greensboro. They are what music should be for -- inspiring people to reach beyond the barriers, to create something new, to make something better than the bullshit system we live in. I'm convinced that after the revolution music is gonna be so much BETTER. Outernational is leading the way! - Crimson Spectre

"Naeem Mohaiemen"

When reviewing their last CD for Alternet, I called them the 'new Rage Against The Machine'. Actually, they've outgrown that comparison. With furious political lyrics, dhol-afrobeat-ska rhythms, and out of control antics on stage, Outernational is unique -- comparable only to themselves. The timing couldn't be better. - DisappearedInAmerica.org and Shobak.Org

"Clyde Valentin"

Outernational's music is simply an influence of culture's colliding to represent the future. They're a young band with the energy, enthusiasm and intelligence to represent the voice of a generation stuck between corporate consumerism and manufactured wars. They're more than a band, they're the truth. Pay attention to their trajectory, you can't afford not to. - Former Editor of Stress Magazine; Executive Producer of the Hip-Hop Theater Festival

"Sxip Shirley"

These boys are the next big thing, in my opinion. They are an incredible mix of hip-hop, hard-rock, and world music. They mix politics and dance music in the best way, much like The Clash did. - BBC Radio

"I = I Blog"

Well we actually went to see DJ Prince Paul, one of the most talented names in the music industry that you've never heard. I'll let Matt expound on the brilliance of Prince Paul and special quest Johnny Masengil. I'm going to expound about the brilliance of Brooklyn band Outernational.

After an excruciating hour delay, Matt and I were excited to see one of the band members bring out a trumpet in preparation for the show. When Outernational took the stage and began to play, we were more than pleasantly surprised. Sonny Suchdev has to be one of the most talented people (i used a better word in my notes of the show, but I have realized that my mom reads this so I'm toning it down a bit) I've had the pleasure of seeing live. He can play percussion, horn, and his voice is exemplary. Yeah I said exemplary, smooth, it friggin' rocks! The band plays a great punk sound (although that might be too restrictive, it was hard at points and flat out funky in others), with thought provoking lyrics, often very political, and they have a nice tight sound. The lead vocals of Miles Solay are reminiscent of Linkin Park, but I forgive him since the lyrics are more substantial than anything Linkin Park will ever do, and his fashion sense is better. Leo Mintek throws down some fantastic rock riffs, and then blows you away with a dreamy electric back beat. Drums and Bass, Turbo Garcia and Jesse Williams respectively, tow the line and keep the songs sharp and timed. Their song from the future was dedicated to "Every bloodsucker on Pennsylvania ave". It has a great dancy feel, with lyrics like "not my country/it's not of me/I'm from the future/you wish you would see" it's easy to see what their political standing is, and thank the Gods they're not afraid of it (like almost every democrat in America today, but that is a rant for another day). The show was full of energy, and you could tell they wished they had a more interested audience, but unfortunately a majority of the Seven for All Mankind wearing crowd had come to see some mediocre Spanish band with a hot lead singer. Check out Outernational, and listen to a few songs, but above all else, see them live if you get a chance. I'm betting the show kicks much ass when the audience gives them a little fuel.

I've never felt like I was witnessing a phenomena at a local live show before, but Outernational has a great talent, and I won't be surprised to hear them breaking into the indie circuit in a huge way. - www.iequalsi.com


Live EP (released 10.04)
Outernational Single (released 4.05)


Feeling a bit camera shy


“This is not my country/it is not of me/I’m from the future/you wish you would see” (From the Future - Outernational). It is with this irreverence and inspired vision that New York City-based OUTERNATIONAL has stepped onto the music scene.

OUTERNATIONAL is crafting a new sound rooted in punk rock and hip-hop, while drawing from musical styles throughout the world. Lead vocalist Miles Solay’s delivery is raw and urgent. Sporting a porcelain tooth screwed into his skull (the result of a hostile encounter with a microphone on stage), his energy is infectious. Sonny Suchdev seamlessly slides from playing blazing trumpet lines and jazz solos to singing in three languages and dropping North Indian rhythms on the dhol and bongos. Together, Sonny and Miles form a frontline unlike any other in rock or hip-hop. Leo Mintek's guitar screams and sings while laying down jumpy afrobeat, dancehall, bhangra and Latin grooves, pushed through a one-of-a kind set-up cranked to “10.” A mad scientist known as Minimum Tek, Leo dubs it out into the echo chamber, exposing the powerhouse rhythm section. Bassist Jesse Williams’ playing is melodically daring, but remains anchored to the rapid-fire beats of Puerto-Rican born drummer, Alex Garcia.

OUTERNATIONAL’s live show is controlled chaos and pure passion demonstrated in the extraordinary connection between the band and its audience. The band is quickly developing a devoted, diverse following.

Since August 2004, OUTERNATIONAL has played for sold-out crowds at B.B. King’s (Times Square, NYC) North Six (Brooklyn, NY), Southpaw (Brooklyn, NY) and the Knitting Factory Main Stage (NYC); Basement Bhangra at SOBs (NYC); thousands of protestors at the Not In Our Name demonstration during the Republican National Convention (NYC); striking immigrant hotel workers at an Atlantic City UNITE HERE union rally; the ONE campaign/Live 8 effort at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square (NYC), and college students at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC), Bard College (Annandale, NY), SUNY Purchase (Purchase, NY), and New York University (NYC). OUTERNATIONAL recently performed as a part of the NYC Charm Sessions at the Living Room, which was broadcasted on the BBC in Scotland in August 2005. The group has also shared bills with many notable artists including: Tom Morello (Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine), Gogol Bordello, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Wyclef Jean, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Michelle Shocked, Antibalas, Steve Earle, DJ Rekha, Saul Williams, The Slackers, Head Automatica, Boots Riley (The Coup), Dub Is A Weapon, and Prince Paul.

In April 2005, OUTERNATIONAL released a new single produced by Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello. Featuring the songs, What You Say, From The Future, and
Ricochet, the single is being marketed to college radio and used for promotional purposes. OUTERNATIONAL has arrived with a bold mission to fulfill a great need as this generation’s revolutionary band. As the chorus to their song Time To Soar proclaims: “We want the sky by storm!”

General information: info@outernational.net
Booking: booking@outernational.net
Official website: www.outernational.net
Fan Site: www.myspace.com/outernational