Outrageous Cherry

Outrageous Cherry


Outrageous Cherry is a Psychadelic Pop band from Detroit, Michigan that is created by a combined love for Velvet Underground and Hawkwind inspired freak outs, with the heart of The Monkees and The Archies.


Matthew and Larry are the founding members, and have been playing together for well over a decade now. Matt's songwriting and Larry's one-of-a-kind soloing earned the bands reputation of being creative and unique early on. Pairing them with Carey's attack on her two drum, one tambourine set up, and Courtney's effortless "McCartney" style playing, OC's recordings and live performances are truly inspiring.


Rodney Bingenhimer, Kim Fowley, and Little Steven Van Sant have been long time OC fans!

Coming February 2005

Sunday Nights (Junior Kimbrough trib.) 2004 LP
Why don't we talk about something else 2004 EP
Supernatural Equinox 2003 LP
Stay right here (for a little while) 2003 EP
The Book of Spectral Projections 2001 LP
Out there in the Dark 1999 LP
Stereo Action Rent Party LP
Nothing's gonna cheer you up 1997 LP
X-Rays in the Cloudmine 1996 LP
Outrageous Cherry 1992

Set List

OC usually rehearses 18-25 songs for the road, so the set list will change night to night. We'll play from 30 to 60+ minutes, depending on the crowd, line up, etc....OC has worked up covers of the Beatles "Revolution" & Chuck Berrys "Run Rudolph Run" live, but play around with Dylan, Bowie and so many more at rehearsal!!