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"Outlett @ The House Of Blues"

Live, music alone is only half of the formal, it's the show, the excitement, the way the band interacts with the audience that takes a good band and makes them great. Outlett, a local, 4-piece LA hard rock/metal band has what it takes to ignite the audience, bringing the shy listener from the back of the club and forcing their curiosity to the front of the stage.

Leaded singer and percussionist Chastity Completo brings together the presence of lead singers like Sonny from POD crossed with some subtle mannerisms that might get her some unfortunate comparisons to Gwen Staffani. Vocally, Chastity has a very interesting range, deep, which is great for the aggressive hard rock style, but she's also able to belt out those high parts and give it that good aggressive scream! For a little flavor, Chastity breaks out the djembe, and she's quite the djembe player! It should be pointed out that for Outlett, the djembe is not a novelty instrument, but rather an instrument that they have fused into their sound.

As a four-piece band, they really hold it together. Bassist, Justin "JJ" Jones, and drummer, David Lee, let lose in a full frontal assault on the rhythm section. They're aggressive, fast, and drive home rhythms worthy of bands like Sepletura, Slayer and Pantera. The odd man out in this band might just be Guitarist Hos Miller, who adds a little spin to Outlett's sound! It's easy to compare his rhythm style to bands like Korn, when he's adding false harmonics to his rhythms, but it's the grooves, similar to the feel of bands like Pearl Jam, that make him shine. His playing is remarkably full for a hard rock band with only 1 guitarist, his parts are interesting and he brings a certain charisma to the guitar that is a great compliment to the band.

The band started out their set with an instrumental piece, featuring the djembe, moving into "Walk Away," a tune that you can find on their 4-song self released EP. The song is a great example of the bands writing style, incorporating the heavier hard rock sound, with slightly poppy choruses. Walk Away is one of their catchier chorus's, which leaves you walking away with "Walk Away" stuck in your head.

Followed up by a song called "Infected," also on their EP, featuring a great rhythmic verse with an ethereal vocal line, it's one of the bands more catchy melodic pieces, and some of their more interesting rhythm choices, with a great tension release into the chorus. Infected is reticent of some of the feel of early Papa Roach feel. Outlett really got their crowd moving with "Stand Up," where noticeably people moved closer, moved more, while Chastity belted out "I'm a woman standing up for what it is I am," and bring back the djembe!

A live show's not a live show without cover tunes! Outlett covered Damage Plan's "Pride," which was right up their alley and Eddie Breckell's "What I Am," with a different twist. Pride really works for Outlett, which I enjoyed more as a cover. "What I Am" took on a different perspective with a heavier more sporadic approach, which was bordering on a bit of a cross over metal/punk version approach, reminiscent of early Suicidal Tendencies.

Outlett closed out with "Nag Champa," an energetic instrumental featuring the djembe again and permanently affixing the djembe into their sound. If you're into bands like Pantera, Sepletura, Slayer (the ligher side (like Dead Skin Mask), and enjoy the pop influences on newer hard rock of bands like Godsmack & the Disturbed, you'll enjoy what Outlett brings to the table. If you're looking for a live show that's going to move you, look no further.

Recommended tracks, check out Infected, followed up by Reach On. You can find out more about Outlett by visiting their website (www.outlett.net) or their myspace.com/outlett presence.
- www.lamusicscene.com

"Main Featured Artist"

OUTLETT as been the MAIN FEATURED ARTIST on the following sites:

Selected as the Featured "In the Spotlight Artist" out of thousands of bands on Sonicbids.

OUTLETT is the Featured Hard Rock Artist as well as their single "Walk Away" being the featured music video.

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OUTLETT is a current featured artist & "Top Rated Rock" Act.

