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San Francisco, California, United States | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
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Like many nights in San Francisco, the fog lay in the streets like a bloated seagull awaiting dawn. Silence flooded the quiet Sunset district as if it were holding its breath in anticipation of the scheduled show. Initially the house swarmed like party. People drifted from room to room in the large, faux-Victorian style house set too closely to the others exactly like it. The mood was genuinely jubilant being that the majority of the attendees were in accord with each other, either via long standing friendships or shared appreciation of the headlining band of the evening. There was, of course, the obligatory rows of wall-leaning hipsters that would wait for the music to begin, nod their heads in disparagement, and continue their beloved idle wall-leaning. While the upstairs portions of the house began to glow by the increasingly drunken cheeks, the garage remained dark and brooding. The members of the participating bands moved about in a laden bustle, heavy with the anxiety of performance. The inhabitants of the downstairs worked like coal stoking hulks fueling the mass of a land roving dreadnaught. Soon the floor would give way and the bodies of the upper decks would come pouring into the smokey shade pierced only by the eyes of amp heads and effects pedals. Before this, however, a shoddily mixed Greyhound was placed in the capable hands of yours truly. Mostly warm beers hid in the hands of most of the other kids.
Suddenly, as if there would be a formal announcement at a grunge/metal house show, the place boomed and barked. Flashed grins hustled in a single movement down the poorly light and, therefore, treacherous stairs. The first act, known as Goddamn Devils, had begun playing. The main sound ears were able to pick out was a glutted thicket of distorted guitar. The drums and bass seemed to meld into a vibrating discomfort felt in the throat. Rhythm persisted and commanded the stomping of feet, a funeral march. The vocalist, a too-skinny book worm looking type, shattered the general perception of him by opening his mouth. A combination of hellish screams and glam rock pitched yelps caromed off glistening foreheads and insulated walls. Unfortunately, there were three other bands after Goddamn Devils but before Outshined that could not be compared to much other than generic garage rock rip offs of Nirvana. Appropriate, supposing the location.
About three hours, including tastelessly loud intervals and overly long breakdown respites, passed giving the night a fullness. Much had happened but the wombs of everyones' hearts were ready to borne the culminating events. Outshined, the gem of day, like a sunset through afflicted atmosphere, was setting up and opening fresh Coronas. The band was built on four legs; a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. Nothing original about this concoction except for what it produced. The singer, Jon Carr, was a burly fellow that could belong to any number of motorcycle clubs. Kyle Luck, the guitarist, looked as if Nirvana had kicked him out and Alice in Chains begged him desperately to join. Luke Lundin, the token bassist was to finger his mistress so adeptly the females crossed and uncrossed their legs. Ryan Amazing, who couldn't have parents that progressive, was gaunt and splintered like his duel wielded drum sticks.
Outshined started their set. Rather, a moaning megaphone rang out the warning of an approaching toxic event. The last howl broke and air was forced from the speakers as instruments were activated. A catchy guitar riff led an army of bass and rhythm to the cliffs of insanity to meet with the soaked bodies of warring, yet nicely dressed fans. Hipsters were torn from their perches and thrown into the gleeful muck. It was hard to tell if there were high fives and bro-grabs or face jabs and body slams. Regardless of intent, the aforementioned grins were now wide, toothy holes of which praise was ejected. Outshined blasted through their set, crippling the meager performances of their predecessors. The mob joined Carr in his crooning and his powerful choruses. The band thrashed and fumbled with tantric conviction, only half trying not to bash each other.
The scratchy residue of the last song held onlookers in torturous ecstasy until they were allowed to drop like celebratory cigarettes from the mouths of lovers. The tired but graduated band mates stood outside the abode, their carcinogenic clouds mixing with the rapturous fog of the bay. Sweat dried, shirts were recovered, and muscles would heal but it would take a few days. - Sam VanGilder


The Gentleman's EP, The Brig



Outshined is a very driven San Francisco four piece hard rock band. Outshined has been writing and performing for three years all over California and has built an avid following. Vocalist Jon Carr hails from Santa Barbara, bringing an edge to the band that echoes the likes of Scott Weiland and Layne Staley. Drummer Ryan Amazing comes from the East Bay, bringing with him the energy and commitment of the Hardcore scene. Bassist Luke Lundin and Guitarist Kyle Luck grew up in Santa Cruz together, playing in many bands before finally landing in the same group-- and the timing could not be better. Outshined has a very powerful presence, and a crushing live performance. The goal of the band is to always offer an honest and true sound to the wide genre we call Rock and Roll.