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Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Electronic Drum & Bass




"Hello Taiwan! Tour 2014"

We are excited to invite 2 famous bands from Taiwan to the United States. As part of the tour, two bands from Taiwan “OVDS” and “Sun of Morning” will experience a cultural exchange by touring US east coast in various live houses.

To start the tour on a bang, our first tour stop is New York city at Santo’s Party house on 5/17. Showcase two extra bands/artist (from Taiwan) aside from “OVDS”, “Sun of Morning”. We invited Taiwan Golden Melody best composition nominee “Yuhan Su” and “RED & DJ Code” coming off their Canada CMW music showcase, also two famous local act “The Hsu-nami”, and punk rock band “Uzuhi” for a rare opportunity for the fans to experience six different music genres from Taiwan for one night only in New York City to help celebrate Taiwanese and Taiwanese Americans heritage. - Asian in New York

"Live Wire: OVDS gets big in Japan"

How is it that a Taiwanese indie band has recently recorded with one of the biggest stars in J-pop and no one has heard about it? Koda Kumi is a Japanese R&B singer who’s sold more than 15 million CDs in Japan, her music lately directed towards glitchy dance floor anthems. She’s been packaged as something like Japan’s Rhianna — at least lately — and her latest album, Bon Voyage hit Japan’s domestic Oricon charts at number one in February. One track on that album, Crank tha Bass, which stretches her EDM sound into the more hardcore territories of digital hardcore and dubstep, features Taiwan’s OVDS, a band which just put out its first album last weekend at The Wall.

OVDS has actually been around since 2004. They started out as the nu-metal band Overdose, then two years ago lead guitar Wang Sheng-fang (王聖方), who goes by the stage name Ki:Trust, started programming beats and pushing the sound into dubstep and dancefloor electro. The group rebranded themselves as OVDS (they want you to pronounce all the letters, O-V-D-S), and things have been happening quickly.

Last May, OVDS won a band competition on a Japanese TV program, Asia Versus on Fuji TV, and were then invited to tour Japan later in the year. Kumi spotted them at one of those gigs.
“She just saw us at the show and was interested in our music,” says Wang. “Later her company e-mailed us and asked us to collaborate on a song. They sent a demo with the basic song structure, then we finished it and mailed it back. Later we went to Tokyo and were in the studio with Koda Kumi for a full day to do the recording. After it was over, she invited us back to her apartment — a really expensive Tokyo apartment — and cooked us all a steak dinner.”

Kumi is set to play a concert for 10,000 or more fans in Taipei in August, and OVDS will make a guest appearance at the show. In Taiwan, this kind of opportunity is almost unheard of.
“In Japan, there are links between mainstream music and non-mainstream music. That really surprised us, because you don’t have that in Taiwan,” says OVDS drummer Stanley Liu (劉宣成), who also spent much of the last three years drumming with the electro-rock band Go Chic.

In shifting from Overdose to OVDS, the group has added a VJ, Pocky, as a full-time member of the band. While they prefer to call themselves “electro” or “electro-rock,” they are also not afraid of mainstream trends like EDM, nu-metal or dubstep. Their vocals are split between the polar opposites of Giorino, a blond elf who sings emotive melodies and is just one fashion consultant away from visual rock, and Kalis, who brings street style with rapid-fire MCing. It’s a sort of nu-metal formula for the dance floor, and it’s hard not to think of Japan’s Boom Boom Satellites. The backing music comes from a mix of programmed beats and live drums, guitar, bass and synth. Songs are built up like long-play dance tracks, with lots of synth builds, EDM drops and wobbing dubstep hooks bookending the vocal parts.

For OVDS’s new album, Heartbreak Resistance, this was all slickly realized by Amsterdam Mastering, a Dutch studio with links to the UK’s bass music scene.
“We really love this DJ called Noisia, who does everything there,” said Wang. “So we contacted the studio and asked them to do the mastering. They had never worked with any groups from Taiwan before, and were interested in the music, so they offered to do it. We were really psyched.”

Last month, OVDS also completed a two-week, eight-stop tour of the US east coast, including small gigs in rock bars in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Drummer Liu has done this before. For the last several years, he doubled as drummer in Go Chic, playing multiple tours of Europe and select shows in the US.

