out of nothing

out of nothing


Out of Nothing is a band made up of the edgy beats of new school punk, mellowed out by acoustic artistry.


Out Of Nothing has many influences from Third Eye Blind to Jimmy Eat World and has a unique sound of new school punk mixed with acousitic artistry. Out of Nothing prides itself in its lyrical integrity with catchy melodies mixed with positive and uplifing lyrics. The band also prides itself in its dedication to serving God. Their music shares the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in a way that is much more open to the lost.


A live recording from a performance at Early Rise Coffe and Tea House.

Set List

Silver Smile, Turn, Change, Angie's Song, Jesse, 2 steps behind you (our Deaf leopard cover), Roller Coaster, Devotion, Walk the Plank, Grasp

We usually play a 45 minute set to an hour.