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The best kept secret in music


"Music Notes"

A CERTAIN PARADOX surrounds Out of Options and their recently released Scattered CD. While their name sug-gests a slacker stance, the band could be one of the hardest working, and with the most promise. With the atten-tion they’re receiving for their music and lively stage show, you might say Out of Options is anything but.
Formed in 1999 amidst a flurry of Burly band births, John Fielding (lead vocals, guitar), Kurtis Brown (guitar, vocals) Davey Knight (bass, vocals) and Jesse King (drums) had already released three EP’s when they caught the attention of Transform Entertain-ment last year-perhaps because peo-ple seem to know where to find the tal-ent these days.
“There are a lot of really good bands coming out of Burlington now,” muses Fielding. “We’re really good friends with most of the other bands, and it’s not surprising that they’re get-ting signed. Even talking with some of the agencies, they’re saying Burlington is like a mini-Seattle from the early ’90s because there are so many bands starting to break out.
“It’s evolved but the biggest thing that made a name for the Burlington scene was Grade,” he adds. “When they signed to Victory, they turned a lot of heads and people are looking to see what else is going on in the inde-pendent scene here. I think the scene has really high standards. The kids don’t accept something that’s some-what mediocre-it’s got to be really good or that band just doesn’t happen,”
Hooking up with a management company and label helped the band move OoO to the next level. Scattered is a surprisingly focused effort, with powerful punk riffs and a metallic sheen that doesn’t relinquish a melodic luster. A fast-paced fusion of hard-edged sounds, OoO doesn’t fall prey to trend or gimmick but stays course the course with a more traditional approach.
“We’ve evolved a lot as musicians,” offers Fielding. “There’s a lot of life experiences and genres-on the CD, it goes from pretty heavier stuff to piano and some string arrangements… it’s a whole bunch of scattered expressions, styles and feelings in the lyrics. There was a lot of odd stuff going on around us when we were writing the album…”
With an American tour already under their belts (where they hit Spring Break in Florida with the Spicollis) as well as some choice slots alongside Matt Good, The Salads, and Social Code among others, Out of Options has been given the nod to join the Budweiser True Music Tour for select cross-Canadian dates this sum-mer. While they are cut from the same cloth, Fielding underscores an anomaly that sets them apart from what is becoming a rather large 905 pack.
“As much as we’re friends with all of these other bands here, musically we’re completely different just because we contain a lot of different elements in our songs and we write songs with hooky choruses,” reasons the singer. “We’re going to keep evolving and doing everything different from what everybody else is. As much as this album could be on thing, the next album could be a complete back flip from that… I don’t really like to create boundaries for our band. One thing that Out of Options will always do is bring something different, new and aggressive to the table.
“I can’t say we’re a punk band or an emo band. We listen to a lot of differ-ent music modern stuff like Sum 41, Green Day and The Used, to The Beattles and stuff like that. We don’t want to be pigeonholed, because the bands that really go on to great things were never pigeonholed because they never created boundaries for themselves. People can call us what they want, as long as they enjoy the music.
- by Ric Taylor - View Magazine

"Spring Music Fest. 2005 Reviews"

Performance: Thursday May 12th, 10:00 P.M., Big Buck's Mountain Lodge

A unique blend of power-pop and nu-metal allows this local act to hit their creative stide with a new distinct sound. Well-produced and modern, these guys put on an amazing live show. - Y 108 FM - Hamilton, ON

"Frosh week rocks to an end with multi-act concert at Wonderland"

Out of Options, who also played at UTM on Tuesday, opened the concert with a short set including "Close But Not Enough," "Forgive or Forget" and the radio-friendly "Sad Story." Although people were still trickling in, the band, made of John Fielding, Mike Hanley, Kurtis Brown, and Jesse King, were pumped and played a solid set of hardcore tunes that rocked the small crowd. - The Medium

"Punk band OK with being Out of Options"

Although they may be Out of Options, the member os the Burlington punk rock band are not at a loss for opportunity.
The band of four - consisting of vocalist/guitarist John Fielding, drummer Jesse King, bassist/vocalist Mike Hanley and guitarist Kurtis Brown - was recently signed to a record label.
Under terms of their signing agreement, the label name cannot be divulged until Out of Option's radio single is released. However, the band is excited about the opportunities this brings.
Tomorrow (Saturday), the group performs at Canada's Wonderland, opening for bands such as Matt Good, Kardinall Offishall and the Salads. There are 10,000 people who are expected to attend - the majority being University of Toronto students as part of their frosh week.
"We were signed about a month ago and we're really excited because we get to play big shows and meet some pretty big artists," said Fielding. "If this all goes well, a lot of big things will start happening. It's cool because this is something we've wanted since we were young."
The group of early 20-year-olds formed Out of Options in 1999. Now five years later, the music has evolved from a teen skate punk band to a youthful heavy rock sound.
"We've evolved musically to a modern evolution of punk melodic rock. Our music is based around hooks, chorus, and vocal har-monies."
Also, the group is going into the studio at the end of this month to record a full-length album.
Out of Options has previously released Four Elements in 2001, followed by two EPs in 2002 and 2003.
Although the music for the new album is already written, Out of Options is opting to focus on the recording instead of playing live perform-ances.
We've finished writ-ing it and play some of the new songs live," explained Fielding. "This album will be a lot darker and really melodic. There is a lot of emo-tion put into it and listeners will feel it in the music.
"It can appeal to a wide audience but at the same time we're maintaining our original roots and we'll leave it to the listeners to clas-sify. If they want to classify us as emo, punk or rock then wicked. They can call it what they want and leave it ad that. There is a lot of

