Outta Plumb

Outta Plumb


Outta Plumb is Rock. Our music is fun, loud, and fast. We sound like, well nobody out there right now. One of our best qualities is how good we sound live. Every time we have played out people have enjoyed it. Book us and you will not be disappointed.


Outta Plumb is rock band formed in Painesville, OH in 2009. The members of Outta Plumb are two brothers, Dana Inman (Drums), Devan Inman (Bass), their cousin Jesse Pastor (Guitar), and Levi Lynn (Guitar, Vocals). Our song topics range from a fast folky rock song about starting over (ex. Crack of Dawn) to a bluesy rock song about going your own way (ex. Retort) to whatever else we feel like writing about. We don't hold ourselves to any certain style of music. We play out in the Cleveland area.


The songs we have recorded are on the Internet on Soundcloud or on Facebook through Fan RX