Ov Dust

Ov Dust




In early 2008, founding members Raath,/Riott/Damage drew from their extensive
experience working together in various musical incarnations to coalesce their
vision into a new music project, Ov DusT, on an atavistic journey to their roots.

"After many years pointed in different directions within the context
of assorted projects, we've finally been able to step back and focus
our collective attention on the music that has been at the heart of
our passions. Ov DusT is the closest representation of the music that
drove us into the uncharted waters of creating music and our vision of
where it needs to go that any of us has ever done.”

Over the course of the next ten months the trio worked to build their definition
of the band with all three members contributing to the writing and vision. During
this time they recorded a three song introduction to the band titled Disturbance
In The Goat Herd, began growing their online fan base, and scoring several press
items in such publications as Metroland and Decibel magazine. Finally near the end
of 2008, the band decided it was time to call upon two old friends, Rage and Crash,
to round out the line up on vox and base, respectively, and began performing live
to highly receptive audiences.

With a very diverse musical pedigree stemming directly from avant-garde progressive
rock band Sunset Aside, as well as independent international touring artists
The Erotics and The Clay People along with such notable upstate New York stalwarts
as 1000 Young, PLAID, Severe, and Kritios Boy, Ov DusT signifies a return to the
dormant metal roots of the forming members. Combining a long standing lineage of
thrash/black metal bands such a Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, and Bathory with American
hardcore/extreme bands like D.R.I., C.O.C., and Cryptic Slaughter, Ov DusT's musical
direction is one of driving, organic metal focusing on Style/Shadow/Symbol conveying
the undercurrents of the aggregate personality within the band.

”Musically and philosophically, Ov Dust (Raath-gtrs/vox, Riott-drums,
Damage-gtrs/vox, Rage-Vox, Crash-bass) represents our collective
experiences as spiritually inclined and logically discerning human
beings. However, we were not always as such and can invariably abandon
any hope to remain as we are now in this present sense as we are subject
to the stability of Change and the inevitable Mercies and Severities
demonstrative of artistic progress.

Sound confusing?
We're quite comfortable, in Truth...

We know who and what we are.
We know what we are doing.


The Eternal Return

Written By: Riott - Ov DusT

Winter befalls

Mystery generations
Cloak the strains of slack water tides
Abating back the edge of time
To brumal seasons bore on nigh

The Thirteen prime
The Forth is turning
Unraveling to High

Deciduous teeth fall away
Reveal the crisis of ten on three
Quaternal cycle cut to thirds
Refute the path of new rebirth

The Thirteen prime
The Forth is turning
Unraveling to High

Arcane sages shunting the now
Twenty four from fourteen - fourteen to four
The stature of all ancient time
The eye, the face, the stance command

Nomadic vision see past to bear
Brazen resolve from brooding times
Rebellion earns true lucidity
The Eternal Return rears again

As The Crow Flies

Written By: Damage - Ov DusT

As The Crow Flies
i will follow you
one rose for your grave
one last poisoned kiss
-- lost under earth -- a sullen grave

As the Crow flies
i long to meet you there
under pale moon light
over harsh winter snow
-- lost under stars -- under blood skies

she is the key
the light in which i seek
under veils of lament
her name i dare not speak
return to me --
i will be yours forever in death
i will follow you
i'll see you w/closed eyes
--w/ eyes sewn shut

i have died for you
one million times over again
you've pulled me down
your embrace drowns me
desire the pleasure of flesh
now i lust to be free
i have burned in your arms
and see you w/ closed eyes
-- w/eyes sewn shut

i am your effigy
just a pawn for you
give to me a virgins tear
upon your icy cold flesh
return to me
i will be yours forever in death
i will follow you
i'll see you w/ closed eyes
-- w/eyes sewn shut

Red Dust

Written By: Raath - Ov DusT

red dust, dead sound
dry joints
the body baking
under the wit of the laughing sun

indifferent - raw

oasis scene from the hills
a watcher gazing into the pool
the future reveals its face

wandering abandoned, not alone
memories crumble and fall away
in preparation for the coalescent quickening
unlearn the color and the shape

with no clue no path to follow now
without a voice the tribe are shadows breaking
dead sound
of the Earth hangs painted
frozen in the sky
they sleep below the stone in peace

with golden eyes
the fire calls for all to be as one
to be as one
under the sun
we'll be as one

ghost dance on the planet of war
ghost dance on the planet of war
ghost dance on the planet of war
ghost dance on the planet of war

gold dust, red sound
ghost winds
at dawn are speaking
one will call w a distant voice
and whisper new beginnings
oasis scene
from the trees
I watch her
gazing down at the pool
the future reveals its face


Disturbance In The Goat Herd - www.myspace.com/ovdust