See BAND'S - Page 47 - The Burlington Post

"Punk band OK with being Out of Options continued"

Band's lyrics a combination of life experiences and imagination.

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variety to it."
Out of Options plans to record at Burlington's Music Gym starting later this month.
"We're going to be in the studio for a while and will be con-centrating on the CD so we've turned down other shows," said Brown. "We plan to spend days and nights in the studio so we're not going to have time to play too many shows."
The members said this will also save energy so they can put all efforts into touring in the New Year.
As for the writing of the new album, the members agreed it's a group effort.
"If someone has a good idea, a song can come from that," noted King. "Approximately 80 percent of the lyrics are writ-ten by John (Fielding) but if someone has a good idea for lyrics then great."
Fielding said when he writes lyrics he likes to write from personal experiences as well as imagined perspectives.
"When I sit down to think, I think of things I wouldn't necessarily think of," said Fielding. "I try to be creative as most of today's music is the same thing over and over again. If I write a song about love, I try to piece it together so it's not so pertictable." - The Burlington Post

"Bikes, bands, breakers and Boris entertain"

Out of Options, winners of Vibe’s Battle of the Bands last year, took the stage shortly after the dancers and began by throwing Axe into the crowd. Unfortunately, many of the audience members made immediate use of the body spray, leaving the semi-enclosed performance area soaked in fumes. The loud, pumping nature of the band’s music allowed them to be heard away from the Axe smell, however. After several hardcore songs, the group ended with the mellower “Sad Story” - The Medium

"Unsigned Heroes"

“CANADIAN MUSIC has received a shot of adrenaline lately and with new up-and-coming acts hitting the scene, the future looks bright. And you won’t find a brighter band than Burlington based Out Of Options. With a unique edgy sound, they deliver original tunes with an unrivalled passion, and their persistence and love of music, is the drive that keeps Out Of Options on the road to glory.” - Chaotic Culture Magazine


Four Elements LP
Demo EP 2002
Demo EP 2003 (Studio Mix)
Out of Options Live 2004
Scattered EP - 2005
Scattered LP - 2005
Budweiser True Music Sampler - 2005

The first two singles "Forgive or Forget" and "What's The Chance For" from the new LP "Scattered" receive rotation mainly on campus radio. However, commercial spins are continuing to grow in major markets across Canada and the U.S.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The faces of who make up Out of Options have changed a few times over the past year, however one thing that has remained the same since the bands inception is the continuation to put on a tight live show.

Out of Options was originally founded in 1999. The music of Out of Options has always focused on being a head of the latest trend. With catchy choruses and tight guitar rifts the band has been able to formulate their own brand of punk rock by mixing in sounds reminiscent of 80s metal, pop and hardcore.

Today Out of Options consists of founding members John Fielding (vocals/drums) and Mike Hanley (bass/vocals) and are complimented greatly by the two new comers Chris Reilly (guitar/vocals) and Mike OBrien (drums).

One thing that has remained consistent with Out of Options regardless of who may be behind the wheel of the Out of Options machine is the bands commitment to put on a live show that is guaranteed to hit its audience harder than anything they have experienced.

Having taken their fare share of bumps and bruises along lifes road the members of Out of Options all have some serious mileage under their belts. Having toured across Canada, parts of the U.S., playing a respectable list of tours, festivals and shows as well as sharing the stage with a long list of well known independent and major label bands has allowed Out of Options to make a name for themselves.

With the word of Out of Options spreading further everyday the band looks forward to writing the next chapter in the book of Out of Options.

Events Out of Options Has Performed At:

Spring Music Festival III
Budweiser True Music Series
Rock the Wake
Sound of Music Festival
Millenium Music Conference 9
Warped Tour
Mid Point Music Festival
Wake Stock

Bands Out of Options has shared the stage with:

Alexisonfire, Silverstein, Boys Night Out, No Use For A Name, Big D and the Kids Table, My American Heart, A Whilhelm Scream, Protest The Hero, Moneen, Big Wig, Social Code, Jersey, The Salads, Strung Out and many more.