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God glorifying hip-hop used to transform the listeners thinking from this world's way to accepting the mind of Christ. We cover the range in Hip-hop from Midwest quick flow to Southern Krunk, Westcoast bounce and hardcore Eastcoast. We even have smooth vocal ballads where we apply our own harmonies.


Out-World is a group of 5 young men who are committed to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ using the tool of Hip Hop. The five members of Out-World (4 Emcees and a D.J.) are all committed followers of Christ and have a passion to reach the hip hop culture. Three members of Out-World are licensed and ordained ministers and every member of Out-World actively serves in ministry and leadership roles at their respective churches.

Out-World has shared their gift with thousands across the country and impacted the lives of young people across cultural, economic, and racial lines. From the inner city to the suburbs Out-World has used their God given gifts to challenge and entertain audiences as they glorify God together.” Out-World commands the stage at every given opportunity and gets the crowds “Undivided Attention” from the moment the first beat drops. Their songs hit home and speak with relevance to every audience in which they minister.

Whether they are encouraging young women to take a hard look at the stereotypes and attitudes of the mainstream and “Shake Dat Off,” or worshipping God through smooth ballads which reflect on his beauty, Out-World has one purpose. And that purpose is to make sure that when the music fades and the lights go down, GOD has been glorified!” Their ultimate goal is to make sure people encounter a real God in a very real way so that they are transformed from the world’s way of thinking and take on the mind of Christ. Out-World has a dynamic and energetic stage presence and never disappoints. If you are looking for a group that has that perfect balance of passion, charisma, talent, and ministry look no farther than


Beautiful Featuring Sho Baraka

Written By: Jonathan Brooks, Amisho Lewis

Verse 1
Your attitude and attributes are beautiful LORD/ and suitable for exhorting through these musical chords/ we’re surely in awe that your character is pure and unflawed/ (HOLY) so one defect is unacceptable/ best of all Your characters not flexible/ you don’t change you’re the same now and forever more/ and ever more we’ll praise You gracious LORD/ amazing LORD/ You’re patient LORD/ You saved us LORD/ (yes) now that’s mercy in action/ sovereign perfection that deserves a reaction/ You’re ever present, omnipresent a present to men/ omnipotent, omniscient yet a benevolent friend/ Lastly you alone invoke praise from above/ agape, phileo, agapao You are love/ a pure dove/ we worship at the sound of Your name/ THE ANCIENT OF DAYS who’ll make the finest woman ashamed and say…

Beautiful LORD, You’re so beautiful LORD (repeat 8x)

Verse two

Man wears his righteousness like a filthy rag/ Proud in his sins life “I hate to brag”/
I’m tight , you can lose your life tonight/without a metamorphosis you aint no beautiful light/
you can be very attractive but your still pretty bad/and when you get the bad news it gonna be pretty sad/
how this beautiful King wanted to wash and clean/but you was cool with those stains like stone wash jeans/
its so beautiful He can remove that dirt/got saved in college, but Ephesians said He knew since birth/
its beautiful how He makes us shine on the low/not Bruce Leroy but the Spirit still brings a glow/
He stepped out the grave ready to save the unlikely/but still kept it hood with His extra long white tee/
clean out the coffin/carried the sin of the world on His shoulders but he could have brushed it off Him/

Beautiful LORD, You’re so beautiful LORD (repeat 8x)

Verse three
They say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder/Well Behold the beauty of Jehovah
Who’s over anything beautiful in your mind / (plus) He’s made everything beautiful in it’s time
He’s also set eternity in the hearts of men / But we can’t fathom what he’s done from beginning to end
But in the end we’ll know what superiority is / (cuz) all will declare his beauty and superior skills

How beautiful was that image of you on the cross/Reconciled your children then given purpose to the lost/
Nothing is as beautiful as this life you’ve made/Grown men crying remembering the day they changed / Mans says it beautiful how you raise the sun/But we sit back and ponder on how you raised the SON/ 116 and Out -World gonna hit them at the door/and tell them why we live for this beautiful lord/

