Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue


Welcome to Out of the Blue, where the tradition of blues blends with an edgy classic rock. Since 2008, Out of the Blue has created music that combines elements of the soul with rock and roll, culminating in a driving yet surprisingly laid back beat.


Our band came together with a wide background of influences. Rob and Anya are always wanting to make things more heavy due to their rock influences while the brothers, Eric and Joey, prefer blues. It usually leads to an interesting mesh of ideas that results in something in between.

Anya also has an opera. jazz, broadway and acappella background. She has performed in many quartets and loves the sound of harmony. As the band continues to write music, more of this influence will appear in a wide variety of vocal styling.

On one particular occasion, we opened for a friend's band at a local bar. One of their fans is, let's just say, a very enthusiastic and colorful individual. Once the music started, he showed his enthusiasm for the music by dancing and jumping around. The bouncers quickly escorted him out, only to find our friend's band refused to go on until they brought him back. They started chanting "Bring him back, bring him back." The entire bar supported their view, after all, he was a harmless music enthusiast. Finally, the bouncers had to relent and escorted him inside. They did have one stipulation, he couldn't get up from the chair for the rest of the set. He remained just as enthusiastic with his head bobbing as ever from the sidelines. For fun, our friend's band decided on the last song to invite him up as a guest lead singer. He sang Seek and Destroy at the top of his lungs while dancing all over the stage. Let me just mention his vocals left something to be desired as well. The bouncers could do nothing but watch...after all...now he was a lead singer, doing exactly what many lead singers do...express themselves.


Storm's Coming

Written By: Anya Natane

You’ve been gone so long
I almost forgot your name
You’ve been gone so long
I tried to forget your name
When you walked in again
I wished you never came

Now that you’ve come back
Let the storm begin
Now that you’ve come back again
Oh, let the storms begin
The calm was nice while it lasted
Now, it will never end

I won’t make the same mistake
I tried hard to forget you
Won’t make the same mistake
I tried so hard to forget you
This time I’ll erase you completely
It’s something I must do

Stroke of Midnight

Written By: Anya Natane

It doesn’t take much for much for me to run away
No matter how much you ask I just can’t stay
My bags are packed, didn’t think I’d be here long
I’ve waited for this to happen all along

On the stroke of midnight
My luck always runs out
On the stroke of midnight
My heart is filled with doubt
I’ve lived so long without
I am blinded by the light

I’m always on the move so I can’t make ties
I hate saying hello, I prefer goodbye
The look on your face is one I’ve seen before
A free spirit can’t be caged it must explore

On the stroke of midnight
In the cloak of dark
You must realize
There’s no choice but to part
On the stroke of midnight


Demo release, 2008

Set List

Set lists comprise of a mixture of original and cover songs. These include well known blues legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Jonny Lang as well as other great names such as Patsy Cline with more to come. Current songs in the works include covers from Natalie Merchant, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Burks.

Currently, our set lists are about an hour and a half. We are adding both more cover and original songs periodically and hope to have a solid three hour set list soon.

Set list includes:
Red House
Storm's Comin'
Secret Life of Me
Matchbox Blues
Stroke of Midnight
Walkin' After Midnight
Happy Hour
Peace and Harmony
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Instant Society
Goin' Down
Big City
Take It Higher
Welcome to Reality