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Written On The Walls (LP) - 2011



Out of Order was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001. It began with Phil “Finn” Keays on drums, his sister Nansea Mansour on bass and Tiffany Flowers on guitar. Soon after, they asked Scott Maracle (Rear Admirals) to join the group as their singer and front man. Scott's pal and lead guitarist, Matt "The Wolfman" Dewolfe (A.S.B, Abyssed) joined the band shortly after that and they landed their first gig in Halifax's seediest and most infamous punk dives, Hell. Over the next several years the band jammed and slugged out a few impromptu shows in Halifax.
In 2003 Matt left the band and moved to Montreal, Quebec. The band became a four piece. In 2004 Nansea was replaced by Mike "Cool-Aid" Parks (Raygonomics) and the band kept smashing out shows .Unfortunately, arguments over direction ensued and Out of Order disbanded. Around this time, Scott also headed for Montreal, re-forming the band with Matt in 2005. They were joined by fellow maritimers’s Liam Sullivan (Drunken Dru, A.I.L) on drums and Tom Doherty (Plague Dogs, Drunken Dru) on bass. Brian Babineau (No Alliance) came in on rhythm guitar and the band played as a Montreal ensemble. They played their first gig in the new city at L' Hemisphere Gauche in 2006. Brian however increasingly found it difficult to split his time between his several bands and decide to leave in late 2006.
The band continued on and soon Liam's brother Tim (Plague Dogs) took over the role of lead guitarist from Matt who continued to play rhythm. Over the next couple years, the first Out of Order demos were released and a full length album was pumped out. Recorded in the Bowels of St. Henri's Fatale building, the album entitled simply "Out Of Order" was a raw and vicious sounding record in the spirit of the true D.I.Y ethic.
In 2007 Tim left the band and was replaced by Taylor Stevenson (H.G.M, Abyssed) on lead guitar. The band kept knocking out shows until finally a dispute between Matt and Scott came to a head and Matt left the band for good. Ian Wilson (Metalian) picked up the torch and began shredding out homicidal riffs as Out of Order's new lead guitarist. Taylor switched over to rhythm. The band began touring around Canada in late 2008 smashing out show after show all over Quebec, Ontario and the East Coast of Canada.
Taylor quit in early 2010 and was replaced by Milton Moreorless (Nailheads). In the summer of 2010 the band went into the Studio to record “Written on the Walls”, a 14 track album which was released later that year by the band themselves. After some extensive gigging along the mid to East Coast of Canada and the United states, Liam decided to call it quits in late 2010 to focus on family life.
In early 2011, after Ian left the band, Out of Order dissolved only to be resurrected in 2011. This time around, with Scott on Vocals, Marc “Cowbell” Reston on drums, Johnny Martin (No Alliance) on rhythm guitars, Alex Clement-Deschenes (Buddha bulldozer) on bass and Marc Robichaud (Irish Nails) on leads, the band played a few brief shows in 2012 in Ontario and Quebec. However, during the 2012 Pouzza Fest, a riot prevented Out of Order from taking the stage and signalled the end of that incarnation of the band.
Now, at the beginning of 2013 Out of Order has found itself not only back but stronger than ever. Marc Robichaud's marauding, string-snapping riffs are completed by Joel Bellemare's technical rock-and-roll leads and solos. The string section is all the more fortified with the blitz of bassist Yanick Renault's rhythm lines. Vocalist, Scott Maracle's guttural vocals still constantly season the whole mix, while drummer Marc Retson brings up the rear with a fast paced thumping, peppered with double bass lines. Together, Out Of Order aims to redefine what it means to be a rocker. They’ll be heading into the studio to record some brand new tracks in early spring 2013. But, until then, the band is gearing up to embark on a tour of the Midwestern and Eastern USA. Between the stage antics which have often left Scott bruised and bloody after shows and the fire of five dedicated musicians ready to make any crowd get their riot on, Out of Order is a band you don’t want to miss.