Beautiful LORD, You’re so beautiful LORD (repeat 8x)

Make ya Presence Known

Written By: Cornell Ferrill, Andrea, Derek Yelverton

Come on man it’s time to get serious where my Christians I’m starting to get curious/ I see them in church acting all spiritual and Monday through Saturday I’m like man where they go?/ I know it ain’t easy to live that Christian life/ I used to struggle trying to keep my life right/ it was like a million Eve’s walking with apples to eat/ I can’t believe these struggles came upon me/ but now I see/ God had his eyes on me/ I’m a prisoner for the Lord and he’s urging me/ to live a life worthy/ of the calling “G”/ Ephesians 4 verse 1 is something to read/it’s our turn to stand up for what we believe/ come on team let’s march through these concrete streets/ give me some marching music so that we won’t get weak / Come on!

D Major
I make my presence known/ my covers never blown/ I rep Christ in the streets and even in my home/ when I’m sleep He’s on my dome like constantly/ but it’s got to be the God in me that makes my presence known/ when I step out the door/ I’m looking like JC from my head to my toe/ from Christ fits to Christ kicks/ I’m rocking Him daily/ I’m here to bring your souls back to safety/ I make my presence known/ through the light that will shine you see it/ I don’t have to bling for light that will shine believe it/ when I look in mirrors I see features/ when I look in mirrors I see Jesus/ that why I make my presence know/ when I live life right/ to live life right be to live like Christ/ you better make it known/ who your Jesus is/ that’s why I make it known/ through my presence kid

Make your presence known when u leave from out of the church/ teach sum heathens bout God, his glory, and all his worth/ don’t be a phony and jus represent within the four walls/ BEAKDOWN these walls and share Gods glory to all/ don’t be ashamed to rep his name cause u think that its lame/ did God feel that way about u when his sons life was slain/ I truly doubt it without the Lord u would not be able to maintain/ maintain this eternal flame we keep it burning./ Christians I’m calling out to u what are you goanna show them/ show them all the great thing Jesus did in your life/ how he took u out of the pain the hurt the strife/ I know reasons why cats wont join the church/ see the Christians coming late and they wanna leave first/ now this might be our last chance my people don’t blow it/ its time to make our presence known c’mon lets show it/

Incredible featuring omeG.A. McBride

Written By: Kenyatta Barry, Bryan Sanchez, Jonathan Brooks, Christopher Ferrill

Make It Plain

It’s an incredible walk by incredible Christians/ We serve an incredible GOD with incredible wisdom/
His incredible love paid an incredible price/His incredible plan incredible sacrifice/
For incredible sinners He died an incredible death/Incredible power and resurrection/
Made the incredible incredibly easy to get/By grace be saved through faith incredibly simplistic/
Justified we escape inevitable sentence/Pro bono JESUS provided the defense/
Couldn’t afford the legal fees incredibly expensive/He laced us in grace so incredibly extensive/


Incredible/ JESUS is so incredible/
Incredible/He’s so incredible/
Incredible/JESUS is so incredible/
Incredible/He’s so incredible (repeat hook)


My GOD is ordinary in an extra way/He don't change He’s the same as He was yesterday/
Call Him edible taste and see that the LORD’S incredible/unbelievably good like there’s nothing comparable/
it’s not a parable the story of JESUS is real/ the FATHER loved me so much he sent his SON to be killed/
that we who believe and receive eternal life through CHRIST/ no matter the problem JESUS can turn them right tonight/
the light’s apostle bringing the unwatered down gospel/a message rejected mainly unwanted by the hostile/
but GOD we got you your S-O-N never fails/if I have to describe Him He’s s-o incredible/

Intimidated immediately is insignificant "i" (a)/Nervous novice next to the non canonical GOD /
Cause Christ can't be captured in chapters though canons closed (still it) / Reminds us were raptured to rafters like last rows (and then)/ Exposes every explicit event (that)/Describes His deity and dramatic descent/ Into insanity and immoral immigrants/But by His blood bought us back benevolence/
Lastly left luxury to live low /Everyday experience explains my emotions/
"I get choked up I need some air"/ I Need CHRIST'S Redemption Every Day I Breathe Let's Exhale!!!


