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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Americana Punk




"Outskirts (Show Review)"

Imagine a spaghetti western. A vast blue sky, wisps of clouds, beautiful orange desert, and patches of prickly bushes as far as the eye can see. You’re on a train talking to a proper southern belle in a fancy red dress. A quick glance away, and the next thing you know, you’re staring down the barrels of twin Colt Peacemakers. And she’s taking you for all ya’ got. If this were to become a movie, Outskirts has your soundtrack covered. They’re a four-piece punkgrass group made up of Lisa Taylor, Jason Martins, Alejandra Balli, and Matthew John Botting. You would be wise to keep one eye on this group. They will catch you by surprise if you let ‘em.

What really stands out about this band is their musical sense and how fun their style is. They’re a new southern classic that’s half country, half punk, and half old west. Bringing out little bursts of syncopation at great moments that just make you wanna yell “Hell yeah!” In fact, I know I did. Each song has its own attitude, clearly written and performed with heart and soul. Taylor’s natural southern drawl really rounds out the country aesthetic, but don’t let her soft image fool you. On stage she’s a lively, raw little ball of fire and gets the whole band amped up. And when they’re amped? Put your pants on. You’re going for a ride. That acoustic/electric guitar combo is Bad. Ass.

Hotel Vegas was very fitting for this particular band. Right in the backdrop of the stage is a desert sunset, and the venue lights them right into the canvas with pink and blue hues. The Outskirts top off the diorama with amazing, high energy music, perfectly suited for the image.

Outskirts was a highly impressional band. A great show with pizazz and really fun music. They cover a niche sound, but I reckon anyone who has a piece of their heart in the south and enjoys an energetic setting can have a good time with it. I’m a big fan of spaghetti westerns and I felt like their tracks fit perfectly in one. There was one or two I could even see in a full on, good ole’ fashioned bar brawl. Fists flying and broken bottles everywhere. Thankfully, Hotel Vegas is civilized and would never put up with that crap. But if you’re looking for a good showdown, head on over to the Outskirts. You’ll find one there.

-Matt Jain, TipCow - TipCow.live

"Free Week"

Hotel Vegas, Friday 1
Do512 ignites Free Week with a showdown of headlining axe aces in
Ume’s Lauren Larson and Megafauna’s Dani Neff. Both local trios erupt a roar of riffs, with Megafauna ripping maximalist energy to Ume’s rock
monuments. Rising hip-hop outfit Magna Carda lays grooves both insurgent and smooth behind MC Megz Kelli, while quartet Outskirts opens with punk-grass and the biting twang of Lisa Taylor.
– Doug Freeman - The Austin Chronicle (Page 58)

"What You Missed Last Week"

Every single night of the week, Do512's hard-working team of photographers hits the streets of Austin to capture the best stuff going on around town. Here's a quick recap of some of our favorite photos from last week. EVERY MONDAY WE LIST THE BEST SHOWS HAPPENING THAT WEEK. BE SURE TO BOOKMARK THE WEEKLY CALENDAR!
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Do512 Presents FREE WEEK at Hotel VegaS

"Hoot Rockin'"

Those “filthy five” frenzied freaks of hoot rock, Other Lovers, are at it again. Pour all the drinks, and unleash the beasts. They’re bringing more of their party-ready rock, twang and raucous fun to their show tonight at the Historic Scoot Inn, 1308 E. 4th St. at Navasota. And what a perfect bill, with sets by a local songwriter whose live performances stir up your emotions then set your soul on fire, Ben Ballinger; and local four-piece country punkgrass band ready to tear up the stage, Outskirts.

It’s a most excellent line-up for Wednesday-night revelry. Go forth and enjoy. Recommended. - KUTX

"More Than Your Money’s Worth"

More Than Your Money’s Worth
Don’t get overwhelmed by Free Week—we showcase the top 14 shows you don’t want to miss
By Bryan C. Parker

Published: December 30, 2015

In many of Austin’s live music venues, the first 10 days of January constitute Free Week, a period during which clubs pack bills with standout artists and charge no cover for admittance. The amorphous “event” has no central hub or official parameters, and there is no definitive way to track down every free week show, so we’ve taken some of the guesswork out for you.

It must be said that the polemics surrounding Free Week are more complicated than one might expect. Some claim the lack of a cover undermines the value of live music and makes it harder for artists to be compensated for these shows, while others insist these shows provide incentive to find new and local bands and bolster business during a generally slow time for clubs. Regardless of your stance, the fact remains: Early January features an astounding number of great shows at venues such as Cheer Up Charlies, The Sidewinder, Barracuda, Mohawk, Swan Dive, Beerland and more.

It can be daunting, so we’ve pared the hundreds of events down to just one or two must-see shows for each night. All shows are 100 percent free, but the music is sure to be invaluable.

Saturday, Jan. 2

Sour Bridges, Hello Wheels, Rusty Razors, Outskirts
Spiderhouse Ballroom, 8 p.m.
Free Week is dominated primarily by Austin’s garage, punk and indie fare, but this bill offers some outstanding alt folk and country acts. - Austin Monthly

"Local band Outskirts moves to the center of attention"

Outskirts is a three-piece band that blends the unique voices of vocalists Lisa Taylor and Sierra Farr into footstomping garage western with a little bit of country twang.

Taylor, the band's guitarist and vocalist, said she spent several months convincing Farr, bassist and vocalist, to sing with her.

They got together to see how their unique voices would blend and started writing songs that day.

"We got a collection of songs together and started playing," Farr said.

"We started doing shows, just the two of us. We did a few local art shows, a fun grand opening at Farmhouse and Bellwether comedy shows last fall."