“A lot of Taiwanese indie bands have taken government subsidies for touring, but not much has come of it,” says Liu. “I saw what we did with Go Chic, and I now I want to use that and see if we can take this farther.”

OVDS has its sights set on SXSW in 2015 and, in the short term, getting the album out on iTunes, Soundcloud and other international platforms. For the rest of the summer, they will be playing all around Taiwan, as well as the Peaceful Love Rock Festival in Okinawa, Japan. Upcoming local gigs include June 22 at Tada in Greater Taichung and June 5 at Pipe in Taipei. For full details, go to: www.ovds.com.


日本のビッグアーティストGACKT、BACK-ON KENJI-03から絶賛、

「おまえら一度は聞いてみな。いけてる奴らだぜ 」-by GACKT
「ROCK BANDの可能性を広げた一枚
 彼らのBass Musicで踊りまくれ!!!Viva!!!Formosa!!!」-by BACK-ON KENJI03

2009 年 台湾HOHAIYAN FESTIVAL 決賽に二度出場し、Yamaha 全國熱音大賽では準優勝。2010 年EMI からメジャー・デビュー、2012 年日本のBACK-ON(avex)のアルバムに一曲参加。2013 年フジテレビ「ASIA VERSUS」に出演を機に日本にファンが増え、審査員を務めたGACKTから絶賛され「クオリティが高い、もっと世界に出て欲しいバンド」との評を受けた。同年9月、日本ツアーを実施。また2014 年は日本の有名女性アーティスト倖田來未のニューアルバムに一曲参加。 新メンバーVJ のポッキーを加入、堂々たる存在感、音像の立体感が増し、さらにパワーアップしたOVDS 独特なパフォーマンスと躍動感あふれるステージは必見。2014年5月31日、ニューフルアルバムリリース、同時ワールドツアーを行う。 - Okinawa Real Culture Web Magazine

"32th Peaceful Love Rock Festival 2014"

This is a popular rock event held every summer in Okinawa under the theme "Love and Peace." The Peaceful Love Rock Festival is one of the oldest rock festivals in the country and marks its 32nd edition this year. Featuring guest musicians from Osaka as well as from Korea and Taiwan, the event strives to promote friendly relations between Okinawa and other regions and countries through music.

[Time] Doors open: 13:00; starts: 13:30
[Parking] Not available

Performing artists *Listed in random order
July 12 (Sat)
HY / Jang Kiha and the Faces (from Korea) / Def Tech / D-51 / Kariyushi 58 / Civilian Skunk / OVDS (from Taiwan) / Shunkashuto (from Osaka audition) / Trick Star Goonies / one more band from audition

July 13 (Sun)
Murasaki / Freddie Eto & Queeness / Kacchan Band / Pryzm / JET / Kenichi & King Voices / Atsuki Kimura / Infree / Takeout / one more band from audition - Be.Okinawa

"倖田來未嗨唱 搭乘船錨從天降"

開場時,倖田來未以俏麗全白船長造型,搭乘巨型船錨空降到豪華客船舞台,連唱「Let's show tonight」、「Winner Girls」、「Show me your holla」等快歌,以百老匯精彩歌舞秀方式,完美呈現「倖田式娛樂」,炒熱現場氣氛。
演唱會中,倖田來未和台灣獨立樂團OVDS成員Kalis合唱與OVDS合作的歌曲「Crank Tha Bass」。安可時,節目「完全娛樂」主持人、樂團大嘴巴成員懷秋突然現身舞台,讓倖田來未又驚又喜。
倖田來未共換8套服裝,展現動靜自如的舞台魅力,並透露老公台日混血搖滾樂手KENJI03也在現場。唱完安可曲後,倖田來未突然又從後台出來,粉絲的熱情讓她感動到在台上不停流淚,加碼再唱一小段「愛之歌」,感謝台灣粉絲,並用中文說「我愛你們」。 - Yahoo News - Taiwan

"日流行電子天團m-flo主腦再訪台 知名DJ林哲儀同場飆技"

縱橫日本樂壇各領域,常常分開活動的m-flo的☆TAKU TAKAHASHI終於要再度造訪台北!連續兩年獲得日本最受歡迎國內DJ冠軍,下週四(9日)晚間應知名台灣品牌OVERKILL之邀於台北HALO,與音樂、潮流雙修的DJ MYKAL a.k.a.林哲儀同台飆技之外,曾和倖田來未合作的本土電子搖滾樂團OVDS也會演出。 - Celebrity - Yahoo

