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"Introducing Kevin Abstract, the Talented 14 Year-Old Mini Kid Cudi Destined for Great Things | INTERVIEW"

I love putting people onto new music (obviously). That’s the primary thing a blogger does. We get hundreds of submissions from aspiring artists every day. It’s hard to keep on top of all of them. I think it took me 3 weeks to get around to 14-year-old Kevin Abstract from Corpus Christi’s submission. He said he came across mjf searching for Odd Future and I thought that was pretty cool. Turns out his music is really dope. Fresh & original. At only 14 he definitely has a very bright future ahead. When we posted his mixtape The Comics, people really fell in love with his unique sound. We had to hit him up and ask him more questions to bring you more info on this upcoming artist. Remember, mostly junkfood taught you. mostly junkfood taught you WELL

hit the jump to read our full interview

You mentioned some of your early influences were Indie Rock, tell us about that.
Ah man, there’s this dude named Anthony Green, from Circa Survive. He made me fall in love with Indie, then I stopped listening to indie, went to hip-hop, then moved out here.. Met this kid named Paul, he listened to like the best MUSIC. I started listening to Indie again, haha. Cold War Kids, Anthony Green, all in that sound! haha

Right on I’m not familiar with Anthony, I’ll have to study up. Do you listen to stuff like Hot Chip & LCD Soundsystem? Are you into the dubstep and electro music that’s starting to get really popular?
I listen to everything, my boy Alex put me on to some DOPE dubstep the other night, I can vibe with it. I like electro though! I mean, you heard “All I Do,” soul meets electro.. new sound we we’re tryna put on. haha

haha yeah that joint bumps. so tell me more about your mixtape The Comics
The Comics man, that cover is like 2 years old. My boy sGscott made it, GREAT artist. He designed all that, it looks just like me, it doesn’t have the glasses though, cause I didn’t have glasses when it was made.. I held on to it for so long, cause I wanted the music to be special, and fit the project. If you listen to the mixtape, the music is sad! But the lyrics & vocals aren’t sad at all.. Just the way I was feeling I guess. My favorite track is “Letters to Juliet” just because how REAL it is.. I was going through that stuff.. My counselor was like “You’re not doing good, you’ll do better this 9 weeks right?” New 9 weeks came around, I was doing the same stuff.. Music was getting in the way, I’m doing better at school now! I rap reality though. Everything is real in my raps.

Right on, rap what you know. No Big Meech haha. So who does the majority of your production?
QB Da Problem, he’s done some beats for 50 (I said that to make myself sound cool). Haha, but nah he has done beats for 50, and some other big artist. Uhm, DJ Dus, and some beats I find from instrumental artists, hope they don’t trip about me rapping on their tracks!

The track “Lies” is a Ratatat song right?
You are correct. Ratatat – “Germany to Germany”

I like that one. “She 13, he 18 the rest is history” haha. So what’s it like being 14 years old in 2011. What are 14 year olds about? I’m almost 10 years older than you..
Ah, thank you! Oh man it’s cool, older people always understand my music more! But umm, being 14.. Feels cool, I guess. A lotta people look at you like “Why you tryna rap? You’re 14! Study, do sports, school” blah blah. But this is what I plan on doing, I gotta vision, I’m not finna let ANYONE block that vision out my mind. I’m chasing my dreams at such a young age, I’ll make it one day. 14 now, when I’m 24 I’ll be a monster. That’s a decade. I can do a lotta work in a decade.

Yeah definitely. It’s cool that you’ve got such conviction and a clear musical identity at such a young age. I’m definitely calling it that you’re gonna be a household name one day. You heard it here first!

When I think 14 year old musicians I think Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, Willow Smith, uh….you know. Not a lot of Great artists
Ha! Right.

But I can bump “The Comics” like it’s Mos Def’s “Black on Both Sides”
That means a lot!