After writing songs together and performing a few shows locally, Farr and Taylor decided they needed a drummer to complete their sound.

It was at their second Bellwether show that they were approached by now-drummer Brian Macleod.

"Working with them is exciting because you can feed off each other and you can grow and develop along the way," Taylor said.

"We are able to produce our music together over time the way we want it to sound. It's harder to do that when you're working alone."

Outskirts played its first show as a full band at the end of January.

Their music is vocally driven with an emphasis on Taylor and Farr's unique harmonies.

"A lot of people describe us as folk, but I don't think that we're slow and pretty enough to be called a folk band," Farr said. "I think the best description that we keep hearing, and I don't think Lisa likes this description, but I think it's an apt description is from people who have no idea what to expect and see us live who say it's a Western punk band."

Outskirts cited The Sandwitches, Those Darlins, Loretta Lynn and Nancy Sinatra as influences.

"The music is definitely inspired for me from old fifties bluegrass sound," Taylor said. "That's not what we sound like now, but it's where the sound came from."

When it comes to song writing, Farr said their technique involves an organic process of layering music with lyrics.

"She might have guitar part that she's been working on and I write a lot of lyrics, so we'll both hum over it and see if it works well," Farr said. "We can definitely finish each others sentences when it comes to music. She has great ideas and I help hone them in."

Farr said that the lyrics content of their songs centers around the idea of struggle.

"We're both in our thirties and neither of us have had simple lives," Farr said. "We have both been very independent since the second that we finished high school. We've lived on our own and paid our own ways and had to fight a little bit for the things that we have."

Taylor said that one of the biggest obstacles facing the band is finding time to practice.

"I have two jobs, Sierra has her job as a hairstylist and a daughter," Taylor said. "Our drummer also works full time. It's hard to schedule our time to get together and write. We have the desire, we just don't have the time."

When they do get the chance to perform, both Taylor and Farr said Outskirts has been given a warm reception in town.

"The people behind the music scene in Auburn are really wonderful, thoughtful, genuine people when it comes to supporting creative people in this town," Farr said. "When you reach out to this community, you find people who are really supportive of the arts and music specifically." - The Auburn Plainsman

"Railyard and Standard Deluxe aim to redefine typical night on the town"

Outskirts (from left: Sierra Farr, Brian McLeod and Lisa Taylor) get set to rock out during the Opelika Shidig Saturday evening. The party was to celebrate local artists, vendors and musical talent at The Railyard, a gallery and exhibition space in downtown Opelika. (Rebecca Croomes / PHOTO EDITOR)

Only good things seem to be developing when the owners of The Railyard and Standard Deluxe combine their ideas to bring music from local musicians to the surrounding area of Auburn.

"Richard Patton (owner of The Railyard) and I have been putting on shows for the last 15-20 years," said Standard Deluxe owner Scott Peek. "We didn't want to overlap shows in Opelika and Waverly on the same nights and thought the best way to get crowds would be to join forces and collaborate."

The atmosphere of both The Railyard and Standard Deluxe is different from the typical bar scene, as these upcoming events are intended to bring the community together to support Auburn's talent.

"The Railyard is a place where we share many creative talents and the expression of those through music, art, et cetera," Patton said.

Last Saturday night's Opelika Shindig--Back to School Bash at The Railyard launched the first of many concerts Patton and Peek have planned for several weekends this fall in either Opelika or Waverly.

Patton said he and Peek wanted the Shindig to focus more on the local talent from Opelika, Auburn and Auburn University.

"We want to promote and encourage our community to get out there and support live music, art events, theatre, restaurants, night life and all things where people are showcasing their gifts," Patton said.

The three local bands that played at the Shindig--Adventure the Great, Outskirts and Lonely Wolves--consist mostly of students and "fit together well and fit the show," according to Patton.

"This night (the Shindig) was designed to be a showcase and gathering of the art community here in the area," said Chandler Jones of Adventure the Great. "I'm just excited to be a part of it."

Capi Jenkins, another member of Adventure the Great, agreed.

"After spending the summer touring in cities where no one knew us or heard our music before, we felt mighty blessed to be met with an enthusiastic and energetic crowd," said Jenkins. "I was just happy to be there."

On Friday, Nashville native Bobby Bare Jr. will be playing at The Railyard. Bare has toured with bands like My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog and the Drive-By Truckers.

The infamous Waverly Boogie, known as a spring event, will become a semi-annual event Sept. 29.

WEGL 91.1 will be a main sponsor of the Fall Boogie, and the all-day event will feature several bands and food vendors.

"I just encourage everyone to check and see what is going on in the community because there are so many opportunities to see some amazing people and what they do creatively," Patton said.

To see the full list of events to come at The Railyard and Standard Deluxe, visit the Standard Deluxe Facebook page. - The Auburn Plainsman

"Free Event Recommendations"

Tuesday, Nov. 3

The Gents November Residency with Outskirts, Hello Wheels and Von Stomper

Where: Cheer Up Charlies, 900 Red River St.
Time: 9 p.m.

Join folk-rock group The Gents for the first night of their 21+ November residency at Cheer Up Charlies. Preceding them are punk-grass band Outskirts, stomp-folk group Hello Wheels and roots band Von Stomper.

For more information, click here. - The Daily Texan


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Outskirts is a female fronted four-piece band from Austin, TX. Their sound is influenced by Country, Roots Rock, Flamenco, Bluegrass, Pop-Rock, Motown and Blues to name a few. It is Outlaw Americana with compelling lead vocals and three-part harmonies that will melt your soul. The songs are very upbeat and driving with cohesive structure, seductive lead guitar, and catchy melodies that creates room for a high energy live performance.

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