"台灣原創樂團「OVDS」GACKT推薦 BACK ON合作 倖田來未邀作詞!5/31發片盛大開唱《心碎電阻》"

該團於2013年參加日本富士電視台ASIA Versus創作比賽節目,獲得月冠軍及知名製作人、歌手GACKT的極力讚賞。

OVDS更是與日本演唱動漫「鋼彈創戰者」及「史上最不幸的大佬三郎」主題曲的樂團BACK ON,有著盟友般的情誼,在台灣及日本都有同台演出並參與其樂團專輯演唱合作;2014年於更是獲得日本首席流行天后「倖田來未」的合作邀約,為其最新專輯Bon Voyage做詞譜曲演唱,引起國際樂壇轟動,造成熱烈迴響。

近來活躍於螢光幕的主唱Gioreno-楊孝君,更將為台視、八大新戲「妹妹」為台劇注新血,其亮眼的表現更被台媒封為【各大天后MV中最佳吉他手】,無論是戲劇或音樂領域,他們都表現得可圈可點。 - Aniarc News

"徹底電氣化的蛻變之路–OVDS (上)"

2008年Summer Sonic音樂祭之行,讓我得償所望地觀賞到自己熱愛的澳洲Drum & Bass組合Pendulum的Full-Band Live演出(當時陣中兩位主將Rob Swire與Gareth McGrillen還未組成Knife Party);兩年後的2010年,Pendulum重返Summer Sonic舞台,有個台灣搖滾樂團的成員們在台下被Pendulum那能量飽滿的搖滾化電音風格以及煽動性十足的現場演出所撼動,從而決定了該團之後的徹底電氣化蛻變之路。

所說的,就是剛發表首張專輯【Heartbreak Resistance】,現時陣容為Gioreno(主唱)、Kalis(主唱/MC)、KITrust(合成器/吉他/DJ)、Hann(吉他)、S.D(鼓)加上Pocky(VJ)的六人樂團OVDS。

眾所皆知Pendulum三位成員年輕時玩團正是身受Punk/Metal音樂影響 (從小開始聽The Doors、Pink Floyd、AC/DC長大的Paul Harding曾是小有名氣的Billing Method樂團鼓手,同樣深受重金屬音樂洗禮的Rob與Gareth也曾合組當地知名的樂團Xygen),使得Pendulum的重型Drum & Bass/Breakbeat電音攻略中總蘊含著強大搖滾張力;而OVDS的前身其實是早在2003年成軍、猶如Linkin Park般具有演唱/Rappin'雙主唱編制的Nu-Metal樂團OverDose,他們2010年EP【在毀滅前】裡的一曲《Crying Love》就已嘗試過加入Drum & Bass節拍,但當時的成果比較貼近於Pitchshifter、Énter Shikari般表象上將電音肌理植入點綴,然而正式更名OVDS後於2013年發表的一曲重型US Dubstep/Brostep式單曲《Story》,才真正讓他們受到Pendulum啓發的轉型企圖心昭然若揭。事實證明【Heartbreak Resistance】的誕生呼應了《Story》的預告,整張專輯所構築的不是流於表面形式的電氣化搖滾框架,而是在雙主唱演繹下從骨子裡徹底破壞後再重建搖滾化Song-Oriented電子基因!!

附帶一提,好友Swingchild化身Slamer替《Story》所炮製的Remix,也名列我自己的2013年度最愛Remix清單之一。 - KKBOX - Taiwan

"徹底電氣化的蛻變之路–OVDS (下)"

【Heartbreak Resistance】開場曲曲名就是現在團名的OVDS,或許要正要為該團的新生風格做出開宗明義的宣示,大步邁開的4/4節拍引導下帶來的不是俗不可耐的流行EDM之音,而是Gigi Barocco、Congorock一派的兇猛Electro-House功架展示;同樣是4/4拍節奏驅動,《Dark Side Of The Moon》由飄渺意境營造到緊湊推進催谷Knife Party式炸裂動能,可謂一氣呵成而來。而《Alcoholdiziac》的出現是一個驚喜,掌握時代脈動地帶來這首原汁原味Trapstep作品,或許更加說明了OVDS不回頭的電氣化決心。