It’s just fun to listen to. A lot of fresh energy and it’s cool that you recorded it in the bedroom or whatever. It’s got a dope feel. Just so unpretentious, you know? Other musicians often come across deliberate and forced.
Right I let the music be. It is what it is. I believe in destiny. Everything happens for a reason.
Like, I was searching BLACKENEDWHITE (MellowHype’s mixtape) or whatever that night for a reason and I found your blog & met you! You’re helping me with my buzz. You love my music. It all happens for a reason. To me atleast, ahha.

Yeah definitely. Things have a weird way of working out that way. We can both thank Google for that one
<3>Yeah! Haha shoutout to Google.

So you were searching MellowHype. What do you think of OFWGKTA? Other young kids out there getting it. Though they have drivers licenses haha.
Yeah, they’re dope. They’re fresh, they uhm.. got this unique F THE WORLD sound, but.. in a different way? I don’t know.. it’s really different, I like it. I think they can be some of the greatest to ever do it. Remind me of Wu-Tang just cause how fresh their sound is, and that it’s a CLAN of them, haha!

I think it’s worth noting that mostly junkfood was there at the beginning for them, Big Sean, Chiddy Bang even Wiz Khalifa before he Really blew up. So maybe mention us the album liner notes one day!
Haha thank you dude! People will be knowing real soon. Thanks for helping out the movement!

BONG! So tell us more about this next mixtape
Ah man, I really don’t wanna speak much on it. I just know it’s gonna change lives. I’m working with Jack Magma.. Gonna be really dope! The lyrics I’ve been coming up with have been amazing. I don’t write much down.. sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Depends. Rhymes going through my head daily. I think this one will blow up though, I’m sending it to EVERY blog, every rapper’s twitter, Imma do my own promo with my whole team.. we’re gonna push it!

That’s what’s up definitely tell us about your creative process. You’re just always thinking about concepts and lyrics? I think younger kids have this gift for seeing things differently and being inspired by everything. Like the grocery bag in American Beauty haha
Yeah man, we on! Always. Not a day goes by where lyrics aren’t going through my head. 24/7 in creative mode, with my work at school. Everything. Yeah exaactly! I mean, I get inspired by “little things”. It’s crazy.

I can hear that in your music. You got a great attitude. You’re definitely destined for big things.
Tell us about your crew! Who are you bringing with you to the top?
AliveSinceForever. Everyone that supports me man, I’m bringing them with me. Dre, Dalvin, Kirk, Raymond, Boyer, I don’t wanna sound ghetto and shout out everyone. Shout out to the people in the woodlands too! They hold me down man, especially with my music, got me a good solid WHITE fan base, I needed that! Alex, Zach, John, Harris! All them & shoutout to Jack Sharp, he’s going through some stuff right now.. Alright, done with that, and my cousin POOKIE in da pen! ..iight, I don’t have a cousin pookie haha.

hahaha on some Waka shit. BRIIIIICKSQUAD. You like Geometry bro? Voting good…Voting good.
HAHA That was Hilariousss!

Haha yeah do you watch 106 and park? What do you like TV-wise?
Man I don’t watch much TV, I use to watch a lotta Degrassi. Other than that, I don’t watch tv that much. But sometimes if I see 106 is on, I’ll watch it for a bit, or unless Cudi, or Kanye shows up.. or Jay, but he hasn’t been there since like Kingdom Come

HOV! He’s just chillin, boning Beyonce. Speaking of beyonce – I think Solange might be sexier to me. Am I crazy?
Haha, Solange, she’s cool. But I think Beyonce is finer 0_o Famous chicks, man.. I don’t even know! I mean, man.. Rhianna is pretty hot to me, I know there are some movies I’ve seen, where I’m like.. oh shes hot, don’t remember names though. Haha, chick from Black Swan, Book of Eli! Family Guy!

Mila Kunis bro! She could TTD
hahaha! thats it. She’s fine!

Absolutely. Ok real quick what’s your plan for the next year, musically speaking?
Haha! And Uhm, 2012? Hope I’m alive! Jokes, I plan to getting closer to a deal by then, I think this next tape will start my buzz up.. 2012.. People will know. More than who knows me now.

