Out Of Fashion

Out Of Fashion



Out Of Fashion are an rock/indie four-piece from Maidstone, Kent. Formed in 2007, they combined massively different tastes into one pallatable dose of rock. Influenced by a diverse array of bands from Guided By Voices and The Pixies to chart indie and thrash metal on a tight leash. With the mixture of an original sound and a positive attitude, Out Of Fashion is always a pleasure, never a chore...


forthcoming album near completion within the month. Come Alive downloadable from myspace.com, and other songs available for listening. Video available on youtube.com.

Set List

A typical set list: Memory Stick, Come Alive, One Missed Call, Grey Rainbows, Everywhere With Helicopter, Contact Buzz, Fall Away, Aerosol Halo, Never Meant. Set is normally around 40-50 minutes.