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"Local Bands Rock Newport"

Thursday night, sandwiched somewhere in between a comedy routine by Lewis Black and a flock of inebriated college students to the local watering hole, was the Local Band Showcase at the Newport Music Hall.

Showing off their musical talents were the likes of Daniel Erb and rock band [embassy], both based here in Columbus. Cincinnati based pop-rockers Oval Opus were also present showcasing their rock expertise.

Daniel Erb warmed up the crowd for the two rock groups with his unique blend of acoustic rock. Erb has the distinctive ability to jam softly, while also not being afraid to absolutely rock out. When combined with clever songs such as "On High Street" that invoke memories every college student can relate to, Daniel Erb is certainly worth taking the time to see.

Following Daniel Erb, the more alternative rocking band [embassy] took the stage. While the crowd was generally upbeat for their entire set, I can say that without a doubt, for myself at least, the best thing [embassy] treated me to was a face melting drum solo by Andrew Timple. See these guys live by all means if you get the chance.

By about 11 oclock Oval Opus was set to take the stage. Here is a band that is just crammed with energy. After only two songs, frontman Aaron Patrick had already busted out his harmonica for the crowd. I dont know what it is that appeals to me about a guy who can handle his own with a guitar AND a harmonica, but my God, it is awesome. Like [embassy], the drummer for Oval Opus, Dan Edmonson, is incredibly skilled. While seemingly laid back off-stage, as soon as the lights him he thrashed on those drums better than a lot of the guys in some much bigger name acts I have seen. Each of the members are talented in their own way at what they do. After seeing these guys live, it isnt hard to see why these guys have toured with the likes of Jason Mraz, O.A.R., Maroon 5, and Vertical Herizon. While though they are a Cincy based band, Oval Opus is in Columbus quite often. The next time they are, I would recommend going out and catching them... and if you do, you'll probably see me there, too.

- BuckITV

"CD Reviews"

I was a fan of Red Sky Recovery after hearing it, but the leaps and bounds made by the boys on their new project has surpassed the earlier effort. Take the Spin Doctors (when they were good) and add the wit and intelligence of John Mellencamp, give them a slick polish and an edgier and more solid sound and you get a small idea of where these boys are going. If this new EP doesn't bring a multitude of attention to this band from labels to music fans, I will be very surprised. So, get ready because you will be hearing much more of Oval Opus in the coming months. "Settle Down" and "Anchorman" are far better than a lot of the hits on radio today, and would be a welcome addition to the modern rock sound. Great job, I wanted much more than 4 tracks, but you take what you're given when it comes to good music! Click here to read the whole review!! - Rikksreviews.com

"Oval Opus self-titled EP lively even without beer goggles"

When I heard that my Jambar mailbox contained a copy of Oval Opus' new, self-titled EP I was, for lack of any better expression, pretty damned excited.

After all, this is the Cincinnati-based band that I stumbled upon (literally) twice while going to see my Pittsburgh favorites, The Clarks.

This is the same band that my friends and I drunk-girl danced to after downing Jager bombs to toast a 21st birthday. The same band whose bassist my two best friends and I posed with while he donned his electric blue "I rock Catholic girls" T-shirt.

Then it struck me that maybe I shouldn't be so excited.

Beer goggles can apply to more than just that hideous beast across the bar that seems they could be the love of your life after countless Bud Lights and Jager-bombs. I was running the risk that the music was just good because, well, the drinks were flowing.

Needless to say, I was relieved after one listen through proved my beer goggle theory entirely wrong.

Oval Opus is comprised of Aaron Patrick, Josh and Dan Edmondson and Patrick "Trick" Martin. They group met at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1997 and have been traveling the east coast and Midwest ever since. The self-titled EP is their fourth overall release, and, according, to a press release, the group worked with the production team Pop Rox to create the four-song piece.

Overall, the end result was pretty good.

The music is lively and the tracks each contain an infectious beat - even the ones dealing with broken hearts. It is the perfect background for a night out with friends and can brighten the dullest Northeastern Ohio winter day. The first track, "Settle Down," can easily be played over and over again. "First Kids Names" the last track, is one that will get stuck in your head, but not in that annoying, Britney Spears kind of way.

