a fusion of multiple influences combined with local musicianship that creates a unique sound. Style may vary from song to song with an underlying feel that is signature


I started playing guitar when I broke my leg, and never looked back. I started playing alot of fingerstyle blues, including songs such as "Rock Me Momma" and "Sporting Life Blues." Heavy metal bands such as Metallica and AC/DC were also early influences. As I grew in musical I expanded my musical influence to far stretches. Within my first year of playing I would play songs with my friend who played drums and his little borther who also played guitar. We started writing a few songs, and after that I started a small music project with my good friend. A fews years after I started playing guitar, I wrote a series of acoustic songs and had a solo acoustic act. Now I have written a new set of songs in which I attempt to have a different sound in each one. Whatever comes to my mind has potential, no matter what feel it has.


The One Man Acoustic Band - Four Songs That Are Too Long, and Then Some
Outlaw - demo cd

Set List

Every time brings something new