Most definitely. Anything else you want to share with our readers before we let you go?
Uhm. I’m going to be everyones favorite artist.. One day. That’s it, and I love MostlyJunkFood!

Thanks to Kevin for the interview. Be on the look for more from this talented young kid soon! mostly junkfood will be presenting his next mixtape Broken Television. - Mostly Junk Food

"Album/Interview: Kevin Abstract – Imagination"

We were introduced to highschooler Kevin Abstract and the Alive Since Forver crew back in Spring of this year. Since then Kevin and his dozen member group of rappers, producers, singers and friends have been hard at work recording and promoting their music. We spoke to Kevin and EaSy in May after they had just released the excellent Beyond Our Dreams mixtape (seriously, go download it now). Imagination is their new album with what feels like an entirely new direction. Check them out so when one day Drake collaborates with ASF you can say you've know about them since the beginning.

brick: What’s behind the name? “Alive Since Forever” ?

Kevin Abstract: To be honest, at first it just sounded cool. But then it turned into like a life style. Our thing is, we've been making music forever..people are gonna hop on and be like "where did these kids come from" but we've been alive since forever.

pushinghoops: How collaborative is ASF? Does each member do their own thing or work together on projects?

Kevin Abstract: Kids in ASF do their own thing, I try not to control any ones sound. Let them do what they want, if it's hot.. It's cool.

brick: EaSy what’s the story behind Forever Young ?

EaSy: This last thanksgiving I was having dinner at my buddies house iI met J Rez who is now my manager. He had recorded his first song a week before this so he showed me and I had just gotten into rap so I was really exited about it. He later told me it was recorded on his mac and we could try something on the spot so we went for it. I really enjoyed it and we decided to make a little group. At the time we had no intentions on putting anything out but with peoples reactions we did haha. The name came weeks later but its based off me J Rez, Eddie and Ryan Hill.

brick: Word word, so the collab is ASFY?

Kevin Abstract: Chyea.

EaSy: Yezzir

brick: So have you guys just did this tape / album, which is sick… have you guys thought about taking things on as a duo?

Kevin Abstract: Duo as in OutKast type shit?

brick: As in Cool Kids, OutKast alla that

Kevin Abstract: Idk man. Probably, we will see.

Easy: Haha just fyi Kevin didnt want to work with me at first. I got him to come record after a while, we did Nevaeh which later turned into an EP later an album. We’ve been recording nonstop since though.

pushinghoops: How do you feel about being dubbed young Kid Cudis? it's definitely a comparison I felt like making when I first heard Beyond Our Dreams

Kevin Abstract: I use to hate being compared to Cudi. It's cool now though. Cause I kinda sound more like the old Cudi. Cudi is on the Rock stuff now, which I love. Been a Cudi fan since July 16th, 2009…I think it was 09. But yeah. I appreciate being compared to someone comparing us to someone as good as Cudi.

pushinghoops: Totally, but I get that you wouldnt want to be boxed in. Your songs have a depth to them, you don’t deal with the typical high school angst. What are you inspired by?

Kevin Abstract: My lyrics stem from life. I think, idk. It's weird, kids get inspired by every thing.

EaSy: I only write when i feel like theirs a message I want to give or when I want to express how m feeling. I’ve stopped writing just to write or rhyme. like you can tell when you just want to write. You don’t even think of lines. You have the next line before your finished with the one before.

brick: To Kevin, I saw in your interview with MJF that you used to listen to a lot Anthony Greene... do you think he had any type of influence on the tunes you're making now?

Kevin Abstract: Hell yeah Anthony Green did. Man, he is a genius. I learned how to make emotional songs cause of that guy, he's really dope. His band Circa Survive is tight too. He's cool.

brick: Yeah, I used to bang Saosin back in the day... he does put a lot of emotion, you can hear it in his voice and his lyrics. Like he was meant to do that, you feel the same way?