之前在撰寫Skrillex文章時曾提到,關於「Is Dubstep the New Nu-Metal?」這樣的討論一直層出不窮,2011年時Skrillex也連同一眾Dubstep單位為Nu-Metal龍頭樂團Korn的專輯【The Path of Totality】跨刀過,所以在【Heartbreak Resistance】中得以聽到《Story》、《No One Can Stop US》這樣彷彿出自Never Say Die廠牌出品的Skism/Zomboy式重型Brostep樂章絕對來得合情合理,而當中由「蘑菇雲」主唱Mako跨刀、踏著140BPM Future Jungle曲式推進然後猛然催谷70BPM Brostep高壓轟炸的《Mobius》,肯定是【Heartbreak Resistance】中我最喜歡的作品之一。

無獨有偶,專輯中另一首有客席女聲的歌曲《Hold Me For A Reason》,可說是【Heartbreak Resistance】裡自己最為偏愛的一首作品,「Utopia世外桃源」主唱閻韋伶的演繹讓人懷踹著糾結黯然的心情,然後繼續踏著行雲流水的Drum & Bass步伐前行,進入一種猶如Tantrum Desire碰撞Linkin Park的聲響空間中。而或許正是源自於Pendulum的影響,Drum & Bass元素的運用在專輯中也屢見不鮮,展現The Qemists式剛猛搖滾化Drum & Bass風格的《Reverse The World 2014》、《Living in Lost Age》便是另外兩個實例。

另一方面,幾位友達樂團主唱的跨刀無疑形成的一大亮點。除了前面提過的Mako與閻韋伶,「Triple Six 666」主唱雞腿合唱的《M.O.B.》則形成【Heartbreak Resistance】中最為殘暴的一次出手,長牙舞爪的Drumstep/Drum & Bass節拍交錯下祭出的是毀滅性更超越以往Nu-Metal時期的激進Digital Hardcore式衝撞,來對台灣社會的混沌現狀發出怒吼!!

特別值得一提的是,這張專輯特別找來從英國SAE學成的鄭平混音與共同製作,而Mastering更送到荷蘭由處理過Noisia、I Am Legion的公司Amsterdam Mastering所完成,使得【Heartbreak Resistance】充分捕捉到的這類樂風該有的足夠Punch與能量!而做為OVDS徹底蛻變後帶來的首張專輯,【Heartbreak Resistance】交出的的確是一張高水準成績單乃無庸置疑,這也使得我更加期待他們能在未來更進一步地探索建構出像The Prodigy或Pendulum那樣具備高識別度、別無分號的OVDS專屬Techno-Rock/Digital-Rock方程式。 - KKBOX - Taiwan


「O.V.D.S」也曾赴日本和美國紐約進行巡演,比較起各地樂迷的不同,楊孝君說「國外的歌迷真的很直接。在美國表演的時候,觀眾也不管有沒有聽過你,喜歡就直接跳起舞來。他們也稱讚我們的風格在那邊很吃香。」談起未來的路,他坦言過來會尋求往海外發展,畢竟台灣聽電子樂的市場比較沒那麼大,哪裡吃香就會往哪裡去。7月20日將舉行《心碎電阻》高雄場表演、8月將會在山海屯音樂節、超犀利趴演出。 - ETtoday News - Taiwan


Still working on that hot first release.



Brief Introduction:
OVDS’s music is a special blend mixed to perfection. 
Now with many years’ creative experience and touring behind them, the band’s musical depth and stage presence has charted a path of constant upgrade and evolution. Going beyond the limits of rock, OVDS has become a unique and cutting-edge six-member electronic band. Taking Bass Music as the pulse line, the ensemble grooves various combinations of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Trap, Electro, Dubstep and other heavy-beat electronic rhythms, infused to the bone with their original rock spirit and overlaid with rap and harmonic duet vocals set to lyrics in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English languages. The confrontation between the dualing vocalists, whose inimitable style each contrastively clashes with that of the other, lends the band a unique, instantly recognizable quality: this is OVDS!

Performance Format: 
OVDS combines electronic DJ dance and rock band modes in a single package for non-stop concert performance. The interaction between live DJ and VJ performers bathes the audience in a total sensual experience. The force of the heavy electro beat carries the audience into an audio-visual world of fantasy that retains the visceral, emotionally-moving aspect of rock music.

Band Members