Out of Hiding

Out of Hiding

 New Haven, Connecticut, USA



Thanks for taking the time to look into Out of Hiding and Holyfire Ministries. HFM is a team of young adults who have gathered from across the east coast, united by a passion to see God bring awakening to America’s youth. Out of Hiding is a traveling music group birthed out of this community and we will be in your area in the near future.

Please take a minute to browse through some recent information about our team. We would love to connect with you and join you in reaching your area for Jesus Christ!

HFM is an non-profit organization based out of New Haven, Connecticut. We partner with almost every Christian denomination throughout the year and are members of Louis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance. We’ve worked closely in the past with Campus Crusade, Intervarsity, Assemblies of God, Calvary Chapel and countless others.

Out of Hiding’s music has been heard across the globe and has been used as a tool to set hearts ablaze for Jesus Christ. Each year, Out of Hiding participates in over 120 events and has shared the stage with other Christian musicians including David Crowder, Charlie Hall, Third Day, Jason Upton and countless others.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. Hopefully we can connect soon!


Justin Kendrick

Director, Holyfire Ministries, Singer/Guitar player, Out of Hiding


Rescued Nation

Written By: Justin Kendrick

You have gathered us from every nation
Captivated by Your love expressed
We have left behind this world’s pollution
And we prophesy Your life again

To every dead and desperate heart that needs to find Your hope

We are a rescued nation
We are awakened and restored
In Your name we overcome
We are the transformation
We are the evidence of love
And our name is victorious

So we set aside our own agendas
And we search to find Your holy way
Consecrated for the cross of Jesus
We will live to light this world aflame

And distraction starts to melt away as hope is born

Breathe Your life over us
Breathe Your life

The Desperation

Written By: Justin Kendrick

You’ll find it in these eyes and see it in the stare
A subtle sign of the starvation that brings us here
The hungry hear your voice and we need you now
So we’re left with no choice but to seek you out
And we find that it’s breaking through the wall

The desperation, the cry inside our hearts
Regeneration, the life we somehow lost
And it’s all falling all falling down like a fragile house of cards so we run back to the source

We’ve tried the plastic smile, the superficial grin
But it’s left us with this hunger remaining and
See I can’t just move on and accept mundane
I was born for a world that rejects that way
And the sound of the hungry will reach your throne

Your Glory

Written By: Justin Kendrick

Find it in a smile, find it in a spoken word
Find it in the sun, breaking through the trees
It seems everywhere I can find Your hand
It makes everything come to life again

It’s Your glory It’s Your miracle reflection
It shines to set a darkened world ablaze
It’s Your glory and it comes from all directions
So that every heart and every soul can see
(Your glory)

See it in a child see it in a mother’s eyes
See it in the waves crashing on the beach

It’s the author’s mark, speaking of Your love
And it fills the room when You’re lifted up

It’s one glimpse one glimpse of heaven on earth



Rescued Nation (2008)
Broken and Brave (2006)
Stand (2004)
Holyfire (2002)

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