Out of Alba

Out of Alba


Out of Alba is 5 piece Celtic Band. Driving rythmic music which is both Traditional and contempory. The Band has been together 15 years and has 2 indie cds. "Stepping Out" 1997 and "Mountains of Gold" 2007 which have recieved quite a lot of radio play on CBC over the years http://www.outofalba.com


Our story is simply this, work and adventure took all band members from different parts of the planet and landed them in beautiful Northern BC.
Alan O'Reilly from Dublin Ireland was a drummer in a rock band in Dublin with a love also of the Traditional which led him to the Bodhran. (the trad drum.) He has Played this with many artists, including Ashley MacIssac and Martyn Joseph and drums with The Irish Rovers. His Drum also is featured on Simon Collins Album" Pride"
Tom Young is fiddler,vocalist and guitarist. Tom is all the way from Windy Winnipeg and is the Bands only home grown Canadian.
Carolyn Kelly, whistles, vocals guitar. Carolyn is our American partner from Minnasota writes the instrumental pieces mainly.
Jim and Margaret Coyle came North all the way from Glasgow Scotland.
Margaret is Vocals, Percussion
jim plays guitar is main songwriter so far.,
Together "Alba" are a melting pot of western influences and creative and cultural tensions and have had their moments back stage but not quite like the"commitments" Although! there was that one time when we came"" this close!! The band has been together 15 years and has released 2 Albums. Most of our music can be downloaded from our web page. Http://www.outofalba.com


Mountains of Gold (2007)
Out of Alba/stepping out (1997)
Stepping out is featured frequently on CBC radio

Set List

Sets Vary according to need
typical 2 x 45 mins - I hour per show
We do have some covers.
Paint it Black- stones
Various Lukka Bloom and Christy Moore covers
Dougie McClean, Dick Gaughan
Set may look like this( although our main list is over 100 pieces)
1Out of Alba
2.Temperance/Munster/Found Harm.
3.You Couldn’t have come.
5.Mary Ellen Carter.
6.Gay Gordons Med: Scotland the Brave x 2, Yer no a wa x 3, Leaving of Liverpool x 3
7.Celtic Rondo.
8.Shirleys Waltz
10. Dion Reels/ Jerusalem Ridge
11. Johnny don’t go
12. Moon is mine
13.North West Passage
14.I am not at War
15.Big Medley. Encore:- 500 miles, Psycho celi, Stocktons.

Metropolitan Avenue Winter fire snow.
Song for a winter night
Dusty MacGoldrick’s