Outlaw Serenade

Outlaw Serenade

 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Outlaw Serenade coming out with their hard rocking metal guns blazing. You can feel the raw the raw power of the chest pounding excitement that Outlawed Serenade delivers time and time again.
With their new release and electrified live shows will capture the heart and soul of the audience.


Outlaw Serenade Is Not Your Average Rock Band

Incorporating styles of classic and modern rock, Outlaw Serenade’s powerful and creative sound fuses elements of countless genres. Comprised of Terry Benier on vocals and lead guitar, Kyle Nidiffer on bass, and B-O-B Crisp on drums, the band has a certain chemistry that can only be described as electric. The individual talents of each member as well as their diverse taste in music crates a stunning atmosphere and a live show that generates a
great response everywhere they go.

The Beginning

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA, June 24, 2012 – The project that became Outlaw Serenade started a bit over two years ago and featured musicians Kyle
Nidiffer (bass) and Terry Benier (guitar). After exploring a variety of musical endeavors, the artists agreed that it was time to once again begin working together. They began writing and recording music, but were missing a drummer in which to share the experience and enhance their sound. It wasn’t until they found drummer B-O-B Crisp that the true Outlaw Serenade was born.

Featuring a sound that is classical in nature but never retro, the band prides itself on its raw delivery and ability to generate live energy. Each member has their own influences and talents, allowing each member to feed off of one another and supply the crowd with plenty of entertainment. Having performed a variety of live shows and picking up fans everywhere they go, OutlawSerenade has emerged onto the rock scene with powerful tunes and the ability to turn heads everywhere they play.

Much of their success came after the release of their first single “Truth” which led to their first album Beyond Temptation. This gritty and true to life album features unique recording styles and a visceral sonic onslaught from start to finish.
Following the release of their album, the band has been busy booking a tour and gaining support and Quickly becoming an up and coming name within the rock category, Outlaw Serenade’s debut album can be found at Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and a variety of online music retailers. Their single “Truth” can also be purchased at the
band’s website http://www.outlawserenade.com.

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Written By: Outlaw Serenade



Mercy Wouldn’t stop the insatiable need
She had the last word on her crucifixion Knee
Mercy didn’t care about the people inside
A soul held for ransom


Now a danger to yourself
Blame the ones
Suffocation took it’s toll
Quite and relentless



Mercy left me stranded as a refugee
Exiled patience as a way to be free
Mercy bent the rules no favor with fault
Like an old familiar friend



Written By: Outlaw Serenade


Kingdom of seven deadly sin’s eats you alive from within
Control the conscience and justify the means, losing power
More than it seems


Over state the oblivious
vanity’s a lie
It ages faster
From the mirror of


Pride (oh pride), killing you by killing me inside
foolish minds, to think you out ran every part you


What would be your last thoughts going through your mind
Would anyone remember nothing more than mistakes


Foolish minds, Foolish souls, all digging for the last piece of gold.

Lead Break


The New Album (Beyond Temptation)
1. Crush
2. Pride
3. Beyond Temptation
4. Fire
5. Hell town
6. Truth
7. Enemy of Mind
8. Jane
9. Locked and Loaded
10. Sweet Taboo

Set List

1. Sweet Taboo
2. Locked and Loaded
3. Truth
4. Hell Town
5. Jane
6. Beyond Temptation
7. Fire
8. Enemy
9. Pride
10. Crush