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"Emergenza Round 2 At The Bitter End"

"Outsly, the group of young guys playing funky-rock, gave a great show. Their arrangements were melodic, perfectly performed and complemented with the sound of saxophone. They got a great applause and they deserved it." - Emergenza.Net


JUST THE TIP - Dec. 2007
The ROUGH EP - Sept. 2006



OutSly is a fluid and unique blend of RocknRollnFunk, creating a Ska-ish neo-Soul-Funk-Rock (a selftitled "thumptastic") sound, which caters to a versatile crowd seeking freshness in rock, mind-bending and soul-inspiring tunes, and a high-energy fun groove. A six-man band of “local boys” from the greater New York Metropolitan area, these inimitable gentleman forged the band dubbed OutSly in 2006 with only three members playing pretty straight rock, but since then the group expanded it’s horizons by adding the funk sound of a horn section to the mix, rounding out this now electrifying group to an even six.

Alex Mackinnon, the phenom drummer, hits superhuman beats that truly transcend his underground status to heights of the musical greats like Keith Moon (The Who), Ginger Baker (Cream), and even Danny Carey (Tool). Truly a gentleman, Alex will rarely own up to his apparent gift, but will, instead, coolly thank you for your compliments after a show and maybe say that he felt “okay” about it. But his prowess is not unmatched on this six-man stage.

Alex's talents are coupled neatly with Frank Coda’s performance on bass guitar. It is nearly impossible to not praise the quintessential sound of his bass, as Coda, always smiling, seems to allow his love of music transfer into the notes he plucks. He can move, dance, and offer supporting vocals without skipping a beat. Yet, while he appreciates the crowd’s praise and applauds, the “just-what-the-doctor-ordered” appreciation would be in the form of an alcoholic beverage. So, after a show, someone get this man a drink!

Luka Tacon, the guitarist, skillfully complements his rhythm section with innovative (and immaculate) rhythms of his own as he stylishly grasps the reigns of his instrument throughout an entire night, barely breaking a sweat. Luka, like a GQ lumberjack wielding an axe, is statuesque and cannot go by unnoticed, particularly by the swooning female crowd. Aesthetics aside, Luka plays a mean guitar, and does so with a naturalness shared by all of OutSly.

Travis Tacon, Luka's younger brother, the lead vocalist and, arguably, the lifeblood of OutSly, projects and alluring and powerful voice that seems to be comprised of every inch of his soul. The modest physical frame of this 22-year-old artist serves as the resonating cage to the beatific spirit of his voice, which is unleashed at the sound of the opening note, cascading into the crowd, leaving an unforgettable impression on all who are touched by it A show unto himself, one would have to attend an OutSly performance to experience the radiant energy that Travis emits as he locks in with the grooves during a set.

With the Funk inspired Gregory Hoff on alto sax, and the Jazz oriented Danny Rivera on baritone sax (and the occasion of guests like Zach Koeber on tenor sax and Jonathan Saraga on trumpet), this new-age band is far from ordinary. Like lime in a gin and tonic or an olive in a martini, the horns add a flavor that completes this group of musicians making OutSly the perfect cocktail of talented individuals that is addictive psychologically, physically, emotionally, and, dare-I-say, spiritually.
~Lou Maturo

For booking please contact Travis at the Young Wolf Music Company- 8458203364, youngwolfmusic@gmail.com