Kevin Abstract: Yeah Brick. Same way man. That's why I listen to Nirvana. You can tell Kurt meant everything he said. I like listening to music where you can feel the pain.

pushinghoops: I wanted to ask you about the song Mrs Suzie. In that song you touch on a lot of stereotypes and racial slurs and follow it with "ain't gonna let anybody get to me" it's a pretty amazing song, uplifting without being cheesy. what was it like writing something that personal?

Kevin Abstract: Mrs. Suzie.. Man, that song was inspired by The Woodlands High School. I just moved out here, and I don't like it. I mean, I like some of the kids I met. But yeah. I never even thought of it personal until this very moment. Everything I write is reality. Learned that from King Kanye.

brick: What have you guys been listening to lately?

Kevin Abstract: I listen to Bob Marley, Nirvana, Oasis, Pink Floyd, KanYe, CuDi, Tyler, The Creator, Jay, Anthony Green, Pharrell, N.E.R.D., Snoop, and EaSy and I's album.

pushinghoops: speaking of new music, hip hop is in a really amazing place right now. Artists like OF, Lil B, even Wiz couldn't have existed a decade ago, and I feel like your music is part of that emerging catalogue, what do you think of everything that's going on in rap right now?

Kevin Abstract: It's inspiring. All these dudes are coming out right after they graduate from high school, they push their music from Freshman year up until senior year, that's what we are doing. Building a little buzz now that will be large as hell one day.

pushinghoops: I bet a lot of people are surprised at how young you both are, which is funny because it's not like you have to be a certain age to be talented. What are your plans post graduation? Do you think college is for you?

EaSy: ehh na.

Kevin Abstract: No. I'm not going to College. Well, that's how I see it now. I'm only 14. I got a long time.. Kinda. Haha.

pushinghoops: there’s a theme in your songs, and 'Alive Since Forever', 'Forever Young', wanting to be idols. You guys aiming for immortality?

Kevin Abstract: You know it!


You can download Imagination, featuring EaSy (who mastered it) and others, via bandcamp. - Gold Sweatshirt

"Kevin Abstract & EaSy - Beyond Our Dreams (preview)"

These are 2 tracks, So Blue and Nevaeh, off Kevin Abstract & EaSy's up coming project Beyond Our Dreams. These guys are only 29 years old... if you combine both of their ages. 15 year old EaSy and 14 year old Kevin Abstract have mad talant and are Mos Def on their way to big things. Be on the look for Beyond Our Dreams May 27th. - Donuts and Milk

"Kevin Abstract - 'IMAGINATION' (Album)"

Kevin Abstract has released several projects before, but IMAGINATION is his very first album. Being only 15 years old, it is inevitable that his age will be included when talking about or assessing this album. It would not be fair if we confined him to that age group of music makers. He is comparable to others who have been doing this for a while. Let’s step away from all that and listen to IMAGINATION for what it is – a solid project! Jump on his smooth flow and catchy tunes and enjoy the ride.

CJ The Genesis, Justus Clarke and EaSy make a few appearances on a few tracks. Other familiar names, including JB and SAGE, produced a couple tracks on the album as well. - Fistful of Sound

"Kevin Abstract - Imagination (album)"

The wait is over. D&M and MJF are proud to present Kevin Abstract's latest project Imagination. - Donuts and Milk

"[Review] Kevin Abstract - Imagination"

Kevin Abstract, a 15 year old rapper from Woodlands, Texas, is about to drop his first album Imagination and we at BasX Music were lucky enough to listen to it before its scheduled drop on 9.11.11. Kevin and his crew AliveSinceForever have been working hard as of late releasing various tapes but Kevin saw it was time to finally release a full length album.

Hit the jump for the full review!

