Out of Asher

Out of Asher



We all come from a very diverse musical background. We listen to about anything from southern rock to hardcore and it enables us to be very diverse and create a very unique sound with our music. We are Christians, and we want our music to have a positive message. A lot of songs are influenced by our faith and some are love songs.

We've been a band for about 2 years, Casey and Clifton are the only original members of the band. After a loss of a drummer and a bassist, Kelsey and myself (Caleb) joined the group and completed the line-up.


Snap Crackle Powerpop EP (self-released)
1. Count The Stars
2. Zebra Shuffle
3. Careful Maggie, Your Claws Are Showing
4. Cigarettes & Coffee
5. Losing The Fight

Set List

30-35 minute set, 6-7 songs

Usually all original material.

Zebra Shuffle
Careful Maggie, Your Claws are Showing
Cigarettes & Coffee
Count The Stars
Losing The Fight
Breaker Breaker, Here Comes the Undertaker