The Cover Zone Magazine

1340 Magazine

Go Girls Music

Unsigned Music Magazine

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LA Music Scene


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The Fresno Bee

- Various Publications

"On the Verge of Huge Success"

They played the Van's WARPED Tour this year and are the only unsigned band to be added to the hard rock category on DMX radio. What can we say about Outlett? They seriously rock! UNSIGNED sat down with the band and discussed why they've become so successful in so little time and also what their plans are for the immediate future.

UNSIGNED's RED HOT artist for August is from southern California and do they kick arse?! You bet they do. Outlett has had the #1 video in UNSIGNED's video section for the past three months! The reigning kings of videoland are working hard on promoting their EP and branching out across the west. Not your typical female fronted rock band, Outlett's lead singer offers more than just a pretty face.

click on: http://www.outlett.net/news/NewsList.aspx?i=26 to read the whole interview or http://www.unsignedmusicmag.com

- Unsigned Music Magazine

"OUTLETT Really Delivers the Goods!!!"

They are definitely a band on the rise!!! They put the rock, back in rock and roll!!!
http://www.thecoverzone.com/Outlett/index.html - The Cover Zone Magazine

"What Was That!"

These kids just came into this town and made everyone's jaw drop. This city hasn't ever witnessed anything with such passion
and intensity. They should be headlining their own U.S. Tour. - Fresno State News.com

""Outlett is a Powerhouse Band with Strong and Commercial Material.""

Viper Room
West Hollywood

Web: www.outlett.net

The Players: Chastity Completo, vocals, percussion (djembe drum); Hos Miller, guitar; Justin “JJ” Jones, bass; Dave Lee, drums.

Material: L.A.-based Outlett performs commercially viable rock songs not unlike the Foo Fighters or Incubus. This group also captures a mysterious edge in its songs much like Alice in Chains. But, what really sets Outlett apart is its primitive, tribal and raw sound, courtesy of Chastity Completo, who plays a djembe drum as well as fronting with vocals. Especially distinguished for its power is “Walk Away,” which could find a place on rock radio.

Musicianship: All the members of Outlett are well rehearsed, solid and tight. Completo has remarkable control while singing –– even when she’s growling. Her voice has the vibrato of Gwen Stefani, only in a lower register. Her percussion work on the djembe is passionate and precise. Miller lays down fine guitar work co-mingling metal riffs with melodics by using harmonic effects that give the impression of dual guitars, thereby creating a thick sound in the stage mix. Bassist Jones and drummer Lee put forth energetic and aggressive rhythms that stand out on their own, as well as blending nicely with Miller’s guitar.

Performance: Outlett has the art of performing down to a science, most likely due to the group’s heavy presence in the club circuit. From the moment these musicians took the stage they had the packed house eating from their palms. Completo’s strong presentation was infectious, as she bared her heart with her voice, and her soul with every ferocious thump on her djembe. Miller, Jones and Lee also gave their all, and the audience showed massive appreciation with cheers and screams that continued until the curtain closed.

Summary:Outlett is a powerhouse band with strong and commercial material. The thought behind the name “Outlett” was to create music that would be an “outlet” for its listeners. Judging by the fans at this gig, that mission has been accomplished.

––Anne O’Neary, Music Connection Magazine - Music Connection Magazine


Best Unsigned Band

Wyman Records
Win A Record Contest

"Los Angeles Music Awards Rock Artist of the Year"

"Los Angeles Music Awards Performer of the Year"

WINNER- "Top 30 Best Unsigned Artists in the Country" Selected from thousands of artist in the Independent Artisit Registry- Music Phone Book

WINNER- "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists"
Music Connection Magazine

WINNER "#1 Video"
Unsigned Music Magazine
The band held the top video for three strait months for their single "Walk Away".

Nominated “Best Group of the Year”
Unsigned Music Magazine

The Cover Zone Magazine

WINNER "#1 Video"
Adrenaline Nation TV
The band held the #1 video on the top of the video charts for their single "Walk Away" for 5 strait week.