Imagination starts out with the intro titled “Cartoonz” with a message to keep an open mind since this is not your average album, but rather Kevin gives you a unique story about his life. The second track “IMAGINATION” which has a really smooth and chill beat tells a story about how anything is possible when you use your imagination the track is really smooth and is a great first track to the tape. The next track “Sarah” starts the love theme throughout the whole album. Sarah tells the love story of Kevin and Sarah which is a reoccurring tale through the album and it basically introduces you to how the two met, as well as the first feature coming from EaSy. The follow up track “Bicycle” which has a beat that I love and could see Peter, Bjorn & John singing over, “Bicycle” is a really good song, one of my favorite tracks of the album actually, that leads to “HURT”. “HURT” is not at all what I pictured, I envisioned a NIN/Johnny Cash type track of hurt which is a really dark/sad track but Kevin delivers a nice track with a good message, “Don’t get hurt” as well as a good hook telling all the listeners that he’s never dumbin’ down. “T3” is the next track which reminds me a lot of a Tyler, The Creator track with the whole narration as well as a Kevin talking to himself but just not as dark as most Tyler tracks. Kevin comes through with some good rhymes and a dope flow that goes great with the beat to really complete “T3”. “You Got It” is next with a really chill beat and overall track as well, you get a really calm vibe with this track. “The Perfect Date” follows and if anyone knows who K. Dot, aka Kendrick Lamar, is they would almost immediately know the beat as Kevin goes over his “She Needs Me” beat and makes it his own. Kevin goes on and tells the story of his idea of a perfect date and makes a really catchy song and good song that I could see a lot of people vibing to. “Fools Gold” might be one of Kevin’s more recognizable track and is the next track on the album. “Fools Gold” has a really unique beat that I love and a great back story as well as good combo coming from Kevin & EaSy. “Stay Together” tells the story of Kevin meeting a girl at a party and the following events; CJ The Genesis also joins Kevin and tells the story of a deceiving girl. “Stay Together” has a great hook that truly completes the song. “Stadium Status” tells the story of success and how Kevin is seeking, which I believe one day he’ll attain, with a great hook by Justus Clarke. “Star Chasing” seems to be the ASF song of the album featuring EaSy and Carmine is a song about long nights with your significant other and just watching stars. The last two tracks are “Planet Q” and “Boy Meets World”. Planet Q really has a spacely vibe and gives a deeper insight behind Kevin’s imagination and then Boy Meets World has a really calm vibe and is a great outro track to finish Imagination; Kevin & EaSy finish off the track strong and conclude a great debut album.

Ultimately the album is a really dope project from everything to the story Kevin is trying to portray to the listeners to the beat selection, overall it just makes this a really good debut album. Kevin really did a great job with it and he deserves to be proud after finishing this project. I’m really excited to see what the future has in store for Kevin and what’s ahead of him in his young career.

Check out Kevin Abstract on Twitter, Facebook, and the ASF website!

Producers: Chris Ramon, Me Gusta, Javelin, JB, Cancel The Beast, K. Dot, LooFy, Hiko!, Bruce Prettit, SAGE, Ratatat.
Features: EaSy, CJ The Genesis, Justus Clarke, Carmine. - BasXMusic

"Kevin Abstract - Imagination"

Yo. Real quick. I want to shout out MostlyJunkFood and Marc for believing in me and seeing my vision when hella blogs out there don’t see it. This album is for all the kids who hate reality and can’t stand it, and would rather live in a world filled with music and cool stuff.. This a concept album that I hope a lot of you understand. Please listen with an open mind. Spread it with everyone you know. I put so much work into this. I really appreciate all the help from the producers, the features, Shout to EaSy mastered all of it!! And came through on all his features! Ya’ll made this what it is now. This may look stupid to you, but this is a big moment for me. I really am proud of this.. Forget YA’LL. I’M 15 YEARS OLD. AND I’M CALLING IT NOW. ALBUM OF 2011. GET AT ME. ASF UP. GIGGLE GANG OR FROWN. POW!!!!!
- Mostly Junk Food


It's been a long Monday, here's something to chill out to. Check out the first single from Kevin Abstract & Easy's EP, BeyondOurDreams! I like the feell of this track! Download song here! Enjoy!
- The Girl They Call E's

"Kevin Abstract & EaSy - Beyond Our Dreams"

