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"It's totally my kinda Rock!!"

Artis, known as "Spoonman", the leggendary spoons player that has shared the stage with Jim Page, Frank Zappa, Aerosmith, Soundgarden, The Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, Ani DiFranco and many many more, speaks about OUTSIDER's Waiting Inside LP:

"First fucking minute! Sure, this is the shit! I'm into this, it's totally my kinda Rock!! I love the energy. It KICKS!!!! I'd be all over the place playing with this shit. I love it".

www.artisthespoonman.org - Artis "the Spoonman"

"An hard, modern and powerful kind of rock, elevated from the powerful voice of singer Sirio."

Tenacity. Determination. Don’t stop believeing at least. And make everything in order to succeed. The Outsider are coming out with a great job of grunge/rock sung in English which if it has been made by Nickelback probably would be now standing on thousands of papers, stores and TV. That’s the price of visibility and communication. But the band knows to hit the listener’s heart and how to surprise the audiences, it expresses an hard, modern and powerful kind of rock, elevated from the powerful voice of singer Sirio. Sometimes melancholic like a cloudy day sometimes compact and squared like a truck that growls at full speed. - Metal Maniac

"These guys are "outsider" in every meaning."

Well done, a great crossover. Really good technique. Maximum rates for these guys who are "outsider" in every meaning and we 're sure that we will heard about them again. - Tribe

"Really good technique."

A band that certanly deserves much more than it has already obtained. The songs are as great as much more known american bands one's. Really good technique.
- Tutto Musica

"They blow away in a row many american rock bands."

They're able to blow away in a row many rock bands that are filling and chocking the american musical scene. - Babylon Magazine


2005 Midfinger Records / Warner Chappell Music
Includes "Meant to fly" as heard on the TV spot “Grand Prix” ( Italia 1 channel – Mediaset ).

2005 Midfinger Records / Warner Chappell Music

OUTSIDER - self-produced EP -
2003 Outsider



Have you ever heard about an italian band? Have you ever seen it live on stage? Based in Milan, OUTSIDER don' t use any mandolins as you may guess and are ready to kick-ass!
Their name represents not only the sense of diversity towards the italian musical scene but also the not conventional philosophy to watch beyond their own borders, worldwide. The band knows how to catch the listener’s attention and how to stupefy it’s audience, it expresses a strong, modern and powerful, kind of rock at times melancholic like a foggy day, a second later compact and squared like a truck that growls at full speed. Live shows are the dimension that suited most these musicians. The voice, cornerstone of the band, moves like glue between the songs: powerful and punctual at times delicate the other time devasting, it always succeeds to communicate atmospheres clearly and every song’s meaning.
The musical parts are characterized by powerful riff and emotional suspensions, music dances together with the vocal line creating musical alternations and counterpoints that succeed in the attempt to involve the listener emotionally.

Due to their ability as live performers after the publication of their first self-produced Ep “Outsider” the band started to collaborate with the magazine “Kiteboard Italy” realizing the O.S.T. for the Italian Kite surf champion’s video “Blues Due” for both editions ’03 and ‘04, they started touring Italy performing in most known national clubs and festivals like “Alcatraz”, “Transilvania Live”, “Rainbow”, “Jux Tap”, “Ghost Day ‘03”, “Rock TV Tour”, “Rock TV Night” gigging also in Switzerland and Germany. They won many prizes in musical competitions such as “Tennent’s on the Rock Festival” getting 1° place as “Best Band”, with special prize as “Best Vocals”, or the “I-Tim Tour” with a memorable live in Milan with more than 10.000 people; in the band’s curriculum there are also some TV appearance like the RAIDUE channel streaming for “Telethon” ’03 a worldwide known 30 hours TV marathon, and many collaborations with #1 rock tv channel in Italy: Rock TV, appearing in many programs like “Sala Prove”, “Database”, “On the Road” and “Totally Live”.

In 2004 “Meant to Fly” ( from album “Waiting Inside” ) has been chosen as O.S.T. for the TV spot “Grand Prix” ( Italia 1 channel – Mediaset ).

In 2005 they continued touring Italy after the recording of their first album “Waiting Inside”, getting very important gigs and performing with international known artists like Sonic Youth, Patty Smith and Skatalities.

Waiting Inside - LP
released on December, the 1st 2005
through Venus distribution
A long gesture has been necessary for debut album “Waiting inside”. The most important song for this concept album is Meant to fly, yet present in self-produced EP “Outsider”. The foetus painted by one of most known Italian contemporary artists Matteo Arfanotti for album cover ( he also idealized and realized the entire artwork for the booklet ) represents the visual expression of the band’s will to stand out in the musical scene. In this painting there’s an incredible strength, representing the creative and explosive energy of the band. In the songs we can find the foetus’ dreams, it’s expectations, but also it’s disillusion and rage towards the world it is going to face like an Outsider.
The album seems to be more a concept than a simple group of songs; the lyrics really do support this interpretation: “Embrace the newborn watch him growing in your arms call his name and wake him up” ( Sacrifice ) - “All my life is here closed in my own fear cause I’m leaving the world outside but I know you’ll make me shine tonight” ( Waiting inside )”.

Waiting Inside - credits
Produced by Outsider & Midfinger Records
Recorded by Andrea Cajelli, Marco Sessa, Gigi Piscitelli & Outsider at “La Sauna” - Varese - Italy
Vocals recorded by Daniele Barraco & Pat Simonini at “Insider Studio” - Sarzana - Italy
Mixed by Pat Simonini at “Insider Studio” - Sarzana - Italy
Mastered by Ue Nastasi at “Sterling Sound” - New York - Usa

It’s otherwise impossible to describe, using barely words, the great impact of this singular band, very reserved, that loves to make their own music talk for themselves. Stop reading, "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE", close your eyes and fly.