WINNER "Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock"

WINNER "Best Lyrics"

WINNER "Most Rocking Track" for "Walk Away"

WINNER "Best Production"
www.garageband.com - Various


ORANGE COUNTY Music Awards Nominated "Best Live Band" 2005

Nominated "Best Out Of County Band" 2005

Nominated "Best New Band" & "Best Female Fronted Band" 2004


"OUTLETT make a strong stand on their debut EP"

Newcomers Outlett make a strong stand on their debut EP. The LA based band is a rock powerhouse led by one of the strongest female rock vocalists I have heard in awhile. The bands mix of heavy and accessible rock is sort of a blend between straight up hard rock and more radio friendly alternative rock (ie Foo Fighters, Filter, etc.).

As “Walk Away” opens the disc it’s easy to envision a sea of disgruntled youth waving their fists in the air becoming part of the music, if only for a moment. “Infected” gets a little sludgier, bringing to mind artists like Alice in Chains and Life of Agony for sure but managing to avoid the copycat tag. “Recognize” is a bit more radio friendly than the others and showcases a sexier vocal. The band rocks it out at the end though to keep it from being shelved as pop rock. “Reach On” is more ballad-esque but boasts a big rock chorus that keeps your attention. It’s the weak spot for sure but probably because the band brings the rock so well. It may not stand out so much if this were a full album.

I’m totally sold on this band and I expect to see big things from them in the future. If you are looking for a band to get on board with long before pop culture does, check them out.
- 1340 Magazine


Self Titled EP 2006
Chaos & Perseverance EP 2007
The Willing Suspension of Disbelief EP 2008

Currently streaming on Garageband.com
Winner of "Best Female Vocals in Hard Rock" & "Best Lyrics"& "Best Production", as well as Winner of "Most Rocking Track" for their hit single "Walk Away".

"Walk Away" currently on steady rotation on DMX Music. DMX MUSIC plays the hits and makes the hits. They are the global leader in delivering music experiences via digital cable, satellite and the Internet to over 11 million homes, 180,000 businesses and 30 airlines. DMX MUSIC is heard by a worldwide daily listening audience of 100 million.

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Adrenaline Nation TV- Featuring the video for "Walk Away" being aired to over 100 million subscribers worldwide on Adrenaline Nation TV. "Walk Away" hit #1 on the charts for 3 strait months and was the featured artist of the month. Adrenaline Nation TV is the leading next generation television destination for "Independent Artists" worldwide. (www.adrenalinenationtv.com)

"Walk Away" selected and currently streaming on Band Radio LIVE. BAND Radio is the leading resource for the Best Unsigned bands in the country and beyond. Band Radio streams 24 hours a day. (www.bandradio.com)

"The Up And Coming" show, “Rock-It Radio” among major label artists, and "The Mix" on LIVE 365 have on daily rotation “Walk Away” and “Infected” www.live365.com/stations/aamedia

“Tami Time”- The Rock Show at UCSD radio station KCR LIVE / www.kcrlive.com / Channel 956 Digital Cable Music Choice. OUTLETT has been the Featured in Studio Guest where the band was interviewed and the entire EP was played and continues to play in steady rotation.

Unsigned Music Magazine-“The Largest magazine dedicated to Indie Music” is featuring the video for our single “Walk Away” and was the #1 video for 2 months in a row http://www.unsignedmusicmag.com/videos.html

Hollywood Music TV-“The World’s Best Internet Music Television” is featuring the video for our
single “Walk Away”, as well as the tracks “Say Goodbye” & “Walk Away” in rotation on the
Hollywood Music radio station at www.hollywoodmusic.tv

Currently an “INDIE PODCASTING ARTIST” featured on over 10 Podcasting Stations including Alexa Digital Radio. (www.indiepodcasting.com)

KRUSH RADIO (VM Underground) – The band was interviewed and the entire EP was played and continues to play in steady rotation. (www.Krushradio.com)