I won't go so far as to say the lyrics are profound, nor do they cause you to search your soul. (Come on, they worked with a production team named after an explosive, and, according to urban legend, dangerous candy.) Look at "Anchorman," the refrain is "I'm your anchorman, hold you steady in the ocean. Whoa, I'm keeping your feet from the undertow." At least it's easy to memorize so you can sing along at one of their shows.
However, the songs deal with topics anyone can relate. You know, heartbreak, girls, relationships, heartbreak, girls.

The CD is catchy, wholly enjoyable and a very solid piece of work. But I must also admit that, as much as I hate to, I am a slave to radio-ready pop music and the like. It's my guilty pleasure. So, if the Goo-Goo Dolls, Maroon 5 or even the not so well known Pat McGee Band is not your thing, steer clear of this quartet.

However, if they rank among your favorites, then I strongly recommend buying their EP at the first chance you get, and going to see them live at Jillian's in the Southern Park Mall Saturday, March 5.

The live experience is electric, vibrant and should prove to be a great time. The whole band has great stage presence. I promise you won't find your attraction to Oval Opus an alcohol-induced infatuation. - www.TheJambar.com -Elizabeth Tabak

"CD Reviews"

Anyone begging for 15 minutes of pure enjoyment needs to pick up Oval Opus' self-titled EP. The band that calls Cincinnati home is back again with a follow-up to their 2002 album, Red Sky Recovery, and this time, they sound better than ever.

Their four-track EP is packed with rich beats and an eclectic group of instruments that make this CD the best yet to hit college radio. The only question is how much longer it's going to take Oval Opus to hit the mainstream. My guess? Not long at all.

The CD goes down smoother than your favorite ice-cold beer, thanks to the velvety voice of lead singer Aaron Patrick and the accompaniment of Josh Edmondson (guitar), Patrick Martin (bass) and Dan Edmondson (drums). One thing is for sure: Oval Opus have proved to be not only hard-working, but extremely talented as well.

Six years after their debut album Wagonwheel, Oval Opus have come out with a CD that is their finest yet. Their music has matured into a lyrically, musically and harmonically mastered piece of work with an array of songs that will give the repeat button on your CD player some attention. The outcome is an album with a different and more balanced sound.

After years of hard work and extensive touring, opening for the likes of Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Rusted Root and others, Oval Opus found a perfect harmony in their latest CD, combining genres of pop, soul, funk and sweet rock and roll.

Key tracks of the CD include, well, all of them. So there are only four tracks, but Oval Opus truly prove that they can rock and roll with the best of them.

So, if you like John Mayer, O.A.R. or the Dave Matthews Band, you'll love Oval Opus. And even if you don't like these bands, pick up the CD--you'll like what you hear. - BG News- Jessica Wagner


2006-Oval Opus (Self Titled)
2006-MP3 Anthology (1998-2004)
2004-Live At the 20th Century Theater
2004-Self Titled EP
2002-Red Sky Recovery



Nestled on the Ohio River, where north meets south, is the humble hamlet of Cincinnati, Ohio. Born in this hybrid culture of North, South and Midwest, Oval Opus has soaked up a little bit of charm, a little bit of honesty, and a lot of pop sensibility to mold their unique, yet universal sound. Spawned from a chance meeting at a house party on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, OH, Oval Opus has spent the last several years establishing themselves as one of the most successful independent touring acts in Ohio and the region. Oval Opus has released three full-length studio albums and one full-length live album while touring nearly every state east of the Mississippi. Holding their own as a headlining act in clubs and on college campus, they have also shared the stage in support of Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, America, Sister Hazel, The Doobie Bros., Guster, O.A.R., Hanson, and many others. Recently Oval Opus completed their fourth studio CD due to be released in early 2006. Produced by veteran producer and engineer, Erwin Musper (Van Halen, Elton John, Def Leppard, David Bowie), the record includes songwriting collaborations with Jill Cunniff (Luscious Jackson), Danny Kortchmar (James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Don Henley), and Sam Hollander and Dave Schommer (Carole King, Michael Tolcher). The record is a slick combination of Oval Opus tight radio ready songs performed with the energy and virtuosity of their live rock show. Soulful vocals, classic rock driven guitars and a grooving rhythm section deliver profound yet playful pop/rock tracks with broad appeal.