BandHip Hop

Our music is different from the norm. We bring the Gospel feel to Hip Hop with different styles. Gotta little bit of West Coast Dirty South Mid-West all rolled up in One. Peter 2:9 says that we are called be to Out of Darkness into His wonderful light,and we try to bring that bible verse to Hiphop


Our music is design to reach those that many say can't be reached such as gangsters, thugs, hookers, etc. Those who stay in darkness hiding away from the Light of God. God says in the Bible that we should shine our Light we the everyone can see. God is the main influence for this movement and other rappers like Gospel Gangstaz, Sevin, Cross Movement, Da TRUTH, and the pinoeers for this Holy Hip Hop movement.


Best singles out right now are "Let's Go" "Stand UP!!" and "Guilty Conscience." We got one track playing on 88am on the Underground Hits show. We have songs posted up on myspace.com/odmuzik and soundclick.com/outofdarkness

Set List

We have a 5 to 10 songs st list which can be 15 to 45 mintues.

1.OD Anthem
2.Still Livin'
3.Hit the Stage
5.Let's Go
6.Hands Up Remix
7.That's Just What We Do
8. K.O.K.(Quis Solo)
9.Stand Up
10.Stand Up Remix