Flint, Michigan, USA
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Passionate and true-to-life, Outspoken uses versatile styles of rap music to portray the word of GOD as the saving grace for all mankind. A true lyricist, this annointed minister bars none when it comes to dropping lyrical spirituals for the people.


This seasoned minister/rapper has a very inspiring story to tell. The Flint, MI born artist has dedicated his life and talents to sharing his testimony of redemption back to God with all listeners. After submitting to the call of ministry in 2002, Outspoken was ready to give up everything including his career in secular rap music in order to serve GOD, he states, "It seems like at the moment that GOD seen that I would give up my music to serve him he gave it back to me" and said "I gave you this gift to glorify my name and kingdom not to glorify the streets and negativity". Since that moment of clarity Outspoken has been on the ball every since. He is now a Minister at Grace Cathedral Community Church in Flint, MI and continuously works with innercity youth of all ages. What sets Outspoken apart from other artists is that he is a Prophet and waits on the lord for his lyrical message. He knows that what he speaks is straight from GOD as a message to predestined listeners so he is very sincere in his compositions and sermons. He is a true servant of GOD who is always helping and putting others ahead of himself. Since the release of his well recieved debut album "The Prodical Son" he has been requested to speak at numerous churches, youth explosions and community events in the Flint and Detroit area. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his Sophmore release "The Grace Period" that is sure to satistfy the appetite of his loyal fan base and more. It is a very well composed and detailed work of art that displays his struggles as well as his victories in Christ Jesus. He anticipates a release date sometime in the fall. Outspoken feels that his success is not measured by the number of units sold or how poular he becomes, but by the lives that he blesses with this ministry GOD has blessed him with. In requesting him to come and minister at your venue you will be truly blessed while witnessing the spirit of GOD at work in his appointed man.



Written By: Kendrick "Outspoken" Wallace

Chorus: I made the decision
to roll with the risen
and now I'm just livin
a different lifestyle
and in my position
it's love that I'm givin
from total submission
in livin Christstyle
Survival, is constantly rebuking my rivals and callin on my lord
and knowning that no weapon formed against me can prosper
I don't need a mossburg it's power in proverbs
I finally opened my ears and focused on copin
and hopin as I live CHRISTSYTLE I could be more bold
than those before me
won't sell my soul for money or bring my own doctrine
I mimic his love with no limit with no fear and no options
I gotta follow his word, it's got to be heard
worldwide- this is now my reason for breathing
so I can serve GOD, learn GODS ways
and forever praise elohim for this very day!
Bring it back now!!

Chorus 2X

The reason I like this style of CHRIST and I wanna be like this
cause he's everlasting, so eloquent and righteous
since I been born again I represent his likeness
captivated by his reputation know one is like this
no wonder I feel peculiar no wonder I been so livid
on living off of my feelings if it aint GODS will, I gotsta kill it
I'm flowin steady growin while I'm reading
like seed being watered by the spirit of Jesus
Now that's hot, whether you like it or not I'm poppin
as long as I'm dropping the gospel, I'm shakin yo spot
It don't stop, long as satan got a plot I got a plan for it,
"may the LORD rebuke you, huh" I won't stand for it.
Might get banned for it, but the truth is, the truth is intrusive
and satan wanna be illusive
try and take over yo mind and be smooth and seduce ya
but I use my CHRISTSTYLE to rebuke em'
Bring it back now!!!

Chorus 2X

Born in a world of sin with limited options
where either you choose to be cool, or you choose to be akward
and after failure and heavy contemplation
the position I reached after consideration, was one courage
encouraged by other saints and protected by angels
I decided to end my sinnin,and roll with the savior
His prophecy was to profit to me, a prophet to be
I'm sellin D, on the block, and prophecying on me
Telling my homeboys this aint really me
I been called to the ministry essential to these streets
they would look at me
And say Ken you crazy look at how you live
but now they see GOD is mercy look at what he did
took a hold of a lost soul and redeemed my sins
and now my style is once again of him
It's like an echo, and what I do is through the power of him
Even the lyrics in this powerful hymm
Bring it back now!!!

Chorus 2X

True Believers

Written By: Kendrick Wallace

We walk talk belive in Jesus
every breath we breath is Jesus
every step we step we's kept in the peace of Jesus
We accept our grace in Jesus
We true belivers

From the beggining to the ending till we take our last breath
it's Jesus Christ we representin in our steps
our reputation, across the nation to bring revelation
as we rap Gods goods news ahnialatin satan
the hatin has never been so apparent for his true love
Some people don't wanna acknowledge we sent from above
But that's O-K-, it GODS way or no way
for me and my La Familia we now familiar with grace
without deservin it mercy has been received, through believin
now believe me, the breath we breathe
Is dedicated to the elevation of the most high God
when we spit you say I'm rippin but I'm just doing my job
I switched my gameplan from hangman and guessin the word
became a workman that search man to deliver and serve the word
now that the Holy Spirit's waterin our seeds
and guiding me everytime we hit the scene believe we screamin

We walk talk belive in Jesus
every breath we breath is Jesus
every step we step we's kept in the peace of Jesus
We accept our grace in Jesus
We true belivers

In Jesus name I got swagger that won't quit and it don't matter if you accept it or aquit it
for not appealing to the average man
and though I walk this land
I still move in his spirit so when I hear em I'm a listen to his his righteous plan
accept my assignment divine enlightenment has been delivered
from the river that flows, and never goes dry
so now you know that it's not a day that goes by
that we not hanging on the words of the the most high
it's serious business we livin to witness
that why I study with my buddies for my spiritual fitness
Some people think cause we rap that we loving the world
I'm thinkin how you get that, when the message is thorough
we know the heart of man is wicked in need of concern
and that the grace given from GOD not something you earn
it's undeserved, (so) observe that he's waterin our seeds and guiding me
so everytime we hit the scene believe we screamin

Chorus 2X
We walk talk belive in Jesus
every breath we breath is Jesus
every step we step we's kept in the peace of Jesus
We accept our grace in Jesus
We true belivers

Please understand that the reason that I'm speaking here before you today
under the the auspice of Christ Holy Spirit ordained
to bring the light to ya life if you live in dismay
speak out and spread love in a lyrical praise
help reconcile your relations if you out of the way
as we all once was before, but hey
I testify that I'm justified and covered in Jesus
a new creature, the old man has been defeated
Now I got favor with GOD, seated in high places
my pace will not shake my faith will not break
I'm running the whole race and determined to finished
in fashion with stars in my crown for winnin some souls
I know you aint just think I was bout rhymin
and grabbin the mic and shinin and flexin a couple diamonds-no,no,
I'm all about the work of the king that's guiding me
so everytime I hit the scene believe I'm screamin

Chorus 2X
We walk talk belive in Jesus
every breath we breath is Jesus
every step we step we's kept in the peace of Jesus
We accept our grace in Jesus
We true belivers


"The Prodical Son" Realeased on 2005.
BUY ONLINE!!! @ http://cdbaby.com/cd/outspoken
BUY ONLINE!!! @ http://cdbaby.com/cd/outspoken

Singles for the up and coming sophmore release "GRACE PERIOD" available on http://www.myspace.com/outspoken4christ

Set List

A.Introduction and Life Testimony

1. Christ Style
2. Psalms
3. Never Turn Back
4. True Believers

Call to Discipleship
40-60min Time Frame.