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I am a one man show but would like to have a partner by my side.A real friend


I was born in Dallas raised in the street running with the wrong crowd of people,doing the wrong things as a young fool who didn't have his head on straight,my life became a living hell, I gotten strung out on drugs and partying, ect.I was just young and stupid. But now my life has change all because of God who made my life better than what it is. I've turn my life over to the Lord who had mercy on me I can't thank him enough for all he has done for me.To all you young people to tell you the trust God,God is a good God and he is full of mercy and forgiving.To life live a good life you have to be willing to do what is right in God eye sight.Remember to listen to your mother and father,don't do what you want to do because our way is the wrong way of doing thing,trust God to guide you in everything you do.


1. Change 2. All you get 3. Dead and gone 4.Once in a life time 5.My Testimony 6.Say his name 7.Thieves 8. Don't make me 9.Oneway 10. A new life 11.Now is the time 12.I quit 13.He's Holy 14.Stand or fall 15.The south

Set List

1.Change 2.All you get 3.Dead and gone 4.Once in a lifetime 5.My testimony 6.Say his name 7.Thieves 8.Don't make me 9.Oneway 10.A new life 11.Now is the time 12.I quit 13.He's Holy 14.Stand or fall The south