Out House Lilly

Out House Lilly



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Written By: Nancy Middleton

The cold earth lay open
by the sweat of my brow
the dogs barked and the baby cried
On the edge of the field
where my daddy plowed
before the flood came
and all his dreams died
how he tried just to stay alive

I married a man
on the 23rd of June
from the city, so pretty
with coal black eyes
With a bible and red roses
he lit up the room
With a hope for redemption
I could survive
and keep my dreams alive

Sometimes love can be stoned cold blind
to the black and blue of a troubled mind
Sometimes day turns into night
not a word is said and the years go by

The cold earth lay open
by the sweat of my brow
the dogs barked and the baby cried
On that coal black night
when for the last time
his hand came down
and I had to decide
to keep myself alive

So I laid love in the ground
the silence of my heart was the only sound
when I laid love in the ground

Lyrics by Nancy Middleton

So Long Lonely

Written By: Nancy Middleton

So Long Lonely

Some days seem to last forever
And the smoky dusk reminds me of the past
Walking to the cafes hand in hand with the man
I thought would be last

You might say that I’ve been fooled before
And the café’s aren’t so bad all alone
But the whiskey’s getting hard to swallow
And so are the lines
Of the men who always try to take you home

So long lonely
I guess it’s time I told you goodbye
So long lonely
I finally see I’m pretty good company
So long lonely

And I can love me if no one else can
But my arms wrapped tight around me
Might keep me safe
But it’s just not the same as a man’s

And I wonder how long it’s gonna last
Before this world comes tumbling down
When just the thought of love
Makes my heart turn shy
And I’d hate to leave before love comes around