CELTICA RADIO-"Walk Away" is in full rotation on Celtica Radio which is receivable worldwide, and has an audiance figure over 60 thousand listners a month. Celtica Radio has been at the forefront of unsigned artists for over 5 years and is THE Number One Alternative Radio Station for the UK, Europe and beyond. (www.celticaradio.com)

INDEPENDENT NATION – “Walk Away” has been put into full rotation on Independent Nation, which is a show dedicated to the showcase of independent music. The show is played on approx. 12 networks around the world an estimated audience of approx. 2 million+.(http://www.newartistradio.net/Independent%20Nation.htm)

KROQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles, CA

INDIE 103.1 in Los Angeles, CA

iRADIO LA, 104.7 FM in Los Angeles, CA

KCR FM in San Diego, CA

KOMP FM 92.3 in Bakersfield, CA

KRZR FM in Fresno, CA

(Additional radio listings available upon request)



The LA-based hard rock band, Outlett, is officially on its way to the mainstream. Especially, with their highly anticipated and January 2010 release of their new EP “FULL CIRCLE” produced by Platinum Producer Toby Wright (Metallica, Three Doors Down, Alice In Chains). Chastity Ashley decided to be brutally honest lyrically sharing her fears, depth, vision, truth, hopes and desires which is fueled through positive aggression. Not only does she showcase a resonant vocal style that parallels Gwen Stefani in dynamics but also shows she is not just a voice but also a well skilled djembe player. The band has taken it to a whole new level showing that without a doubt they are a force to be reckoned with and are here to stay.
For the past three years, Outlett has been steadily building its buzz internationally developing its style and incendiary live performance before an ever-growing fan base. Blending tribal drumbeats courtesy of front woman Chastity Ashley, this committed quintet has created a sound that is consistently commercial yet distinctly diverse.
Outlett’s unique style is a direct result of the eclectic batch of inspiration that each musician brings to the songwriting table. Each member attended Musician’s Institute where the band all met. This allowed the craftsmanship, diversity and level of musicianship that they otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. With influences that range from Alice in Chains to My Chemical Romance, and from Incubus to Pantera, this band has assembled a musical mosaic of quality musicianship with pure passion. By channeling this raw emotion into explosive numbers like “Say Goodbye” and “Power of Truth” it creates a driving force of fury that hits its audience like a musical juggernaut.
In addition to landing a slot opening on the Motley Crue & Aerosmith Tour, a slot on the Vans Warped Tour, the band’s songs have been spun in multiple forms of media. The band has reached over 900,000 plays in a matter of a year and has a built solid army of over 60,000 friends on Myspace. The last EP continues to receive rave reviews from a cast of critics across the country and beyond and they’ve reached over 10,000 units sold without major distribution and promotion. Last year their single gained the recognition of The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles landing their single "Say Goodbye" on the air as well as the headlining slot on the famous KROQ Micro Brew Festival in Los Angeles. At Tom Morello's (Rage Against The Machine) invitation, Chastity played her djembe with Alice In Chains, Ben Harper, Filter and Cypress Hill at the CD release party for Morello's "The Nightwatchman." The band landed a Mobile Licensing deal with Ultrashort Media airing their video for “Walk Away” on Sprint & O2 (United Kingdom) networks and were the featured artist on Adrenaline Nation TV where their single "Walk Away" hit #1 which is being aired to over 100 million subscribers worldwide. The band also placed in the TOP 5 as one of the Best Bands in the Country out of thousands of submissions for the GETMELOADED on FUSE TV Contest sponsored by D’Addario, FUSE TV, Purevolume & TAMA where the band landed an endorsement deal. If that wasn’t enough, Outlett, was crowned “Rock Artist of the Year” & “Performing Artist of the Year” in the Los Angeles Music Awards, landed in the “Hot 100 Best Unsigned Bands” in Music Connection Magazine two years in a row and were selected from thousands of artists worldwide as one of the Top Unsigned Artists in the country in The Independent Artist Registry’s “Music Phone Book”, the Nation’s Top Music Industry Magazine.