The little homeys Kevin Abstract & EaSy have been relentlessly working in the lab just churning out hits. BeyondOurDreams is the latest phase in their takeover. Who you know without a driver’s license that’s already got such a clear vision and passion? This will definitely not be the last time you hear from these two. ASF. My favorite track so far is #3 “Believe” that shit is crazy how they flipped the sample. - Mostly Junk Food

"[Review] Kevin Abstract & EaSy - Beyond Our Dreams"

Kevin Abstract and Easy drops their debut album. Listening to the album, there is no doubt that it goes! There style of music is unique and chill! The production its self is also great. This is a album you would have to download asap! Some stand out tracks has to be "All The Time", "Believe", & "Rolling". Another good thing is that on each track they actually spit + has something to say. Its a story pretty much! They speak to me! Take a listen, Im sure they will speak to you. - IX Hip Hop

"Kevin Abstract & EaSy - Beyond Our Dreams"

I have never heard of Kevin Abstract & EaSy until today. These kids are just too ill! I listened to Beyond Our Dreams today without skipping one song. I really like how they flip the samples on their tracks it's just too dope and sounds fantastic. I have #3 & #6 on repeat right now. Every track on here has an amazing beat and amazing lyrics. Make sure to not sleep on them because I have a feeling that these dudes will blow up sooner or later. - Dope2Go

"Kevin Abstract & EaSy - 'Nevaeh'"

Kevin Abstract and EaSy are two 15 year old rappers studying at The Woodlands High School in The Woodlands, Texas and have created quite a following between their peers. They recently released their digital album called BeyondOurDreams on their Bandcamp. Here are two standout tracks from the album, with a sign of approval by HHNM. You should like this. Feedback is appreciated, like always.

- Hip Hop N More

"Rappers Kevin Abstract and EaSy release "BeyondOurDreams""

May 27th is the big day. Young Kevin Abstract has teamed up with EaSy to make a collaboration album, BeyondOurDreams. There is a lot to be said about Kevin, the leader of collective Alive Since Forever, getting more and more recognition for his witty, Kanye West-esque music every day it seems, and at only 14 years old, by himself. There will be a show at Produce in Corpus Christi for those in the area, a sort of album release party. #ASFUP! - Examiner.com

"Mixtape: Kevin Abstract + EaSy - Beyond Our Dreams"

Apparently these cats can’t even drive yet… which is crazy ’cause the production on this record is mad ill. There’s a couple of ridiculous sample flips; some shit I wouldn’t even thought of. For instance, they sample Not In Love, the Crystal Castles joint with Robert Smith. The whole tape is ill, production is on point, all the beats are right on. These kids got flow, too. I’m surprised this is my first time hearing them… like Marc pointed out, we’ll definitely be seeing more of these guys in the future. Spotted @ MJF.

Hit the download @ their bandcamp. - Gold Sweatshirt



PEOPLE Mixtape

Kevin Abstract's IMAGINATION



Two teenagers from completely different backgrounds are creating music that is being praised by locals and the hip hop blog community.

Kevin Abstract (Ian Simpson) is short of extraordinary. His flow has been compared to the likes of Kanye and Cudi. However when told he is destined to be the next Kanye he refuses to accept the compliment. "I am going to be the next Kevin Abstract" he answers in return. Ever since his debut to the music industry he has been praised for his fresh sounds and unique take to hip hop. He doesn't rap on over-used Lil Wayne instrumentals. Instead he and his team of producers create samples out of Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, Marvin Gaye, Javelin, Rattat, Me Gusta... and leaves kids his age as well as refined music bloggers n awe.
In February of 2011 he teamed up with EaSy (Enrique Salinas) to form the group Outsiders. From that day they have been gaining speed and finding their albums and singles featured on prominent blogs and sought after by Interscope, CherryTree, and Wanderland Records.

This duo brings Kevin's abstract way of forming flows with EaSy's hard hitting and fully comprehensive lyricism. They fit like a puzzle piece in the booth, on their albums, and while performing at shows.