JESUS you are...... so incredible/ so why do You love me?/
some things we'll never know/its You I try to be/
but I’m still not even close/You're highly lifted up and that’s why I call you HOV/
Oh and I best believe/how dare SC try to call himself as he/
this dude is crazy/ compared to my GOD he's not even JV/ says who says me/celebrity status doesn't even flatter the Master/why cause it cant get you into heaven when rapture /comes/EL ELYON judges but He doesn’t hold grudges/ cause He loves us/ but you gotta accept what His SON did

Make It Plain
Like Matt Damon check my new born identity/ Since I been reborn supremacy belongs to the LORD/
Who healed me Rophi so incredible/Tailor made grace to fit the unsuitable/
Perfect per His perfect plan/He personally purchased imperfect man/
He persist to pursue every person and/Parlay par say Hs purpose and/
Grant what by human effort is ungettable/ Geeked in heaven while people weeping at your funeral/
The usual given from the norm of this/Nothing to a GOD who’s incredibly enormous/


7. Clap Your Hands (If you love Him)
Oke Doke/ now let me step in like the hokey pokey/ promote living holy/ to show the world the only/ way is Christ/ that’s right so live the life/ or try to live without the light like the three blind mice/plus the world does rely on us/ to handle sin when it comes around like the wheels on the bus/ trying to hide some sin/ behind your back like Thumb kin/ while your friends are falling/ like that bridge in London/ the world is going down/ like Jack and Jill on a hill/ help them fetch the living water here I’ll give you a pail/ don’t tarry so/ you can stay in the Father’s will/ chill and sing/ Hi ho the merry O/ like the Farmer in the Dell./OH!
Make it Plain
Hickory Dickory Dock/Time is ticking off the clock Yo/ Wee willy winkie run through town and preach the gospel/ Let your light shine Twinkle twinkle little star/ (Star) light shine bright no matter where you are/ Hush little baby the word you got to preach/ The world has gone astray like ba ba black sheep/ Little Miss Muffet (girl) get up off your tuffet (girl)/ Eating pizza puffs and mild sauce (girl) get up and share your faith/ Do the work of an evangelist/ this old man is/ asking you like Christ and handle daddies business/ And be obedient unlike kittens who lost their mittens/ the world is watching and this is how they'll know we're Christians/ When "I love you/and you love me/ and we're a happy family/
& we demonstrate God's love, Abide in Christ and bear fruit/ they’ll see our good works and glorify the Father too
This old man He is King/ got on a tree died and rose in three for you and me/ yet one day were peas porridge hot/ and peas porridge cold/ and like the peas porridge in the pot/ that mess is getting old/ were scared to stand stout/ our minds are full of doubt/ we don’t have a handle on our flesh or our spout/let’s don’t be fake/ let’s live right for His name sake/ and watch those hands like a game of patty cake/


2005- Undivided Attention
2006- Brainwashed
2008- A.D. Project
2008- Just Christian

*"Greatest Show on Earth" from our Undivided Attention album has had airplay on Inspiration 1390 AM in Chicago

*"Beautiful" feat. Sho Baraka of the 116 Clique from our "Brainwahed" album has had streaming airplay on D.J. Wade-O Radio Show.

*"We Ain't Ashamed" from our Brainwashed album recieves airplay on Inspiration 1390 AM in Chicago

"I Got Christ" from Armour's A.D. Project is our first music video.

"Dying for Truth" from A&E Just Christian album was featured on the Legacy Disciplemaking CD in 2009

"Matrix Mixtape" is a free download and the most current work from Out-World

Set List

Out-World's set list can be adjusted according to the needs of the venue and organization. We have music which is geared towards a more mature crowd as well as kid friendly music that will have them out their seats the entire time.

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